Kanchenjunga Treks

Legendary, Enigmatic, and Adventurous—a few of the words frequently used to describe the grand snow massif known as Kanchenjunga.

Located in Eastern Nepal connecting Nepal and India, the Kanchenjunga Region has bestowed one of the most adventurous tea-house trekking routes in the world. This route attracts many trekkers from all around due to its peculiar and remote trails.

Kanchenjunga Treks can be relatively easier due to gradual elevation which allows enough time to acclimatize. But, still, it is quite demanding due to frequent ups and downs, sheer elevation, and remoteness. The paths are mostly used by locals, as very few trekkers make their way to the wild east of Nepal.

The remoteness of this terrain, its rugged trails, scattered human habitation, and monsoonal downpours make for a perfectly challenging Himalayan Exploration. The off the beaten trails are obviously perfect for anyone in search of absolute solitude and adventure.

The Kanchenjunga vicinity comprises 14 protected areas; Kanchenjunga Conservation Area is in Nepal. Not shy of the monsoon downpours, this area is always full of life. It is a sanctuary for many flowering plants.

So, trekkers are sure to be mesmerized by huge rhododendron forests and colorful orchids along the way. Moreover, spring and autumn seasons, when many flowers blossom, are considered ideal for embarking on the trek. Similarly, majestic views of Kanchenjunga peaks and other snow-capped peaks are also something to look forward to.

Once forbidden, this trail still has a few restrictions although permits can be arranged after handling a few logistics works. Numerous Tea-Houses have been built along the way. They usually have optimal basic facilities. Local guides for Kanchenjunga Trek can also be easily arranged. Therefore, it is fairly accessible. 

The east of Nepal also provides a fascinating cultural diversity. Villages tend to be more prosperous than in other regions, yet the further you go, the more isolated communities can be found. An easy way to make friends there is to join the locals for a heart-warming drink of hot tongba (an alcoholic fermented millet drink of Eastern Nepal).

If you ever want to test your mettle, wild Kanchenjunga is the place for you. Find all the information you need on the various trek packages, well-prepared itinerary, necessary items, location, best prices, and more below!


Kanchenjunga Treks Packages

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