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Incredible India and Naturally Nepal,
Once is never enough for both countries!

Friendly South Asian neighbors, Nepal and India share more than just borders. Situated at the lap of Himalayas, both countries are lands with contrasting diversity; diversity in natural resources, landscapes, culture, art, lifestyle, religion, and many more. These features make the Himalayan Nations similar yet different in ways that are sure to fascinate visitors from all over the world. They will undoubtedly account for a trip unlike any other.

From the highest snowy mountains to the deep blue ocean. Iconic and ancient art, culture, and practices reflected in monuments, temples, stupas, palaces, mosques and even buzzing streets. Places always bursting with lively wilderness. Exotic and unique lifestyle, food and festivals. From adventurous outdoor sports to peaceful yoga and meditation with world-renowned Gurus. Cities with lighted skyscrapers to humble and remote villages... These Himalayan countries have a lot to offer. And, unbelievably, there are tons more you will discover! Of course, all experiences will be topped with impeccable hospitality eastern culture is known for. 

Thus, Himalayan trekkers offers various lucrative Nepal-India Multi-Country Tour Packages so you get the most in less time and at a reasonable cost. 

Himalayan Trekkers is always there to help you travel to your heart's content. Check out the packages or customize yourself. Find all the information you need right here! 


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