Homestay Trips

The warm intimacy and human connections achieved through staying in a local home while travelling has been known to please even the most discerning of hearts. Homestay tours and trips have been flourishing worldwide due to this very essence.

Homestay in the Himalayan country of Nepal provides you with a unique experience of hospitality which will surely be unlike staying in a big hotel. A local family hosts you, shares their residence, food, and culture, and treats you like you are one among them. You mingle with the local people and form personal interactions and bonds; look forward to fables from old Grandma and going to the farm with the local lads.

Homestay tours are available in some of the most remote areas but usually have all the basic facilities. They are also budget-friendly. You will surely form strong bonds and end up learning more about the language, culture, and the overall ethos of the place. 

Homestays and Local Trips also help local families financially and otherwise to a notable extent. It provides local people with exposure to a foreign culture, language, and more, proving it to be a wonderful opportunity to learn.

The Homestay Trip/ Local Trip Packages below will undoubtedly present to you a meaningful, sustainable, and relaxing travel experience. We can help you optimize the trips to fit your necessities and preference.

Travel the Local Way! View the destination through the windows of your own local home away from home!

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