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Nepal a soothing destination especially for photography. AMN Treks and Expedition is basically focused on this MagicalKathmandu photography tours because this gives you the life experience of your life journey. Either you are a professional photographer or not this tour package will give you the satisfaction as the picture and views are just wow.

Want to screenshot the cultural or natural beauty of Nepal? Don’t worry, you find both in our mystic land- Nepal and Basically Kathmandu (Medieval Kingdom)

Nepal is a photographer’s paradise with its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Adventure Mission Nepal provides an ample opportunity of capturing some of the best heritage of Nepal with the Photography Tours we provide. Doesn’t matter If you are a Professional or an amateur we fulfil your wish to capture some of the most amazing natural beauty, portraits, religious and spiritual events, fairs and festivals in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We also organize wildlife photography tours in the Chitwan National park and the Bardia national park.

We organize trips that have professional photographers as tour leaders who will teach you and at times learn from you while you are doing these photography tours. We take you to some of the best places in Nepal and help you compose the best creations of photography through our expertise.

Trips are categorized as cultural tours and trekking tours for Photography. Cultural tours are mostly based on cities and in Photography trekking in Nepal you head towards the mountains to capture photographs. Walking every day for 4 to 7 hours in the most beautiful landscape gives you an opportunity to capture photographs of the mountain scenery and mountain people and their daily life. Along the way, and during tea breaks and meals, we will discuss various angles, light and various technical aspects of each situation or how to be creative in a difficult spot. The purpose of this tour is not to go deep into very technical questions but to try to understand the basics of photography while enjoying the mountains.

Our Photography expert will help you understand the basics of landscape photography: composition, light, exposure, depth of field, shutter speed and more. We always organize these trips to a group of less than 10 people which makes it much easier for all the group members to give their inputs and learn from our expert. If you are already an expert we are eager to learn from you as well.

All the trips we operate for photography are operated by an English speaking tour guide/tour leader but on request, we can arrange for tour leaders who speak foreign languages such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Chinese.

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