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The Dhaulagiri zone lies in the Western Development Region of Nepal comprising Mustang, Myagdi, Baglung, and Parbat as the four main districts covering this zone. Dhaulagiri is derived from the ancient  Sanskrit language where Dhaula means “drizzling white” and Giri means “mountain”.

Trekking to the Dhaulagiri region of Nepal is adventurous as well as equally challenging and hence sometimes the trekking trails are also referred to as off-beaten paths. The trekking trails take you through some of the most amazing glaciers and high snow-clad passing all the way to the Base Camp of Dhaulagiri. However, owing to its difficult terrain, secluded and off-beaten trail, and lack of proper accommodation facility, this trek is suitable only for those travelers with high physical endurance.

Mt. Dhaulagiri, the stunning mountain that rises at 8167 m above sea level is the seventh highest mountain in the world.

Most of the Dhaulagiri region trek begins from a small and popular town that lies at the confluence of the Myagdi River and Kali Gandaki gorge. The paths are unspoiled and less traveled & have been able to retain their natural beauty and splendor intact. The landscape, valleys, and High Mountain passes along with many snow-capped peaks like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Annapurna, and other peaks make trekking in the Dhaulagiri region a natural paradise.

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Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek:

The great achievement of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is the trophy of crossing two high mountain passes namely French pass at an elevation of 5360 m and Dhampus pass at an elevation of 5234 m. The trekking trail has a richness in flora and faunas. Trekking along the dense forest, hills, and unspoiled agricultural lands and exploring the lifestyle & unique culture of the locals are really beautiful and very adorable.

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