Manaslu Circiut and Tsum Valley Trek - 22 Days

Stupa on the way to Manslu Tsum Valley Trek

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22 Days

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5106 m



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Manaslu Circiut and Tsum Valley Trek Overview

Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Trek is a culturally rich and exceptionally beautiful trekking route - also regarded as the hidden treasure of the Himalayas. It is an off-the-beaten trekking route that requires some special permits to trek.

The major highlight of this 22-day journey is the least explored Tsum Valley. Tsum valley is a sacred Himalayan pilgrimage site - a pristine valley in the northern Gorkha district of Nepal - part of the inner Himalayas. The Valley is also extremely rich in cultural assets, dotted with gompas (Buddhist monasteries), chorten, and mani walls. The longest mani walls (over 250 m) are located in Dzong and Phurpe. The Manaslu Tsum Valley also preserves the steps of the great Buddhist Yogi Chyuchin Milarepa and the story of the Guru Padmasambhava’s association.

Tsum Valley is surrounded by Buddha Himal and Himalchuli in the west, Ganesh Himal in the south, and Sringi Himal in the north. Moreover, this draw is located in the Manaslu region. It can be combined with the Larkya La Pass, one of the longest passes in the world which offers attractive views of Himalchuli (7893 m), Manaslu (8163 m), Ngadi Chuli (7879 m), and other mountains. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes.

Local residents in the area are the Tibetan group of "Tsombo". They welcome you with their traditional Tibetan Butter Tea and authentic local meal. You get the chance to drink a completely different taste of tea! Most notably, people here never slaughter animals, even as a sacrifice to the gods.

The route to round Manaslu and Tsum Valley follows through the Budi Gandaki River and the opening point is Chhokangparo. Another notable attraction of the Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley trek route is the variety of floras and faunas.

Above all, the Manaslu region & Tsum Valley have incomparable beauty and a rich mix of Tibetan and Nepalese cultures. Thus, it offers a true adventure for visitors as you find mountains and valleys covered with diverse and untouched ecosystems.

Many hikers definitely want to take this section for fantastic mountain views, rich culture, and feelings that can’t be expressed in words. Finally, several tea houses, guest houses, and lodges are being built in this area for the feasibility of the trekkers. Hence, camping trips or tea house trekking are viable options.

Add on Trip During Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek 

You can add a side day trip to Ganesh Himal Base Camp in this Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek. Ganesh Himal Base Camp is one of the least explored and undisturbed base camps in Nepal that offers a picture-perfect view of Ganesh Himal and a mesmerizing view of the surroundings.

So, if you are enthusiastic, adding a day hike to Ganesh Himal Base Camp from Gompa Lungden would give you an opportunity to gain additional experience and be very fruitful since you are already in the region spending your valuable time money, and energy.

If you decide to take this add-on tour, on the day of the hike, we will take packed lunch, explore, and spend the needed amount of time at the base camp and return to Gompa Lungden. And if you want to experience a night at the base camp, we will take a tent for the experience.

Manaslu Circuit & Tsum Valley Trek Highlights 

  • Experience the trek on the Hidden Treasure Trekking trail 
  • Spend days in the culturally rich and extremely beautiful region 
  • Follow the raging waters of Budi Gandaki River and pass by innumerable cascades
  • Discover the unexplored ancient gompas, Chortens, and mani walls 
  • Opportunity to be at the Base camp of the 10th highest mountain Manaslu
  • Relish the vistas of numerous Himalayan Ranges up close
  • Get insight into the culture and tradition of the region that is very similar to Tibet’s
  • Encounter many different species of flora and fauna
  • The attractive views of Himalchuli, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Ngadi Chuli, and many more
  • A great chance to trek across the longest Himalayan Pass at 5160 meters named Larke La Pass
  • Explore the isolated parts of the Manaslu Region including the magical Tsum Valley

Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Trek Difficulty 

The Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Trek is a challenging trekking journey in one of the isolated regions of Nepal. Though prior experience in trekking is not mandatory, trekkers should be physically fit and mentally determined to complete this trek. Trekkers are expected to trek on the region’s high and steep terrains with multiple ascents and descents for 5-6 hours a day on average for 16 days on this 22-day journey. Hence, we recommend you hit the gym or participate in sports such as hiking, swimming, cycling, etc. months prior to your departure for the trek. 

