Rafting & Kayaking

In search of exciting adventures? You will never run out of options in Nepal!

Nepal is the second country in water resources after Brazil, which makes water adventure sports desirable here too besides mountaineering and hiking.

Rafting and Kayaking are the most widely popular water sports in Nepal. They are operated in snow-fed white water rapids flowing thunderously straight from the massive Himalayan vistas.

16 different river runs are commercially available for these water sports. The rivers have been classified according to speed, size, and overall hazardous conditions into 6 different classes, making the water sports options approachable for everyone, expert or amateur.

You can participate as a sprinkle of adventure to your tour/trek for just a day or an extended water trip of numerous days which involves camping on the river banks.

September to early December and March to early June is considered peak season for Rafting and Kayaking. However, many services run all year round too. Any option you choose, you can look forward to exhilarating scenes as you tumble through forests, gorges, and village settlements.

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