Who are We ?

Himalayan Trekkers ( Former - Adventure Mission Nepal) is a leading trekking and travel planner located in the heart of Thamel, Nepal’s tourism capital. We specialize in adventure tours, peak climbing, mountain expedition, and trekking trips in the Himalayas mainly Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India.

Trips with Himalayan Trekkers are not just another trip; we give our guests a lifetime experience and let them enjoy the mountains at their best.

Himalayan Trekkers is the result of more than two decades of experience and expertise put into action in the adventure and tourism industry of Nepal and the neighboring Himalayan region. Coming from different walks of life but sharing the same passion - our team members have spent their lifetime studying and exploring the mountains with great passion which has resulted in offering the right components to the varied guests we get.

Our passion and understanding of the Himalayas have helped us build a strong clientele around the world in a short span of time.

We have liaisons with the best tour operators in India, Bhutan, and Tibet that have helped us to offer the best quality service to our customers in these destinations. Besides the trekking and expedition trips in these countries, we also offer city tours, cycling, bird watching, and various other activities making us the one-stop choice for touring in the Himalayas.

The Team behind Us

We have a passionate team running the show behind the scenes, which includes dedicated individuals who are best in what they do. We all at the Himalayan Trekkers come from various lifestyles and have loved the mountain adventure.

All of us have explored the Himalayas, which helps us to give you the right piece of adventure, whose story you will be sharing with people throughout your lifetime!

Our Team

Raj Dhamala

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Raj Dhamala grew up in the Shankosh village of Dhading district in central Nepal. Being born and brought up in a village overlooking the mountains, he was very passionate about these white and blue peaks since childhood. Coming from a poor rural family & served as a domestic helper to someone’s house in early aged of 11/12 year, he worked his way into the bigger city of Kathmandu and it was this man’s love for mountain and the passion of sharing that love with travelers from all over the world that resulted in establishment of Himalayan Trekkers. Working in someone’s house as a domestic helper is not easy but he worked hard in search of education and to make his future bright. As a young boy, he started as a trekking and climbing porter exploring the remote Himalayas. He portered for a couple of years then slowly joined training for trekking, cooking, bartending, and many more. Then gradually, Mr. Dhamala upgraded himself as a helper, assistant guide, junior guide and then finally authorized guide after giving exams from Nepal Government. He then became a guide/ tour leader in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. And in 2009, he established an agency and became the founder-director of a successful company and all was possible because of his hard work and dedication he has for the art of making people happy with their adventures.

Mr. Dhamala has been actively involved in the social activities mostly in his hometown contributing in scholarships for needy students, helping building infrastructures such as water supply and school buildings and many more. Raj managed to raise funds from all around the world from his well-wishers for the earthquake victims in Dhading & Gorkha district and provided with supplies to the earthquake victims.  He has been actively involved in helping the rehabilitation of the victims and providing them medical assistance.

Mr. Dhamala has been actively involved with social organizations and he has experiences Training and HR department of the Trekking agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN). Similarly, he was elected for Executive board member of Village tourism promotion Forum Nepal (VITOF-NEPAL) and likewise now is elected for the VITOF Nepal headquarter Treasurer

RP Tiwari

Mr. RP Tiwari is one of the popular Advocates in Nepal who provides notary services. He has been providing us legal documentation, legal counseling, taxation, updates of rules and regulations and cooperating and advising us since the inception of Himalayan Trekkers. He is specialized in Business and Corporations and under Nepal Government Constitution/rule he is associated with the beneficiary of Himalayan Trekkers. Likewise, Himalayan Trekkers have been able to maintain its clean reputation from the beginning due to the help of Mr. Tiwari. 


