Top 10 Hiking Places Around Kathmandu Valley

Apr 17, 2020 9 Minutes
Top 10 Hiking Places Around Kathmandu Valley

No matter whether you are a local or international traveler looking for a way out from your mundane life but don’t have the time or energy for several days long trek, we bring to you “Top 10 hiking places around Kathmandu valley”. 

Even though located near the hustle of the capital city - Kathmandu, these hiking places are sublime when it comes to nature and wildlife. It is no new discovery that Nepal offers an incredible blend of nature and culture, and these short hiking places in Kathmandu are going to make you see how graced Nepal is.

While traveling in Nepal, different people have different interests. Some like trekking, whereas some people come for cultural tours, climbing, hiking, and many more. People visit for a certain timeframe and within that time some are enthusiasts regarding hiking.

Trekking in Nepal might be a little farfetched for some prospect travelers due to factors like cost, time, difficulty level, etc. For those people with restrictions but you have high admiration for nature and can’t wait to be in its vicinity, these hikes are perfect to you.

These hikes are cheap/ affordable and on top of that, they are undeniable stores of natural beauty.

Be it the stunning mountain vistas from Nagarkot or the enigmatic Nagarjuna Cave, be prepared to be astonished by the serenity and natural diversity so close to the capital which is the busiest city in Nepal. Here we provide you the short lists of hiking places near Kathmandu.

1. Nagarkot Hike

Nagarkot is located about 32 Kilometers east of Kathmandu and has proper provisions for expensive as well as affordable accommodations. At the height of 2175 meters, Nagarkot Hill provides the best views of the top mountains in Nepal. Nagarkot hike can be your ultimate hike through which you can discover the culture and nature while enjoying a variety of cuisines.

As per time and interest, the hike can be made shorter (2-3 hours) i.e. Telkot to Nagarkot or longer (6-7 hours) i.e. from Changunarayan to Sankhu via Nagarkot.

Maximum elevation: 2175 meters

Total Distance:  About 32 kilometers

Hike Duration: 6-8 hours or even more depending upon your pace.


  • Spectacular views of the top of the world- Mount Everest along with other incredible peaks like Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Langtang etcetera.
  • Best Sunrise and sunset panoramas with mountains in the background.
  • Nagarkot Tower provides the best views.

2. Pulchowki Hill Hike

Kathmandu is a bowl-shaped valley covered by hillocks. And Phulchowki is the highest hill. After a 1-hour drive from Kathmandu valley to Godawari, we start the hike from there which is 6-7 hours both ways. Walking through the trails of Pulchowki hill, you will witness incredible natural sights, marvelous birds and trees.

This place is also very popular for bird watching. This highest hill in Kathmandu valley is known for its astounding views from the high altitude of 2782 meters. People/Travelers even get to experience snowfall during the winter season in Pulchowki Hill.

Maximum elevation: 2782 meters

Total distance: About 20 Kilometers

Hike duration: About 5 hours or more depending upon your pace.


  • Captivating panoramas of Mt. Everest, Mt Manaslu, Mt. Annapurna etcetera.
  • Diverse vegetations like rhododendron, oaks, orchids etcetera.
  • Verdant Botanical garden.

3. Shivapuri Hill Hike

Shivapuri Hill is situated in the northern region of Kathmandu valley and is approximately 12 Kilometers from Kathmandu city. At the height of 2563 meters, it is the second-highest hill in the valley and is home to 102 kinds of butterflies and 177 kinds of birds, among which more than 9 species are available.

This place is a mesmerizing destination from where you can see half of the Kathmandu Valley view and is popular for peace and if you are lucky enough you may encounter wild animals.

Likewise, a national park is also located in this area. This hike also includes Budhhanilkantha Temple and Nagi Gumpa (monastery for female monks) which will make this hike more fruitful.

Maximum elevation: 2563 meters

Total distance: About 15 Kilometers

Hike duration: About 7 hours or more.


  • Shivapuri National Park: its fauna, flora and subtropical forest.
  • Nagi Gompa at the height of 2330 meters
  • Mind blowing views from Shivapuri Hill.

4.  Namobuddha Hike

Namobudhha hike takes you all the way to one of the astonishing sacred sites referred to as Three Stupas. The historical tale behind this tale is very overwhelming and so the rich nature and structures in Namobuddha.

Namobuddha is one of the largest monasteries in Nepal and this destination is very popular for meditation. Hike to Namobuddha can be a great option as this place is clean, pollution-free, peaceful, and has a spellbinding landscape.

Maximum elevation: 1800 meters

Total distance: About 40 Kilometers

Hike duration: About 7 hours or more


  • Magnificent stupas, architectures, and shrines with religious and cultural significance.
  • Thick luxuriant forests, remote villages, and river banks.
  • The views of Langtang Ranges and Mount Everest.

5.  Nagarjun Hill Hike

Hiking to Nagarjun Hill, you will come across the thick forest, the plethora of birds and stunning views of nature teeming environment. You will also get to see Padmasambhava monastery. This is a great place where you can go with family or friends for hiking, cycling, picnic etcetera.

