Bhutan - Land of Thunder Dragon

Tours and treks in Bhutan are a unique experience loved by passionate travellers for cultural heritage and traditions, beautiful landscape, and monasteries preserved for centuries. Our tours and treks packages range from a minimum of 5 days which allows you for a quick start.

Holiday packages in Bhutan offer a blend of nature and nurture, discovering the country's delicate and unique life. Most of the anticipated features on the trekking trail are ancient temple dzongs (fortress), heritage museums & monasteries passing green grasslands and livestock pastures, meadows of wildflowers, and grazing animals. Trips to Bhutan are also famous for the majestic views of the Himalayan peaks that provide a sense of awe and wonder.

About Bhutan

Bhutan is a small peaceful & landlocked country bordered by Tibet to the north and India to the south. An area of  46000 sq. km - makes this tiny nation almost the same size as Switzerland, though separated by thousands of miles, these two countries share similar topography and features.

Isolated from the outside world for an extended period, the natural and cultural heritage of Bhutan is still intact. The country is also regarded as the “The Land of Thunder Dragon” with a legend associated with it.

According to the previous census report, the entire population of the country was around 737,000 and the reigning monarch of the country is Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

Despite its small territory, this country has well managed profitable growth and low inflation over the past years with sustained economic administration, a righteous governing body, and safeguarding of the natural resources.


Bhutan has very diverse terrain from subtropical forests to some of the highest virgin mountains on earth. Tours in Bhutan can be an excellent opportunity for any adventurous traveller to have an insight into the livelihood, cultures, traditions, ecology, and religious life.

Almost every trek and tour passes through Dzong, monasteries, and other areas of cultural and natural importance. These splendid monuments give you an idea of how rich the Bhutanese are in terms of arts and architecture.

Grand celebrations of the festivals can be observed in Bhutan, namely - Parotsechu, Tangbimani festival, Thimpu festivals, etc. The legends associated with these festivals are unique whereas traditions follow from 100’s of centuries passed down, oral or written.

Traditional clothes, humbleness, politeness, and welcoming nature stay one of the charismatics of the Bhutanese people. 

With massive mountain ranges, fertile terrain and thickly dense forest, unique cultural sites comprising ancient arts and architecture, rich traditions – we Himalayan Trekkers encourage all travel enthusiasts to make a visit to this mystical nation. Tours and Treks in Bhutan can be relished all year round and that’s the beauty of this nation.

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