Motorbike Tours

Looking for a real adventure? Why not try motorbiking in the thrilling Himalayan Tracks exposed to the mighty peaks and unique landscapes?

Himalayan Trekkers has extensive experience in designing the most stunning and enjoyable motorbiking routes through Nepal's unique landscape. Motorbike Tours from Himalayan Trekkers take you to the sideways of curvy valleys, glacier lakes to view, and the proximity of the high Himalayan Mountains, which we bet will astound you. Plus, the mountain people's warm hearts and bright smiles make all your biking experience worthwhile. Their friendly greetings and gestures will make you feel at ease, causing you to want to stay. 

All of our motorbike tours are designed in a way that quenches your thirst for adrenaline. And our customized riding tour allows you to experience the ultimate riding pleasure of riding across the Himalayas. Our travels are primarily conducted in Nepal, but we also have adventures in India and Tibet. 

Join us to explore the most beautiful spots in the Himalayas and make it a much more thrilling and adventurous adventure. Join one of Nepal's best motorbike tours, a motorcycle adventure across the hidden kingdom discovering the "true Nepal" and its best motorcycle roads. 

For any motorbike ride lover, the Mustang Motorbike Tour in Nepal, Leh Ladakh Trip by motorcycle in India, and Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Biking Tour will be a few of the best journeys you will ever take. Eat new foods, meet new people, share and listen to new stories, and tackle new difficulties while you are in the Himalayas with your thriving who-wheelers. 

Our tours range in length and difficulty, and we welcome both groups of friends and single riders from all over the world who come together for the ultimate experience. Choose any from several tours to meet your adventure requirements.

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