Weather and Climate of Kathmandu

Mar 26, 2020 2 Minutes
Weather and Climate of Kathmandu

As Nepal is a geographically diversified country, weather and climate in Kathmandu and other parts Nepal varies significantly. Weather and climate in Kathmandu vary from severely cold winter to hot/humid summer.

Since Kathmandu is the capital city & houses the only international Airport, the first and foremost exposure to international visitors is the weather of Kathmandu. Kathmandu is also the home to various world heritage sites and the main tourist hub.

Thus, being curious about the weather or climatic conditions among the possible visitors is quite normal as the weather plays a significant role in making a great holiday tour or hikes.

Weather and climate in Kathmandu Nepal can be summarized within the 4 prime seasons of Nepal i.e. Summer, Autumn, winter and Spring.

Weather and Climate of Kathmandu during different seasons

The summer season in Kathmandu - June to August

Summer in Kathmandu Nepal is characterized by hot weather, high temperatures, heavy rainfall, and humidity.  The rainfall might come in your way of traveling but the views of the city after the rainfall is beautiful and peaceful.

The rainiest of the wettest month is July. The average highest temperature is about 33 degrees and the average lowest temperature is about 20 degrees during summer months in Kathmandu.

Autumn season in Kathmandu - September to November

Known mainly for their trekking suitableness in Nepal, Autumn Season in Kathmandu is characterized by steady weather, clear atmosphere. During this season, you can witness two of the biggest festivals in Nepal namely Dashain and Tihar.

September is warm and with occasional rainfalls whereas November is quite cold and dry. The maximum temperature during the Autumn / Fall season is around 30 degrees, which is likely to happen in September. The lowest temperature is around 10 degrees on average during this season.

Winter season in Kathmandu- December to February

Winter season in Kathmandu can get very cold with an advantage of clear blue skies. Some of the regions of Kathmandu Valley like Chandragiri, Pulchowki are even likely to experience snowfall during this season. If you can stand the cold, winter season is definitely one of the best seasons to explore this city with copious possibilities.

January is colder than December and February with temperatures that can plummet as low as 0 degrees. The maximum temperature is around 20 degrees during the daytime in winter. 

Spring season in Kathmandu - March to May

Spring season is well acknowledged for green verdant forests and hills. Spring season in Kathmandu is characterized by mild temperature with comparatively cold March and warm May.

The climatic condition is very favorable for trekking in Nagarkot, Nagarkot to other nearby trekking regions in Nepal with scenic landscapes, clear sky, and tolerable weather. The maximum temperature during this season is around 30 degrees while the lowest temperature is around 12 degrees.



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