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4 Days

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6467 m m



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Mera Peak Climb Budget Service Overview

If you’re looking for an adventurous journey to Mera Peak solely based on climbing and trekking, you have landed in the right place. On our 4-day package of Mera Peak climbing, we will support you in your expedition to the top of the peak from base camp with minimum cost but an unforgettable experience. Mera Peak Climbing, with an altitude of 6,467 meters, is located in the Hinku Valley of Nepal and lies in the Khumbu region. 

Mera Peak is considered to be the highest among all the ‘trekking peaks’ of Nepal. This region was said to have been first explored by some famous British expedition along with Nepali guides namely Edmund Hillary, Eric Shipton, George Lowe, and tensing Norgay Sherpa. 

Summit of Mera Peak greets you with stunning panoramas of at least the five tallest mountains in the world: Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhotse, and Mt. Makalu, and Mt. Cho Oyo, along with many other snowcapped peaks around the area. 

The fascination of foreign as well as national trek enthusiasts to climb this peak has made it one of the most popular trekking peaks in Nepal. The straightforward ascent route to the peak encourages veteran climbers to take up this adventure. Scaling of Mera Peak will be perfect preparation for climbing higher elevations shortly like Everest, Annapurna, etc. 

This peak climbing requires some basic alpine skills since the trail to the summit is snow-covered and filled with heavy glaciers. Along with some technical alpine skills, trekkers should carry proper clothing and gear for this adventurous journey. 

Highlights of Mera Peak Budget Trip

  • A low-budget trip with high-budget experience and scenarios
  • An experience of summiting the highest trekking peak of the Nepalese Himalayas
  • Exquisite vistas of the Nepalese Himalayas range from the peak
  • Reflections on Sherpa culture and lifestyle in the Khumbu region
  • Exploration of the legendary Everest region 
  • Hike through the heavy glaciers and wilderness of mountains
  • Physical as well as mental preparation for climbing higher altitude

Route of Budget Mera Peak Climb

The trail to the summit of Mera Peak is full of adventure. 4 day package of Mera Peak will begin from the land of Khare which exhibits glimpses of the beautiful snowcapped soon-to-be-scaled, Mera Peak. The ascending route of Mera Peak includes broad glaciers, steep sections, snow-covered fields, etc.

There are three peaks on Mera Peak and you are heading toward the one with the highest altitude. As you begin climbing from the Mera Peak base camp, you will come across a few broad glaciers that flank the central summit of the peak. You will also encounter some steep uphill sections during your trek which will require some technical skills as well as focus. Mera Peak climbing expects a gradual climbing technique from the trekkers.

During the trek route, there are few stopping points to rest and gain energy to scale more altitude. The last few feet to the summit will require more effort and the use of mountaineering gears to reach the summit. Mera Peak route is pretty straightforward for an expert trekker. The descending route will be much easier. 

Difficulty Level of Budget Mera Peak Climbing

Scaling a mountain is no easy task however, with some determination, alpine training, and a good physique, even a rookie trekker or climber can scale their way to Mera Peak Summit. Mera Peak trail has a few heavy glaciers and steep routes to the top which requires you to be ready with mountaineering gears such as ice axes, ropes, harnesses, crampons, etc. The ascending route is a little technical but again the scenic views and the sense of accomplishment after reaching the summit are worth all the hardships. 

The height of the Mera Peak is over 6000 meters which can trigger altitude sickness as you have to ascend from lowland to uphill. Altitude sickness is a big challenge to your goal of setting foot on the summit of Mera Peak and to avoid it our 4 Days package to Mera Peak includes a day for the acclimatization which will allow your body to get used to the high elevation.

The temperature and weather of such high elevation are unpredictable and there are chances of some harsh weather conditions while climbing to the destination. These unpredictable weather conditions will be dealt with with calmness and patience by our team during the climb. 

Best Season for Climbing Mera Peak 

There are two best seasons for peak climbing in Nepal: Autumn and Spring. However, you can climb Mera Peak even in early winter when the temperature is not extremely freezing.

4 Days Mera Peak climbing in Spring

Spring is a perfect time to scale Mera Peak. The climatic situation of Mera Peak will be stable in spring and there are fewer chances of facing any harsh climate which affects your trekking experience. The trekking trail of Mera Peak in spring will be filled with blooming Rhododendrons which is just a small glimpse of mesmerizing scenario this trip has to offer. All the breathtaking vistas of mountains in the Everest region are visible during spring while climbing Mera Peak as there will be no fog on the way. 

4 Days Mera Peak climbing in Autumn

Similar to spring, autumn in Nepal also has a very stable climatic situation which is great for peak climbing experiences. There are very few chances of rainfall in autumn which avoids the slippery trail to the summit. Also, the season of autumn welcomes many festivities in Nepal so you can experience the cultural richness and diversity of Nepalese people along with an adventurous climbing experience. 

4 Days Mera Peak Climbing in Early Winter

4 days Mera Peak climbing package is a short trek so it can be accomplished even in early winter when the temperature up there isn’t extremely cold and the climate will be less harsh. You can choose to summit Mera Peak in early winter when there will be no or very little snowfall.

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Quick Inquiry

Itinerary Details

Day 1: Arrive & Over Night stay in Khare
Greetings Upon Arrival
Max Altitude: 5000 M

Our team including an expert guide will welcome you to Khare and join you in your Mera Peak Climbing journey. The team will discuss their plan on summiting Mera peak while informing about the ongoing temperature and climatic situation of the area. You will stay overnight at a lodge which will include in the cost of the package. 