Yubraj Bhatta

Mr. Yubraj Bhatta belongs to the Gorkha district of western Nepal and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Tokyo, Japan. He is an enthusiastic person willing to learn and experience new things as well as a highly-skilled employee. Mr. Bhatta worked with Himalayan trekkers from the establishment until 2013 as an operation and sales officer. He went to Japan in 2013, to complete his further education. He speaks good English, Nepali, Hindi and fluent in Japanese. He is working as a representative of Japan. He is doing effective marketing in Japan for Himalayan Trekkers and has been a valuable asset of the company even during his stay in Japan. You can contact him in Skype in his id Yubraj.bhatta. He looks forward to complete his studies in Japan and come back to Nepal to continue his work with Himalayan Trekkers. People living in Japan and surrounding can directly contact him especially if you are searching for information in Japanese.

Sadeep Dhungana

Mr. Sadeep Dhungana was born and raised in Bhaktapur District with good schooling. He used to see tourists in Bhaktapur Durbar Square which made him passionate in Tourism. He used to collect many travel magazines before high school and Mr. Dhungana started his career as a ticketing officer and his deep interest regarding adventure tourism made him work with Himalayan Trekkers as an enthusiastic travel planner then he became Nepal Government Certified Cultural Tour Guide.

He is a specialist in cultural tours. Mr. Dhungana has deep knowledge about the prehistoric and sophisticated traditional culture of the diverse cultural groups of Nepal. He is the backbone of Himalayan Trekkers and his deep knowledge has helped Himalayan Trekkers to be what it is now. He had appeared his graduation from Tribhuvan University and post-graduation from Indira Gandhi University, India. He started to work from 2005 and after a decade of experience, he moved to Melbourne, Australia for business and Tourism studies. He is promoting Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India being the manager and representative of Himalayan trekkers from Melbourne. The people living in Oceanian can directly contact him.  

Mr. Dhungana has a Cambridge attested English Proficiency of 8 out of 9 and also speaks Chinese, English, Nepali, and Hindi fluently. He is a very multi-talented person who has knowledge about sports, history, politics, music, and many more. He has a Master's degree in Tourism Management and is a part-time teacher of Travel and tourism for High schools.

Shishir Bhatta

Mr. Shishir Bhatta is an energetic and enthusiastic bachelor who is leading and coordinating several tours and treks with Himalayan Trekkers for the last 6 years. He is sharing his experience with many interns in the field of managing tours and treks, web auditing and promotion and many other skills. He is also a good communicator who have well-developed skills in photo/videography too. Not only in official work, but he is also active in field duties and he is an enthusiastic traveler who prefers to guide in the Himalayas in his leisure time.

Anton Fjodorov

Anton is a passionate traveler and mountain lover. He has traveled worldwide in pursuit of the adrenaline rush, which he ultimately found in Nepal and its Himalayan adventures. Anton is a full time IT professional at home and quests his passion for traveling as a hobby. He was actively involved with social organizations in rural parts of Nepal to help people in need. After meeting with Raj in one of such trips, he became a part of Himalayan Trekkers team and is promoting the Himalayas in the Scandinavian region. He is one of the core people of Himalayan Trekkers. If anyone of the region is interested then you can directly contact him. He can be contacted at the following address.

Agi Kolletas

Mr. Agi Kolletas is a professional Travel photographer from London, UK. He was born and raised in Greece and then he moved to Britain and has spent most of his life being a British citizen. He has extensively traveled parts of south Asia capturing the best moments during his journey. He is a spiritual soul with great interest in the philosophy of Hinduism and Buddhism. He fell in love with the mountains when traveling with Himalayan Trekkers in one of his trips and since then, he has visited Nepal several times.

Mr. Kolletas has been our advisor for business development and a representative from UK and surrounding and has helped promote Nepal Tourism with his wonderful skills. He is a very fun and meticulous person who works very hard for some time of year then he loves to travel around the world with the aim of learning and experiencing new things.

Sashi Bhatta

Ms. Shashi Bhatta was born and raised in a very remote Himalayan region of Nepal. She came to Kathmandu Valley in search of a good education to complete her higher studies. She then met the founder of Himalayan trekkers (Mr. Raj Dhamala) and got married. Mrs. Bhatta is a very capable lady and she has been handling our finance management since the first day of the formation of the agency. She is a passionate and hardworking woman having professional management skills and smiley behavior. 

