Rara Mugu & Jumla Treks

Explore the 'Hidden Himalaya'!

Rara Mugu and Jumla lie in the western/far-western part of the Trans-Himalayan Region. This region is often referred to as the 'Hidden Himalaya' due to its dim and distant feature. It also hosts very scarce visitors throughout the year. Although rarely visited, this area is remarkably well-known for its untouched and magnificent natural beauty.

 Rara Lake is often the highlight of the trek, however, other wonderful elements cannot be undermined either:

  • Majestic Peaks such as Kanjiroba, Saipal, the most western Api and more than ten other mountains over 6000m lie in this area. So, you would probably get to observe snow-capped massif to the fullest.
  • Rara National Park is a sanctuary for sundry flora and fauna. It houses 1070 different species of alpine and sub-alpine flora and fauna.
  • Bird Watching is something you cannot miss on your Rara Trek Route. You can view over 230 species of migrant and resident birds in that area.
  • Interestingly Diverse Landscape will leave you awe-struck. Look forward to green pastures fading into barren lands, cut by deep valleys.
  • Visit Simikot Valley and other exciting places with a vibrant and unique culture and lifestyle.
  • Ultimate Camping Adventure is most sought after in western Nepal Trek Routes due to its remoteness. 
  • Faraway and Peaceful trekking in a less crowded place accounts for an other-worldly experience. This route receives less than 200 tourists in any year.

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Rara Mugu & Jumla Treks Packages

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