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Nepal has always been known as a country with a majority of Hindus and was the only Hindu kingdom in the world up until 2008. But, with time, things have changed too. In Nepal, although most of the population is made up of Hindus i.e. about 80%, it is widely known for its religious tolerance. Nepalese Hindus never discriminate against the beliefs of other religions and live side by side with fellow Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims in harmony and with mutual respect. The community respects the norms of prayers and has it's limited infrastructure well set for visitors of the Islamic faith. The one best thing about Nepal is the entire population celebrates every other festival really well besides their religion, caste, income, race. 

Himalayan Trekkers (Formerly known as Adventure Mission Nepal) has been operating special tours for Muslim visitors since 2009. The day trip of Kathmandu includes visits to two of the biggest mosques in Kathmandu and two world heritage sites Kathmandu Durbar Square and Swayambhunath.

We also aim to bring forward more packages for Muslim tours in the near future. 

Foods included on these Muslim tours are 100% Halal. We make sure that you are served according to Muslim culture and customs. Also, the tour is totally customizable. Please feel free to make your own itinerary or contact us to learn more.

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