Meals: Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 2: Rest and Acclimatization Day at Khare
Full Day
Max Altitude: 5000 M

While hiking toward a high altitude, it is very important to go slow and allow your body to adapt to the surrounding. The altitude of Khare is pretty high and you will be climbing to a higher altitude in the coming days so your need to rest for at least a day and collect as much energy as possible for the further journey. Today, you will acclimatize at Khare while exploring the area and taking in the mesmerizing view of alluring mountains around the Khumbu/Everest region.

(After a day of acclimatizing in Khare, you will scale your way through Mera Base Camp the next day to Mera High Camp but as per your interest we can manage a stay at Mera Peak Base Camp, 5350 meters overnight to elongate your journey and fill it with happy and unforgettable memories.)

Meals: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 3: Trek to Mera High Camp
6/7 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 5800 M

After some breakfast, as per our schedule, you will trek your way up from Khare to Mera High Camp. On the way, you will have to pass Mera Base Camp and Mera glaciers so you have to prepare your mind and body for an adventurous hike. You will have to show a few of your amazing alpine skills here. 
Today’s trekking trail will be full of breathtaking mountainous vistas from a closer distance.

Meals: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented Camp
Day 4: Summit Mera Peak (6470m) and Back to Khare
8/9 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 6467 M

Today is the day, you will set your foot at the summit of Mera Peak. In the early morning, after having some breakfast, you will be heading toward your main destination. Experience of this day will surely be the most memorable of the whole expedition. Feeling of excitement, happiness, and a little fear will surround you. With the guidance of your expert from the team, you will follow a glacier trail to the top. 

Crossing a few technical paths using some basic alpine skills and gear, you will arrive at the peak of the mountain where a beautiful scenario of the Everest region along with many high Himalayas will welcome you with snowcapped sight. Once you set your feet to the peak and get to enjoy the alluring views of Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, etc., all your exhaustion will turn into a feeling of satisfaction. 

Descending back from the summit to Khare will feel easier since you will have the excitement of adventure with a sense of accomplishment. After reaching Khare, we will bid you goodbye with a farewell dinner and hope to see you in near future for more adventure. 

Meals: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House

What is included / not included


  • Welcome upon arrival in Khare
  • Briefing about Mera Climb
  • Tented and Tea House Accommodations
  • Meals- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with Tea/Coffee
  • Mera Peak Climbing Permits/Royalty
  • Insurance for Climbing Guide
  • Wages, climbing gears/equipment, and Fees for Climbing Guide
  • Required Gears- Fixed/Climbing 
  • Climbing and Kitchen Equipment
  • A Comprehensive First Aid Kits
  • All Taxes and Services Charge


  • Nepal Visa Fees
  • Airfare to/from Kathmandu
  • Any Domestic Airfare and Local Transfer Cost
  • Accommodation and Meals in Cities and Trekking except for Climbing Package
  • Any Other Activities such as Tour, Treks
  • Your Personal Travel Insurance
  • Personal climbing/hiking equipment/clothing
  • Personal Expenses such as Beverages, Phone Calls, Laundry, 
  • Tipping and Contributions
  • Any other Add trip/Activities
  • Any other services and costs occurred from unforeseen conditions such as flight cancellation, Health Issues, Weather Issues, and Political Issues


Q. 1. Can we climb Mera peak in 4 days?

You surely can climb Mera Peak in 4 days excluding a few sightseeing in city areas and basing your journey solely on trekking. Our 4 days Mera Peak Climbing Package provides you with an expert team who guides you in your trails including management of food and accommodation in freezing temperature of Base Camp and High Camp. 

Q. 2. Can I get a budget-friendly climb to Mera Peak?

Yes, absolutely. Himalayan Trekkers provide you a service for Mera Peak Climbing in 4 days. In this package, representatives of Himalayan Trekkers will guide and assist you to the summit of Mera Peak from Khare excluding a long route from Kathmandu. Our team will meet you in Khare and join you in your adventurous journey. We believe in providing the best service at minimum cost.

Q. 3. How much does a low-budget Mera Peak Climbing costs?

The minimum cost to climb and reach the summit of Mera Peak will be …. including the food and accommodation during the trekking period. 

Q. 4. Will I get proper food while trekking Mera Peak?

The answer to your question is YES. Our team will serve you nutritious, hygienic, and healthy food during the time of trekking. We will not let you get sick and ruin your adventure. We will provide you with such food that will give you the energy to walk uphill for a longer period of time.


At first/Upon arrival, we will accommodate you in a lodge. Considering we only assist you in your journey to the top of Mera Peak from Mera Peak Base Camp which is somewhat remote, the accommodations cannot be as luxurious as in city areas. Because lodges/tea houses are difficult to come by at such a high altitude, the majority of the accommodations will be tents and teahouses. We will, however, ensure that you have a safe and sanitary stay.

Himalayan trekkers will provide all necessary camping equipment, such as tents, kitchenware, and so on.

Meals During the Budget Mera Peak Climbing 

Simple but well-cooked food will be served to you similar to accommodation, providing multiple cuisine options in remote areas is pretty tough. We will make sure to serve you nutritious and organic meals while trekking which will supply enough energy in your body for a day of scaling

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