Peak Climbing

Nepal, located at the lap of the Great Himalayas, offers travelers a wide range of mountainous activities. Among those activities reaching the top of the PEAK is probably the most thrilling and rewarding of all. Nepal alone has over a thousand peaks above 600m making it the ultimate destination for Peak Climbing.

Peak Climbing refers to conquering mountains with a height of 6000m to 6500m above sea level. It is considered to be relatively less challenging and less intense than Mountain Expeditions (above 6500m). So, if you are an enthusiast with little or no mountain climbing experience, Peak Climbing would perhaps be perfect for you. 

Although comparatively less intense, Peak Climbing is not an easy task either. Trekking in a mountainous region alone can be very demanding, so climbing would most certainly not be a piece of cake. You need to be mentally and physically ready for extreme experiences. You would also require appropriate equipment, a professional guide with all the technical knowledge, a climbing permit from the Government of Nepal, porters, support crew and so on. In conclusion, A Good TEAM! 

So, team up with us, the Himalayan Trekkers Family. We promise to accompany you to the top! We will help at every step so you get the best Peak Climbing Experience.
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