There are many other factors that cause challenges during a mountainous trek journey. Altitude Sickness (AMS) is one of them. And there are chances of getting affected by AMS during this Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Trek as you will be walking and sleeping above 3000 meters altitude for several days and nights. Moving slowly, keeping yourself hydrated, eating a balanced diet, etc. are some of the preventions for AMS. However, if you notice a symptom, you are suggested to inform your guide as soon as possible. Carrying an altitude sickness medication like Diamox could come in handy. 

You could also face difficulties due to the wrong choice of time for trekking. So, you need to choose the right timeframe for the best experience without many challenges. 

Best Time to do Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek

Like 16 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek, the Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Trek is best done during the spring and autumn seasons because of the stable weather and pleasant temperatures. The days are clear, the skies are blue, and the trails are in their best state during these seasons. 

An average spring daytime temperature is 24 °C and the nighttime temperature is -4 °C with vegetation getting ready to thrive once again as the winter ends. The trails and the forest vistas will be fully covered with rhododendron blossoms and magnolia and the views of the Himalayas will be extra level stunning.

Autumn aka fall in Manaslu Tsum Valley Region starts from mid-September and lasts till October. And, this time period is also a great time for trekking journeys because of the temperature climate, and weather. The temperature in the fall ranges from 25 °C to -6 °C from day to night. This is also the biggest festive season in Nepal where you get to experience Nepali culture in depth.

Summer is the hottest time of the year in the Manaslu Tsum Valley region which also brings monsoon along with it. And monsoon here causes the trails to be wet, slick, and slippery with the high chances of landslides and mudslides. The views are also obstructed by clouds and fog. Hence, the summer monsoon season is not recommended for the Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Trek. 

The winter season that starts in December is also considered an off-season for many high mountain treks including this Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek because of the harsh cold weather. In addition, the heavy snowfall makes the crossing of the trails impossible, especially in the high regions such as Larke La Pass at 5160 meters altitude above sea level. 

Permits to Do Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Trek

Trekkers need to obtain the following permits to dot the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek. 

1. Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) Permit 

2. Manaslu Restricted Area Permit (RAP)

3. Tsum Valley Restricted Area Permit

4. Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) Permit 

Note: Manaslu including Tsum Valley is in a restricted region, so each party must have valid permits, an authorized guide, and a trekking plan from a registered trekking company. Also, the permits are only issued to a group of a minimum of two persons.

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  • No hidden fees
  • Experience of a More than two decade
  • Personal Touch & Professional Service

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Itinerary Details

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu
30 Min Drive to Hotel
Max Altitude: 1350 M

Upon your arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, one of the Himalayan Trekkers’ representatives will greet you and escort you to the designated hotel. We will have a short discussion regarding your Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek afterward. And, if your arrival is on time or before the evening, we will take a stroll around Thamel Bazaar. Thamel is the commercial hub in Kathmandu with the best shops for trekking equipment, restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs, handicraft shops, tea shops, etc. You can also see small temples and monuments on corners of the Thamel streets. 

Accommodation: Standard Hotel in KTM
Day 2: Kathmandu sightseeing & Trek Preparation
Full Day
Max Altitude: 1350 M

After a warm breakfast, we will begin your guided sightseeing of Kathmandu from the biggest stupa in Nepal namely Boudhanath Stupa. It is one of the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu which got added in 1979. Boudhanath represents Tibetan Buddhism while the area is also known as Little Tibet. The stupa is also one of the biggest figures in the world which is well-known for its aesthetic appeal, tranquility, and spirituality. Both domestic and international visitors love this place. 

After making a kora (holy circuit) of the giant Boudhanath Stupa, we will drive to a holy Hindu site named Pashupatinath Temple. It is also a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO in 1979. The temple is one of the four most significant Hindu sites in the world and the main temple here is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Non-Hindus aren’t allowed in the main temple but are free to explore other parts of the temple complex. You can also observe the Hindu open-air cremation ceremony on the bank of the holy Bagmati River. 

After exploring these two significant places, we return to Thamel where you will meet your trekking guide and your fellow trekkers if you are joining the group. Then you can spend the remainder of the day preparing for the trek, and checking your gear. You can also do your last minutes shopping in the Thamel market where you can get everything required for treks, climbs, and expeditions for renting or purchase. 

