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At the seventh and largest province of Nepal – Karnali Province of the Far Western Region lies the Humla district with Simikot being its headquarter. Most of the trekking route to Tibet is initiated from Simikot.

Humla is one of the largest districts of Nepal covering an area of 5655 sq. km. Relative to its size, the population is very low. The northern part of Humla is dominated by people practicing Buddhism whereas the southern part has a dominance of Hindus. Various settlements of communities of Tibetian origin can be found here. As this region shares a border with Tibet to the North, many similarities among Humla and Tibet can be found.

The border crossing at Hilsa is the entry point going to Mount Kailash. The normal route to Hilsa from Simikot is 4-5 days of trekking. Humla is one of the least visited remote regions in Nepal. Only accessible by air and not very regular and totally depends on season.

Humla is very much traditional and is well preserved in terms of nature. Since modernization has no or very little impact here, life in the Humla Simikot region is very much isolated from the outer world. Trekking in this region gives you an experience of walking into pristine nature, a topography like Tibet, and some rare species of flora and fauna only found on the Himalayas. Thus, beautiful, bitter, joyous, and holy - is Humla.

Various NGOs and INGO are in work since 1996 to uplift the development of this region.

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