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Himalayan Trekkers provides you with the top 20 REASONS  TO VISIT NEPAL in 2020 and beyond. Please like and share if you think we are right.


2020 is special: The initiation of ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ on January 1 marked a new advent for tourism in Nepal. It is a mission committed to tourism. So this is a very special year for the Nepalese tourism industry. So, if not now, WHEN?


Religious and Historic Sites: Land of Hundreds of Gods, numerous religions, and many mighty kingdoms, Nepal has rich religious significance and historical background. Palaces, temples, monasteries, art, monuments, and many more! Seven of which are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Moreover, you can visit all of it by spending less than a week in Nepal.


Ethnic Diversity: Although small in area, Nepal has people from diverse cultural backgrounds. According to the census, there are 125 different ethnic groups, most of which have beautifully kept their culture and way of life authentic even in this modern world making them and their way of life very unique. So, look forward to a cultural treat.


Affordable: Nepal is one of the best value tourist destinations. It can be extremely economical if you are traveling on a tight budget. It is estimated that one would only require an average of $30 a day for a successful stay in Nepal


Stunning Mountains: Anybody talking about Nepal would never miss the Mountains. The Himalayan region of Nepal along with other ranges of massifs houses a whopping 1310 mountains, 8 of which are eight-thousanders. Hiking, trekking, climbing, expedition, or simply viewing, the Mountains of Nepal will never bore anyone.


Obliging Hospitality: ‘Guests are Gods’ is a popular saying in Nepal. You would be even more amazed to experience it in practice. Whether in a luxurious hotel or a humble homestay, a week or a month, you will be treated with warmth.


National Parks and Conservation Areas: Nepal has established 20 protected areas which are a sanctuary to rare and diverse flora & fauna and natural resources. These areas can be accessed for various tourism activities such as jungle safari, hiking, bird watching, elephant ride, and so on. Here, you can be one with nature.


Something for all: Planning a trip for a group, especially your family, can be difficult. You can never meet all the dynamic needs of all the people in one trip. But don’t worry!  There is something for everyone in Nepal! Luxury or backpacking, old or young, tour or trek, peaceful yoga or mountain biking; you will never run out of options in this Himalayan country.


Thrilling Activities: At the lap of Himalayas is where you will find real adventure. You can jump off a cliff, fly like a bird, trek challenging trails, flow with the fast rapids, conquer the mountains, and more. The adrenaline rush will keep you up for days.


Old and New: Nepal is an ancient nation with its own unique vibe. You will be watching a stone temple built a decade ago and in the very next minute, you will be sending the pictures sitting in a cozy café with Wi-Fi. The Nepalese have impeccably integrated the old and the new, staying true to their roots. So, you can get another-worldly prehistoric feel without actually leaving the modern society.


Volunteering Opportunities: Want to make your travel more meaningful? Want to make it more than just an aimless wander? Then, you would probably enjoy volunteering in Nepal while traveling. Nepal, since it is still a developing nation, would love to receive help in various fields such as child development, women empowerment, infrastructure building, disaster restoration, etc. You can enjoy serving while traveling.


Interesting Festivals: The cultural and religious diversity has caused the Nepalese calendars to be jam-packed by festivals. Every year, Nepalese celebrate at least one festival every other day. These festivals are peculiar, vibrant, spiritual, and fun. Participating in one of these bizarre festivals would be an extraordinary experience.


Symbol of peace: Nepal has always proudly referred to itself as a ‘peace-loving country’. Birthplace of Buddha, Nepal stands true always take the stance of peace. Thus, a serene and unbothered atmosphere on your visit is surely a given. 


Interesting Landscape: The great mountains overlook the lush green hills, fading out into valleys, and the plains make the perfect balanced end of this canvas. The topographical variation of this landlocked country cannot be matched by many bigger countries.


Tantalizing views: All of the above-mentioned points cohesively contribute for a sight worth capturing. You can observe the scenic potential from the very first flight to Nepal.


Nepalese cuisine: Affordable, healthy, and full of flavor, Nepalese cuisine will give you the best taste of South East Asia. Daal Bhaat (Rice and Lentils), Momos (Dumplings) and curry are some of the items you should not miss.


Everest: Of course, home to the tallest mountain—Mount Everest—Nepal welcomes hundreds of travelers every year who are only here to explore the mystical Everest Region. It is something you will not find anywhere else in the world! Although many do not aim to reach the top, they conquer it by reaching the Everest Base Camp or traversing through challenging trekking trails in the Annapurna Region.


Popular destinations: Many of popular destinations such as Pokhara, Kathmandu, Muktinath, Rara, Tilicho, lo-Manthang, Chitwan, Lumbini, etc. probably feature on many people’s bucket lists all over the world. The places are iconic with features that no other place has been able to replicate. Moreover, experienced and responsible Travel Agencies like Himalayan Trekkers put together classic itineraries and organize resources without fault for a trip which will let you travel to your heart’s content.


Annapurna Circuit: Annapurna Circuit deserves to appear on the list on its own due to its popularity and immense scopes. It features timeless trekking routes that take you to some of the most isolated and well-known destinations in Nepal; even reaches the Tibetan plateau. The routes themselves are also quite recognizable. Annapurna Circuit is probably every mountain enthusiast's dream.


Lifetime memories: Nepal is a promising place to build and experience that is only yours. You will probably not find any other nation quite interesting like Nepal. Visit, share your memories and you will never forget this wonderful nation which will surely make you return!


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