Trekking and Walking

Trekking in Nepal is simply adventurous walking; not climbing or mountaineering and in a practical aspect is surprisingly straightforward. You walk into the countryside free from roads and discover villages caught in a time warp and terraced fields stacked up on huge hillsides.

Therefore, the trekking is little more than a pleasant walk, admiring the terraced slopes and wandering through incredible mountainous landscapes. But there are predominantly challenges due to the physical effort required: in addition to the inspiring mountains, there are huge hills, some of which must be crossed on foot.

To enjoy the Himalayas you don't have to be a tough outdoors person but some sort of exercise before starting – maybe a couple of months before will make life easy.

Nepal being a mountainous region is naturally a favourite destination for outdoor activities like Walking and Trekking in Nepal Himalayas. Once you have got all your trekking equipment gathered and packed, you should be aware of some of the important facts such as trekking seasons, Visas, currency, etc, for Nepal which can be easily found in our FAQ section.

Whether you want to enjoy champagne on the snow-capped massif or sip tea on a bench in a small hut, you want to spend a day hiking on a less elevated trail or spend an entire month trekking on the physically strenuous paths of the Great Himalayan Trails, stay overnight in a camping tent, tea-house, home-stay or luxurious hotels... Nepal has all the Trekking and Hiking destinations!

EBC aka Everest Base Camp Trek – You would have probably heard of this one since it’s the most renowned trekking route. Reaching not exactly 8848m but somewhat at a high altitude nearby Everest (5545m) on the planet via the same route opted by legendary mountaineers might be a cup of tea even for beginners.

Annapurna Base Camp – This 14 days trek will bring you to a standoff with Mount Annapurna, a mountain not the highest in the world but famous for its beauty.

Annapurna Circuit Trek – It would be a self-realizing moment when you pass through Throng La Pass, the world's widest pass at over 5000m.

Gokyo Renjola Pass Trek – If you wish to avoid the crowd, but still want some pristine views of nature, this trek to the remote village of Gokyo would be the next venture. Don’t forget to click as many pics of the Himalayas from Gokyo Ri!

Trekking and Hiking are the most sought-after tourist activities in Nepal. It attracts thousands of tourists from all over. Everest and Annapurna region are the most popular ones; other less treaded places are strong contenders too. But, wherever you go and any amount of time you spend, panoramic views of the Himalayas will follow you everywhere.

There will always be Himalayan descents welcoming you with wide smiles and open arms. And, of course, serene and spiritual natural beauty is surely a given anywhere in Nepal.

In the end, you want to assess your capabilities and ensure you have everything you need before any of these adventures in order to avoid medical problems is not so much known land.

But apart from all the difficulties, trekking in Nepal will definitely deviate you from the unwanted chaos of life. Whether you are an experienced trekker or just have a thought of setting yourself one on one with nature,  we have listed the Walking and Trekking in Nepal Himalayas packages for you below.

Trekking in Nepal will let you experience the epitome of the Himalayan spirit. Move onwards to the lap of the Himalayas with unlimited and exciting trekking and hiking packages. We are always there to help you travel the way you want it.

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