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Standard Hotel in KTM
Day 3: Drive to Soti Khola (720 m, 8 hrs)
8 Hours Drive
Max Altitude: 720 M

Our journey to the Manaslu region starts today with the scenic drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola. We travel down the Pokhara route with scenic views of terraces and green hills and sporadic vistas of mountain peaks such as Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Langtang Himal. We will have to traverse via Arughat to Soti Khola and there are different routes to reach Arughat. We will take the route from Dhading Besi. From Arughat, we will take the local jeep drive to reach today’s destination Soti Khola passing via some Gurung and Magar settlements, terraced fields, and beautiful waterfalls. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 4: Trek to Machha Khola (900 m, 6 hrs)
6 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 900 M

The trekking journey starts today as we travel north following the Budi Gandaki River. We walk along a mule trail, then climb a beautiful road carved into the side of a cliff, and then descend to Lapubesi. From here, we proceed to Nauli Khola, passing over a suspension bridge. Then, we trek alongside the Budi Gandaki River until we reach Machha Khola for the night. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 5: Trek to Jagat
7 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 1340 M

Our journey today will be quite more difficult than the previous day due to the ups and downs in the route. We will travel from Machha Khola to Khorlabesi, a lovely Gurung village following the trail along Tharo Khola. Then after a brief steep climb, we will arrive at Tatopani, a natural hot spring site. Continuing our trek, we cross the Budhi Gandaki River, ascend a stairway and ridge, and reach Doban. Then, entering the Manaslu Conservation Area, we encounter multiple ascents and descents and river crossings to reach Jagat village.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 6: Trek to Lokpa
6/7 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 2240 M

We leave Jagat after breakfast and trek along the Budi Gandaki Riverbed. We first come across Salleri village, where we get stunning views of Mount Sringi. Then, we trek down to Sirdibas, a traditional Buddhist village before we reach the bigger Gurung settlement of Philim which is the checkpoint for the entrance to Tsum Valley. Leading the way north of Philim, we make a little ascent to Ekle Bhatti where we will have lunch and keep going until we reach Lokpa which is situated above the meeting of the Buddhi Gandaki and Siyar Khola.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 7: Trek to Chumling
5 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 2386 M

Today’s walk includes numerous ups and downs, stunning views of the mountains, forest, and a few streams and waterfalls. We also have to cross three suspension bridges and traverse past Ripchet village and a short stone wall to reach Chumling with its old monastery, traditional Tibetan dwellings, prayer flags, mani walls, and stone-paved streets.
Once in the Buddhist village of Chumling, we will visit the monastery at the higher end of the village to see Ganesh Himal. We can also enjoy the fields covered with buckwheat or barely depending on the season.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 8: Trek to Chhokangparo
4/5 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 3031 M

Leaving the Chumling village of Tsum Valley behind, we will gradually ascend up the Shiar Khola, a tiny tributary of the Budhi Gandaki, with magnificent vistas of the Ganesh Himal as our backdrop during the day. We will cross over the Samatikring, Sarpu, and Udilu Rivers, walk past Gho Village and come across a small Tibetan monastery on our route which serves as a reminder of the valley's significant Tibetan influences. Our arrival to Chhokangparo, the biggest community in the valley, marks the end of the day. We will enjoy a panoramic view of Ganesh Himal and other distant peaks from here.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 9: Trek to Mu Gompa (3700 m, 6 hrs)
6 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 3700 M

After leaving Chhokang Paro, we make the ascent alongside Shiar Khola to the nunnery of Rachen Gompa, a historic building in the Tsum Valley. We get to one of the sacred caves in the Tsum Valley known as Piren Phu/Milarepa while taking in the lovely valley views. Then we keep climbing to the Nile which is the opening point of Upper Tsum Valley. From Nile village, we trek past the Chule village before we reach Mu Gompa for the night. 