Similarly, Nagarjun is a very popular pilgrimage place which is also known as Vindya Mountain. It is the closest hill covered with thick green forests, chirping birds, from where the mesmeric view of the valley and Himalayas can be seen.

Maximum elevation: 1950 meters

Total distance: About 20 kilometers

Hike duration:  At least 5 hours


  • Several enigmatic caves like Nagarjuna, Manjushree cave etcetera.
  • Felicitous viewpoint for amazing views
  • Clear panoramas of Langtang, Ganesh and Manaslu peaks.

6.  Champa Devi Hike

At the height of 2250 meters, Champa Devi hike is rich with stunning views and is the third-highest hill in Kathmandu valley. The verdant hills, interesting tales, lush forests, and mountain panoramas are what this hike has to offer to travelers. From the top of the hill, a beautiful view of the northern and eastern Himalayas, Taudaha (lake), Kathmandu valley can be seen. This hike provides you the experience of an adventurous hike watching the scenic view.

Maximum elevation: 2250 meters

Total distance: About 20 kilometers

Hike duration: At least 5 hours


  • The apogee of Champa Devi offers exquisite views of Gauri Shankar, Annapurna, Langtang Lirung and several more.
  • Believed to be protected and looked after by Hindu mythology goddess Parwati.
  • Many monasteries/ gompas, thick pine forest etcetera.

7.  Amitabha Monastery to Ichangunarayan Hike

Also known as White Gumba hiking, Amitabha monastery hike located at the altitude of 1500 meters, is a stunning monastery housing sacred statues and shrines. The view of this monastery during sunset and sunrise is simply breathtaking.

For this hike, we will drive to the Amitabha monastery and start the hike to Icchangu Narayan after visiting the monastery and surrounding. Ichangunarayan is one of the four Narayan's of Kathmandu Valley. This is a perfect hike that allows you to experience Buddhist culture as well as Hindu culture with a combination of scenic and peaceful landscapes.

Amitabha Gumba is a new monastery that is properly maintained and opened for only certain days a week but the visit to this monastery is worth the time and energy.

Maximum elevation: 1500 meters

Total distance: About 15 kilometers

Hike duration: At least 4 hours


  • Stunning views of Kathmandu valley from a high altitude of 1500 meters.
  • Beautiful stupas and scenery.

8.  Chandragiri Hill Hike

Chandragiri Hill is one of the best hikes near Kathmandu valley that acts as a felicitous viewpoint for diverse sceneries. During this hike, you might encounter much wildlife like black bears, monkeys, several birds etcetera. As per inconvenience the hike can be started and ended from either Taudaha, Machhegaun or Chhaimale.

After reaching Chandragiri, we can visit the Chandragiri Temple and enjoy the cable car ride with a beautiful view. Chandragiri Hill is a moon-shaped hill that used to be an ancient trade route and one of the places where civilization started.

Maximum elevation:  2475 meters

Total distance: About 15 kilometers

Hike duration: At least 6 hours


  • Tantalizing panoramas of Langtang, Ganesh Himal and Manaslu from the apogee of Chandragiri Hill
  • Ravishing views and Green lush forest aside from the trails.
  • Enjoy the Cable car ride and amazing sunrise views.

9.  Chitlang Hike

Situated 22 Kilometers southwest of Kathmandu, Chitlang has so much to offer like travelers like Stone carvings, natural beauty, the Largest manmade lake i.e. Indra Sarovar, birdwatching, hiking etcetera. There are two options for this hike, you can either start from Thankot if you prefer a longer hike or start from Chandragiri if you prefer shorter. The experience of hiking to Chitlang is simply mesmeric that provides you the opportunity to hike through the green lush forest listening to the song of the birds and watching beautiful landscapes.

Maximum elevation: 2300 meters

Total distance: About 25 Kilometers

Hike duration: At least 7 hours


  • Brilliant verdant forest and Many species (160) of birds living there.
  • Excellent views

10.  Kakani Hike

Located northwest of Kathmandu, Kakani hike is one of the best mountain viewpoints near Kathmandu. It is famous for Himalayan trout fish and strawberry farming. In this naturally blessed place, you will see beautiful villages and have a glimpse of the Tamang lifestyle.

Being one of the best-hiking destinations and very popular yet it is the less touristic destination from where Annapurna range likewise Langtang range, as well as the beautiful landscape view of the valleys, rivers, and lakes, can be seen on a clear day.

Maximum elevation: 2000 meters

Total distance: About 25 kilometers

Hike duration: At least 6 hours


  • Beautiful view of Langtang ranges, Machhapuchre, Annapurna, Manaslu etcetera if the weather is clear.
  • Lovely landscape of Kathmandu valley from the hiking routes.
  • Walkthrough dense pine forests.


These are the top10 hiking spots nearby Kathmandu Valley mentioned above but there are other more potential places for hiking. The above-mentioned hikes are the hikes that are listed as the clients of Himalayan Trekkers preferred.

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