Ramesh Dhamala

Mr. Ramesh was born and raised in the lap of the Himalayas in northern part Nepal facing many struggles. Like everyone else, he also came to Kathmandu Valley for further education. He first started his career as a porter with Himalayan Trekkers and he knows is a certified guide by Nepal Government. He is a very professional guide and he is very good and keen on photography.

Mr. Dhamala not only is a professional guide but he makes sure the clients enjoy and have a fun and memorable time. There are rarely some places that are popular for trekking and he hasn’t been to. He is one of our best guides and his smiley and friendly behavior are his finest features.

Shankar Bohara

Mr. Bohara started his career being as a trekking porter after his school-leaving level. He came all the way from Northern Kathmandu and moved down to Chitwan nearby Chitwan national park currently .Mr Shankar is a lawyer by his academic career but finally he didn’t gave up his well experience of tourism as he had very difficulties during his time. He has been working in this profession for over two decades and learns some extra language such as Russian, French, English of course. Bohara is a dynamic, enthusiastic and committed tour guide to our company ( Himalayan Trekkers P. Ltd) since 2009. He has accomplished the tour guide course successfully organized by the Government of Nepal. He is well familiar with cultural and natural diversity of Nepal. After he completed his bachelor degree in Law he has done Masters Degree in Tourism and also has an overall experience of tourism operations

Shankar Bhatta

Mr. Bhatta comes from the beautiful village of Muchwok, in the Gorkha district of Nepal. He has been associated with the company since its inception and has experience of more than 12 years. He spent some time abroad in the middle but came back to serve in the Himalayas as it was something that made him happy.  He attended several training courses relating to trekking and tours including rescue services in the high mountains. He learnt how to deal with mountain sickness and other possible accidents and how to deal with local people. Shankar during his 12-year career has traveled extensively in all the classical trekking routes and also many off the beaten trails all across the country. He has a deep knowledge of the remote areas, the local culture, rituals, lifestyles, and so forth.

Pradeep Dahal

Mr. Dahal was born in a village located in the northern part of Kathmandu and was raised with good schooling in Kathmandu Valley. He studied science and just completed his post-graduate from Tribhuvan University and he used to be a secondary-level science teacher before starting his profession as a guide.

He is an enthusiastic guide, having deep knowledge of Shamanism, Animism, and Buddhism. He is an authorized guide by the Nepal government who takes part in many tourism workshops. He is one of the best employees and the backbone of Himalayan Trekkers. Mr. Dahal is a capable guide who has been to almost all the trekking and tour destination as a tour leader and trekking guide from Himalayan trekkers. He has also been working as a part-time lecturer for BSW for social work students in Kathmandu as he himself is a post-graduate student of Social work.

Janak Raj Bhatta

Mr. Janak Raj Bhatta is a very passionate and hardworking employee. He was born and raised in a remote village of Gorkha district and he came to Kathmandu for his higher studies. Being a hearing impaired, he is a professional in his work. He works for digital marketing and promotion and has been working with us since  February 2017. He is not only proficient in his work but also an enthusiastic traveler who has traveled to many Asian and European nations. Mr. Bhatta is a very punctual and endowed person and he makes sure the work given to him to be perfect.

Similarly, he is an all-rounder, he not only works in an office but also, he guides hearing impaired people to the Himalayas and tours as he loves to travel and has been in most of the trekking destinations of Nepal. He is also an amateur photographer who has a deep interest in photography. Mr. Bhatta is also an International model who won the 5th rank in Mister Deaf International which made us very proud of him. He is one of the key people of Himalayan Trekkers for digital marketing and social media promotion.

Shankar Ghimire

Mr. Shankar Ghimire is working with Himalayan Trekkers for 10 years and he started his career in Mountain Tourism as a part-time job doing in University studies as a trekking porter. He is a very passionate, reliable and dedicated person who has been in almost all the trekking reasons. He has trekked under the leadership of the founder of Himalayan Trekkers as an assistant guide couple of times too. Because of his hard work and honesty, he successfully became a professional guide and has been serving as a professional mountain guide with Himalayan Trekkers.