Mu Gompa is an ancient monastery with around 100 monks which was established in the year 1895 AD. This sizable monastery is one of the cultural highlights of this Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 10: Trek Back to Chhokangparo
5 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 3031 M

After breakfast, we retrace the route to Chhokangparo via Rachen Gompa, established in the year 1905 AD. The monastery is colored brightly with carved pillars and got larger prayer wheels, which gives a glimpse of Buddhism. It is definitely worth stopping by this nunnery to admire the Buddhist thanka murals. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 11: Trek to Gompa Lungdang
7 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 3400 M

Our day starts with a descent to the village of Dumje. From there, we climb steeply up a route among rhododendrons and pine trees until it reaches the Mani wall with prayer flags. Then we turn around and go up a difficult trail through forested areas of rhododendron and pine until we reach Gompa Lungdang and its tranquil monastery, which is located beneath Ganesh Himal.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 12: Trek to Ripchet
4 Hours walk
Max Altitude: 2470 M

After breakfast, we set out on our trek, descending to Rainjam while taking in the unforgettable sight of the Ganesh Himal. After that, we make a little ascent before descending until arriving at Ripchet. You will have the opportunity to discover more about the customs, traditions, and way of life of the locals here. We spend the night in a homestay or teahouse.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 13: Trek to Deng
6 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 1860 M

We bid farewell to our time spent in the enchanted Tsum Valley today as we leave Ripchet. We pass by Gumlung village, descend a rock fall region, proceed through the Sarti Gorge, cross the Lungwa Khola, and come across Lokpa. After Lokpa, we enter Nyak by crossing the suspension bridge over the Budhi Gandaki River. Then the Budhi Gandaki River welcomes us and directs us westward towards Pewa before continuing up the valley's steep sides to Deng.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 14: Trek to Namrung (2630 m, 7 hrs)
7 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 2630 M

After breakfast, we start our trek from Deng along the trail traversing through Mani walls and various bridges across the Budhi Gandaki River while taking in the backdrop of Shringi Himal (7161m) before arriving in Ghap. From here, our path winds through rhododendron and bamboo forest and climbs alongside a river. Then we reach today’s destination, Namrung after trekking for some time. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 15: Trek to Sama Gaun
7 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 3520 M

Today you do a short trek of 3 hours to Samdo from Samagaon. Samdo is a very remotely located village where there are many Tibetan refugees residing. This village is only a day walk far from the Tibet border. You get to explore the village today and get to know little about the Tibetan culture followed in this village.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 16: Acclimatization Hike to Manaslu Base Camp/Pungyen Gompa
Full Day
Max Altitude: 3520 M

We stay at Samagaon for another day to aid in acclimatization to the high altitude. This rest day also offers a great opportunity to explore the worthwhile surrounding landmarks. We can make a quick trip to the nearby Birendra Taal (lake) and go for the dramatic and highly rewarding hike to Manaslu Base Camp, or the alternative walk to Pungyen Gompa which offers a peaceful setting among the mountains. We return to Sama for the night by the end of the day. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 17: Trek to Samdo
3 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 3860 M

Today you do a short trek of 3 hours to Samdo from Samagaon. Samdo is a very remotely located village where there are many Tibetan refugees residing. This village is only a day’s walk far from the Tibet border. You get to explore the village today and get to know a little about the Tibetan culture followed in this village.

Note: You can spend another day in Samdo if you need additional acclimatization. You will have the opportunity to spend the day on a return trip to the Tibetan border at the Rui La pass (4998m) and the moraine of the Fukang Glacier, where you will be rewarded with expansive vistas of multiple passes that locals take to enter Tibet.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 18: Trek to Dharmasala/Larke Phedi
5 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 4460 M

Today's walk is also a short trek of about 4 hours. At first, we cross the northern village fields and cross a few streams to reach Larkya Bazaar, where there is a maximum of trade done with Tibet. After that, we continue our walk with a steady climb, until we reach Dharmashala which is also called Larke Phedi for the night. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 19: Trek to Larke La Pass & descend to Bhimthang
8 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 3590 M

We start before dawn today and follow the track up a long, moderate ascent across a moraine. A little hike brings us to a gorge, then we descend to the first of four tiny, dispersed ice lakes. The path continues along the moraine to a ridge that is identified by two cairns. The prayer flags identifying the Larkya La Pass(5105 M) are seen from here. We finally travel through Larkya Glacier and arrive at Larkya-La Pass, the longest mountain pass in Nepal. You can enjoy the stunning vistas of the mountains like Himlung (7126m), Cheo (6820m), Gyagi Kung, Kang Kuru (6981m), Annapurna II (7937m), and many more.

