Top 10 Reasons To Trek Manaslu Circuit in Nepal

Nov 19, 2020 6 Minutes
Top 10 Reasons To Trek Manaslu Circuit in Nepal

Challenge the adrenaline junkie within you to try the 4th most thrilling and adventurous trek in the Himalayas - the Manaslu Circuit trek, towering at an appalling height of 5,106 meters. Embarking on the Manaslu Circuit trek is definitely not for the faint-hearted as it circles the 8th highest mountain.

Gushing rivers, snow-clad mountain peaks, crystal-clear lakes, green valleys, and breath-taking views, you name it and this trek has something for everyone. 

Passing through gorges, valleys and eventually gaining considerable height, the route will take a minimum of 14 days, preferably more for a slow and steady ascent.

Himalayan Trekkers have listed below 10 reasons why every trekking enthusiast should try this trek at least once in their lifetime.

An off-beat yet the magnificent trek

Manaslu Circuit trek is as gorgeous as the other two but on the bright side, is much less crowded. Hikers are free to take as much time to enjoy the scenery and solitude without worrying about too many people clustering together. 

This destination is also an alternative to Everest Base Camp Trek as both treks are similar yet the Manaslu Circuit is less touristic with a more rich culture. Of course, one cannot expect luxury as that of the EBC Trek but trust us, this trek is obviously one of the best ones filled with mesmerizing nature view, the highest snow-capped Himalayas, natural flora and fauna as well as the culture and people having warm hearts and innocent faces.

Another reason for it being comparatively vacant is that it is a restricted area. Anyone attempting a trek to Manaslu needs ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Permit) and MCAP (Manaslu Conservation Area Permit) among other required official documents and a registered tour guide. 

Also, if one is approaching this region via Jagat and Dharapani, a RAP or Restricted Area Permit is also required.

Himalayan Trekkers will be glad to arrange all paperwork on your behalf along with providing an experienced guide. So, all you have to do is sit below the blue skies and feel the mighty Himalayas around you. We will take care of all your trip-related requisites as you reconnect with your inner self.

Trek cum Wilderness Retreat

As stated earlier, Manaslu Circuit Trek is a secluded trail partially located amidst dense forests which means that there is a high chance of sighting wildlife of the. It is, after all, a different kind of surprise to suddenly lay eyes on a wild animal, sharing the same space with you. 

The most common animals found in the region are Himalayan tahr, yaks, Himalayan marmots, pika, a variety of birds and if Lady Luck is generous to you, then who knows? The ‘ghost of the Himalayas’ aka snow leopards may grace you. So, Himalayan wildlife will surely make this one of the best treks.

Tour of the glorious Tsum Valley

The journey to Manaslu combined with Tsum valley (optional)  also has an additional package which comprises Tsum valley (optional) which is a slight detour of the usual route but totally worth a visit. It is a picturesque semi-tropical village with the Himalayas in the backdrop. 

Covered with pine and rhododendron, this place is truely a photographer’s delight. Not to mention the suspension bridges, swaying slowly over rivers. Not only that, but Manaslu Circuit is also a gateway to the beautiful but rarely visited destination Ganesh Himal. 

Himalayan Trekkers guarantee that travelers will be in for a thrilling treat to be remembered forever. 

Home to beautiful rivers

The entire picturesque trek consists of a number of Himalayan rivers like Soti Khola, Budhi Gandaki, and Machha Khola. One can enjoy stunning views of these ebullient waters from atop hanging bridges that are bounteous in this region. 

It is a tough choice between fixing your eyes above on the mountains or looking beneath, at the rivers. Overall, it is undoubtedly a nature’s masterpiece.

Taste of local Village life

Experience the local culture and daily life of resident Nepalese as you pass through a number of villages, monasteries, and ‘mani’ walls. Oblivious of technology as they are, there is no dearth of warmth and care in the lives of these people. 

They will be happy to meet and greet new travelers. Since villages like Prok, Samdo, Dharamsala, are close to the Tibetan territory, you will also find prevailing Bon Culture and Tibetan Buddhism in these areas.

Himalayan Trekkers will ensure that its clients take a piece of local life with them as they return home from this paradise.

Larkya La Pass

The highest point of the Manaslu Circuit trek is the Larkya La pass at an imposing elevation of 5,106 m. It is here that you will witness the majestic Manaslu peak among other lofty mountains like Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Annapurna II, Nemjung, and Kang Guru.

Mesmerizing Birendra Taal

En route to Manaslu is a place called Samagaun. Our expert trek leaders will guide any traveler interested to visit a beautiful, aquamarine freshwater lake at the base of Mount Manaslu to Birendra ‘taal’. 

This lake is an epitome of tranquility and provides much-craved relief and calmness amidst the hardships of the trek.

Hassle-free accommodation

The entire route is strewn with tea houses, most of which minister decent basic accommodation with double beds, tidy sheets, and pillows. Food and even local food are also available as per one’s need and of course, as per accessibility at higher altitudes.

It is also important to be cautious about drinking water. Water from the rivers and springs is okay to drink but it is safer to get it boiled or purified before consumption. Packaged water can be bought from tea houses but they are quite expensive, given the altitude.

Also, washrooms are usually located inside the tea houses though Himalayan Trekkers suggests you keep a torch handy and check the water flow before using washrooms.

Phone Calls/Internet is Not An Issue

Himalayan trekkers will try their level best to help you connect with your family back home. It is understandable that your family will be anxious to keep a tab on your safety while you are on a remote and difficult trek. 

The majority of tea houses have phone and internet facilities. However, it is better to know beforehand that the cost will obviously be a bit high obviously because it is quite difficult for them to arrange the facilities for your ease and safety in the remote valley which is completely understandable.

Annapurna Trek is just around the corner

Last but not the least, for trekkers, who have not completed the ABC trek, this is an excellent opportunity to club both the treks together. Annapurna Base Camp falls on the way to Manaslu, so one can plan the trip for a larger number of days in order to enjoy the diversity of both treks, simultaneously saving time and money for a second fresh journey. 

Just make sure to get a hold of the ACAP (Annapurna Circuit Area Permit).


If you think you are now ready, then Himalayan Trekkers will assist you the entire time, right from planning to execution. No worries about permits or accommodation or food or road directions, we take care of it all. The only thing that you will be responsible for is to take back some amazing moments with you!

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