15 Best Momo Places in Kathmandu

May 25, 2021 7 Minutes
15 Best Momo Places in Kathmandu

MO:MO is a type of steamed dumpling.  It is the most popular food native to Nepal and also can be found prepared in South West Tibet, Bhutan as well as the Himalayan region of India such as Ladakh, Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and Darjeeling. 

In the context of Nepal and Tibet, it has become a traditional delicacy easily available in every restaurant, hotel and household make once in a while.

Momo can be considered popular, comfortable street food as well. For the past several years, the recipe has developed into quite a variety in a creative way. 

Traditionally there used to be two types - steamed and fried. But nowadays, there are lots of mixed varieties and is not limited to a single flavor. 

Steamed, soup, marinated, open, pan-fried, chilly, fruit, and many other creative ones from sweet fillings to the savory fillings (consisting of meat, vegetables, etc.) found inside and outside Kathmandu valley.

You can find some new and creative flavors of momo like Chocolate and Khuwa (Nepalese food) and something like phapar momo (buck-wheat flour), spinaches .etc. 

It can be also be found in some trekking routes and regions. It is always smart and better to visit well-known and hygienic places for this amazing dish and some of the best among them is listed down here but as we all know every place has its own specialty and taste:


Momo magic is one of the best momo joints in the valley. Located at Maharajgunj, beside Teaching Hospital, it was established in around 2000 A.D. The place has been serving undoubtedly the lightest momo in Kathmandu. 

A plate is never enough you’ll be wanting for more. The thin dough wrapper with the juicy filling alongside the thick spicy tomato-based sauce is what will make you want to go for more. This place serves a variety of meat and vegetables.

The making process and the ingredients used are quite clean and hygienic. There are several restaurants with a similar name but not to be confused as there are only two outlets of MOMO MAGIC both at Maharajgunj of Kathmandu. 

The usuals are chicken, buff, and veg momo. For vegetarians, you have to be early by 2 pm as their veg mo mo gets sold out in a flash.


Just reading the name, you will know that this place is very famous in the valley. They have been in this business for over five decades. Its started from Masangalli near Jhochhen in 1962, and now has its branches in Basantapur, Putalisadak, Ratopool and at Jhochhen. 

We doubt anyone who doesn’t know about Narayan Dai's momo. They serve very juicy and delicious momo with different kinds of sauce and upgraded spicy as well. Their Buff and veg momo with paneer(cottage cheese) is quite famous.


Everest momo restaurant is over 31 years, located in Naxal on the opposite of the Bhatbhateni, Kathmandu. If you are a momo lover, we bet that you much-visited this place. The best this about this place that they served the fresh hot momos with delicious sesame sauce. The momos taste heavenly and have made repeated customers and you know what I am talking about!

Everest momo is the most famous in the Kathmandu valley.


BOSO RAHIT MOMO has been serving the best liquid momos for decades. Boso rahit, in Nepali, is meant” fat-free”. The minced meat filling contains no fat lumps, thus here is called” boso rahit”. 

Located at Pulchwok, near the overhead bridge on the right lane of turning to Sanepa chowk. The taste od the momos is full of flavor and has been serving the best jhol momos in town. 

From chicken to buff, they also offer vegetable momos on their menu. The sauce served is made up of sesame seeds, spicy red chili pastes, and peppercorns. The tangy and spicy sauce lingers in the mouth which is quite unforgettable. The buff ones are what stand out the most from the rest. Mainly if you plan on going here, the buff jhol momo is preferred among the regular steamed ones.


KHAARLYOOM MOMO is not quite the oldest but certainly most of the people’s favorite momo joint. It is located at Sukedhara chowk towards Nilopool. It is one of the cheap restaurants in Kathmandu and budget-friendly and the place is quite hygienic. 

It has a thick peanut-based sauce served alongside which stands out the most from another momo restaurant as well as the size of the momos looks quite big than all the regular. 

Chicken, buff, and veg momo can be found on their menu.


