Tibet - Roof of the World

Tibet is an extraordinary destination for varied adventure tours and treks. Lying in the high arid wilderness of the Tibetan plateau – it is also abundant in natural resources and also well recognized as the repository of ancient wisdom especially to the path of spiritual enlightenment. Tibet was largely isolated from the rest of the world until 1950, but tourism is flourishing in this mystic and magical nation. 

Lhasa is the capital city with lots of happenings. Souvenir shopping and fulfilling your appetite with unique recipes of this capital city - is very much desirable.

Tibet has the world’s two UNESCO enlisted heritage sites – the Potala Palace and Norbulinka Palace. Both of these palaces were the residence of the former Dalai Lama. These two places makes Tibet tourism more attractive.

Tibet also houses massive ice giants. Four mountains exceed altitudes of 8000 meters and thirty eight mountains exceed altitudes of 7000 m. An alternative route to summiting Mt. Everest can also be ventured from the Tibet side.

Culture and traditions, religion, pristine mountain lakes, heritage sites, auspicious festivals, and panoramic views of high mountains at an altitude of 4000 m are the significant highlights of Tibet.

Highly appreciated places of interest include Mount Everest (Nepal – Tibet border), Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar lake, the capital city - Lhasa and interesting places like the Potala Palace, Jhorkhang monastery, gompas – just to mention a few.

Besides that, volcanoes, hot water springs, and various diversities in terms of topography, culture, and lifestyle of people show some vibrant colors of Tibet.


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