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Manaslu Mountain (literally meaning 'Mountain of Spirit'), as its name suggests, has a soulful and spiritual presence in the Nepalese Himalayan Region. It is the eighth highest mountain with a height of 8156m above sea level. Situated in Gorkha district, it offers visitors a surrounding that is utterly pristine.

Manaslu Trekking Circuit is a 177 Kilometer trekking route which rounds Mount Manaslu. This route is notably popular among enthusiasts who want to experience trekking in an other-worldly isolated place. It is undisturbed and comparatively less busy than other similar popular routes in the Himalayas. So, one need not climb the 'Killer Mountain' to feel the soulfulness of Manaslu.

The route goes through the Manaslu Conservation Area. This Conservation Area is a natural habitat for many severely endangered species of flora and fauna. While trekking there, you will surely come across a high concentration of bio-diversity.

Another remarkable trait of the Manaslu region trek is Tsum Valley. Popularly known as 'Hidden Valley', it houses inhabitants who have succeeded in embracing their culture in the most authentic and unspoiled form.

Our Manaslu Trek Packages, thus, are sure to provide you an opportunity to embark on a profound soul-searching journey to the lap of the Himalayas. Check out our well-crafted packages or customize your trip.



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