After pausing to bask in the success and enjoy the breathtaking vistas at the pass, we start to descend to Dangboche Kharka, where the track turns to follow the Salpudanda Glacier's side moraine into the lovely Bimthang Valley.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 20: Trek to Dharapani
8 Hours Walk
Max Altitude: 1960 M

Leaving Bimthang, we descend to Dudh Khola headwaters through yak meadows with views of Manaslu to our left and the Annapurna peaks to our right. We cross a wooden bridge and enter a woodland of pine and rhododendron before reaching Hompuk. Our trail then goes past Karche and Gho villages, terraced fields, and patchwork crops to arrive at the charming little village of TIlije. We then make our final descent to Dharapani where we will conclude the trekking journey and spend the night before departing to Kathmandu the next day. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea House
Day 21: Drive to Kathmandu
9 Hours Drive
Max Altitude: 1350 M

After breakfast in Dharapani, we leave for Kathmandu on four wheels. The drive will be long but scenic along the lush hills, terraced farms, and small towns and villages. Once in Kathmandu, you can take a rest for the remainder of the day and stroll around the Thamel market in the evening to buy some souvenirs for your friends and families. 

Meals: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Standard Hotel in KTM
Day 22: Departure from Kathmandu
30 Min Drive to Airport

As your Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Trek journeys have concluded, we will transfer you to the airport after breakfast or 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight back to your home country. 

Meals: Breakfast

What is included / not included


  • Airport/Hotel Transfers by Private Vehicle
  • All Ground Transfers in a Private vehicle in Kathmandu 
  • Twin/ Double Sharing Basis 3* Standard Category Accommodations in Kathmandu
  • Daily Breakfast in Kathmandu
  • Guided City Tour in Kathmandu 
  • Heritage and Monuments Entrance Fees
  • Kathmandu –  Soti Khola & Dharapani – Kathmandu Transfers 
  • Best available local Teahouse/Lodges/Guesthouses accommodation during the trek
  • Meals - Breakfast Lunch & Dinner During the Trek
  • An Experienced English Speaking Trekking Guide and Require Number of Porters as per group size
  • All Wages, Salary, Equipment for Guide and Supporting Crew
  • TIMS 
  • Tsum Valley Permit
  • Manaslu Conservation Fees
  • Annapurna Conservation Fees
  • Special(Protected) Immigration Permit for Manaslu Circuit Trek
  • Welcome/Farewell Dinner
  • All Taxes


  • International Airfare & Departure taxes
  • Nepal Visa Fees
  • Lunch and dinner whilst in Kathmandu
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses such as phone calls, laundry, hot showers, internet, etc.
  • Any bar/beverage bills (alcoholic/non-alcoholic/soft drinks)
  • Personal trekking equipment
  • Tips for trekking staff and driver
  • Expenses are caused by unforeseen expenses such as bad weather, natural disasters, political issues, etc. 
  • Any other expense not mentioned in the Includes section


Accommodations During the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

Himalayan Trekkers’ standard choice of accommodations in the cities like Kathmandu is 3* standard category hotels/resorts on a twin/double sharing basis. However, you can upgrade the hotel standard and room supplementary as per your interest and budget.

But for the lodgings in the trekking regions in Nepal, you will have no other choice than to spend the nights at the available trekking lodges and tea houses with basic services. The rooms will be on twin sharing basis with minimal furniture, the bathroom will be traditional and communal. Few lodges and guesthouses in the lower region have a private bathroom and hot shower services but as you climb higher and higher the services become narrower.

Similarly, your accommodations during the Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Trek will be teahouses. The services are already basic in Manaslu Circuit Trail and it is more basic in the Tsum Valley. 

Meals During the Manaslu Tsum valley Trek

Except for the lunches and dinners in Kathmandu, we provide every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinners) for the rest of the day during this Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek. As both Manaslu Circuit & Tsum Valley are uncharted and extremely isolated regions, along with the very basic accommodations the meals will also be limited. You can eat anything that is available on the menu of the teahouses. Regional dishes such as Dal Bhat (rice, vegetable curry, lentil soup), fried rice, momo (dumplings), Thukpa (noodle soup, potato items, egg items, porridge, chapatti, Tibetan bread, etc. are the most popular dishes in the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Route.

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