Ramesh Nepal

Mr. Ramesh Nepal started his career as an accountant One and a half-decade ago. His hard work, professionalism, and dedication made him a promoter and then operator successfully. He is a very professional tour leader. Mr. Nepal has been working with Himalayan Trekkers for 5 years now and he always makes sure to provide the best services to our clients. He is fluent in Nepali, Germany, and English. He is an important person of Himalayan Trekkers.

Lawang Tamang

Mr. Tamang was born in the lap of the Yala Peak in the Langtang region. He started his career as a porter in the climbing industry about 2 decades ago. Lawang is the most experienced climbing guide associated with Himalayan Trekkers. He specializes in the peak climbing and involved in the sector for about one decade and has led several climbing teams to numerous Himalayans peaks successfully. He is a professional climbing guide, has extensive knowledge about the mountains, rock and ice climbing, and knows about all the possible dangers in the Himalayas; he has attended extensive training about climbing, first aid, rescue services, and many self-development courses related to trekking.

Lakpa Sherpa

Mr. Sherpa is an amazing mountain guide, locally from Solu-Khumbu district. He is sincerely working in the tourism field for the last 15 years with the Himalayan Trekkers family. In his initial days, he used to be a porter guide than he grew as a well-known mountain cook, assisting many adventure seekers in the mountains of Nepal.

In recent days, he is well experienced and certified mountain and expedition guide, who has a success rate of climbing all allowed peaks under 7,000 m by NMA. He is a registered guide for peak climbing and expedition by government and various tourism organizations with all sorts of skills and training required in the mountains. The peak climbers always ask him to be included in their team, whose smile and experiences always motivate them during their adventure activities. His contribution to the Himalayan Trekkers family in the mountainous region is unmeasurable.

Sujan Sapkota

Mr. Sapkota is an active adventure lover who is part of Himalayan Trekkers family since last 2 years. He has been leading and guiding small treks and hikes. Born on mid hilly region of Kavre district,Nepal, sapkota perform his duty very nicely of any kind task is provided to him. Smiling at every situation, handling the travelers and helping them at every situation during trip are some of his character loved by travelers.

He is also good at office work as he generates content, develop tailor made itineraries, create blogs, and also work for websites. He has been working as guide and administrative staff for Himalayan Trekkers from his first day. He has Bachelor degree in Travel & Tourism management and is still taking some outside course and training. He is good guide and person loved by hikers and official staff of Himalayan Trekkers.

Sanjib Regmi

With passion and good schooling, Mr. Regmi went to USA to gain knowledge and more experience in web development. He learned programming /coding from different reputed organizations for a decade in the states and finally returned back to Nepal.

Mr. Regmi has been working with Himalayan Trekkers for two years and is the head of managing the web including designing, SEO, and other web-related things. He is very dedicated to the work and his hard work has made Himalayan Trekkers to this position now. Mr. Regmi is a very significant person of Himalayan Trekkers.

Karuna Karki

Ms. Karki is an ebullient, accountable, and motivated social enthusiast with a strong passion towards writing. She is a professional content writer having deep passion and knowledge about writing. She is the team coordinator in the content writing of Himalayan Trekkers. Ms. Karuna Karki has a simple motto in my life "Family above all”, and she says that this gives inspiration when she is low, criticized, and when she desires more and solace when she is lost. She has been working with us for a year and her works leave us speechless. She is an important person of Himalayan Trekkers who have been dedicated and punctual with her work since the beginning.

Samyam Dabadi

Currently finished his education in Bachelor’s in Information Technology, Mr. Dabadi has been gaining experience in web design and development in Himalayan Trekkers. Mr. Dabadi has been involved in Himalayan Trekkers since 2019 teaming up with Mr. Sanjib Regmi in the field of web development. Besides this, he is involved in SEO and graphics designing for the company. He has been passionate and efficient in his deeds. He is also a good and fast learner which is quite better for both parties. His quality has been key for maintaining a good bond with Himalayan Trekkers family and has been an important member for Himalayan Trekkers