THULO MOMO meaning “big momo” in Nepali is a place that serves special large-sized momos. It is located on a Buddhist road across from Boudha stupa, Kathmandu. 

There are four basic types found here, which are chicken, pork, buff, and veg. Their menu has regular-sized as well as a special large-sized one. This place is known mainly for its big and scrumptious juicy momos. You will definitely regret not going here as the ambiance and the food are extremely good in comparison to other restaurants in the valley.

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This is another best place for momos in the valley. Located at around 100 meters, from QFX Kumari (movie treasure), the place is always occupied.  You can imagine how popular this place and how much busy it gets. They served very juicy and tasty momos with amazing soup and this place is quite hygienic as well.


The literal meaning of Banglamukhi means ‘goodness. After reading the name you might think this place is for only vegetarians but it’s not. You will get buff momes here and the size is quite generous with a consistent tasty sauce. Located at the Patan Dhoka, they as well serve chicken and the more interesting part is they serve another extra kind of sauce. This place will be quite busy at lunchtime.  


BAGMATI SWEETS has a wide range of vegetarian food options besides the veg momos. The paneer momo here is quite famous and undoubtedly the best veg’s momo that can be found in town. 

The place serves a special tomato-based sauce which goes quite well with the delicious paneer dumplings. The outside wrapper is soft and the filling inside is juicy - quite fulfilling. 

It is located at the backside of Ganesh Mandir, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. This place is highly recommended for vegetarians!


MOMO MANTRA is known for its Thakali mutton mo: mo. It is located at Mid-Baneshwor (opposite of Burger house and crunchy fried chicken). It has a wide variety of options such as cheese mo: mo, Thakali mutton mo: mo, and pork mo: mo. Besides the meat filling, the cheese-filled mo: mo is a must-have. Since many restaurants do not offer mutton mo: mo option besides the Thakali restaurants, it is highly recommended to those who want to try something new and different.


THE GHANGRI CAFE is located at Pulchwok opposite NPP, Jhamsikhel road. It is the best place that serves open momo (Siu Mai) in the valley. 

This place is one of the oldest in the business, and they have set their trademark. Apart from many momo joints, this place serves 3 incredible sauces including mint, peanut-sesame, and tomato. The flavor combination of all the sauces along with the momo will create a tsunami in your taste buds! 

The service might not be that good but the food served here, is good. The open mo: mo is worth trying at least once.

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SHANDAR MOMO serves mo: mo in an authentic styled nature-friendly plate made of mature green leaves of Shorea robusta (Sal tree) called “Tapari”. It is located at Suraj Arcade, Makhan tole, Kathmandu, and Gatthaghar, Kathmandu. It has regular options like many other restaurants, that are chicken, buff, and veg. Not only that but It is mostly liked for its local taste and the unique plates in which the mo: mo is served.

MOMO Karma

Momo Karma is one the most amazing place where you can find the delicious authentic taste of Darjeeling Mo: Mo’s. They served the momos along with peanut and a little spicy tomato sauce. The pork mo: mo is one of the most popular items on the menu because of its tender and juicy texture and delicious flavors.


JAZZ UPSTAIRS is located at Lazimpat Road, Kathmandu. It is one of the underrated mo: mo joints in Kathmandu. Chicken, buff, cheese, and pork are only a few of the mo: mo choices on the menu. They have other more various mo: mo options in their menu. It is mostly known for its tender, and juicy pork mo: mo. The place also has soup variant mo: mo along with kothey mo: mo (pan-fried).


MO: MOLA PALPASA CAFE located at JP road Bhimsengola, Kathmandu. They served a very unique variation platter of mo: mo. Pork, potato with cheese, bamboo shoot (Aalu Tama) mo: mo and mushroom mo: mo served here is the best.  They even served the chocolate and chocolate banana momos, which are very creative and unique. It is a vegan-friendly restaurant. It has a chill ambiance, where you can read books while eating or waiting for your order. This place is highly recommended for vegans.

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