Best Honeymoon Destinations in Nepal

Jan 19, 2022 13 Minutes
Best Honeymoon Destinations in Nepal

While wedding planning is exhilarating, it can also be stressful–and your honeymoon will likely be your first true chance to spend quality time with your spouse. And there's no better way to commemorate your marriage than with a trip of a lifetime, whether you're honeymooning two days, two weeks, or two months.

When deciding where to honeymoon, considering both of your travel preferences would make the trip more beautiful and memorable. Do you enjoy nature, or do you prefer a city trip or do you like to lie on a beach? Do you want a trip with a mix of adventure and romance, or do you prefer a trip with classic romanticism? And, do you believe your marriage's wonderful journey should begin with a beautiful destination? It all depends on the preferences.

Honeymoons aren’t always about lying on a beach with your significant other or a European sightseeing tour or staying in the luxurious hotels and visiting isolated islands; for other honeymooners, it means traveling to a place they've always wanted to see and try something more special and memorable as a married couple. The idea is that this is a wonderful time for them to unwind, enjoy their newlywed happiness, and look forward to their future together.

There are no seas or white beaches here in Nepal but it is one such place that can be an exotic honeymoon destination. Encircled by the Himalayas and home to some of the world's highest mountain peaks such as Everest and Annapurna, Nepal is an undeniable dreamland that will provide you with the best of romantic moods, thrill, adventure, and peacefulness, allowing your love to bloom in all its grandeur.

Whether you're looking for spiritual pilgrimages, nature walks, city roams, romantic dates or cultural encounters, the country of the Himalayas has a lot to offer.

So, further ado let’s dive into the idyllic destinations and adventurous activities for a honeymoon journey in Nepal.

Places filled with romantic settings in Nepal

Wherever you plan to go and whatever you plan to do, romance is a non-negotiable when it comes to vacation planning for lovers. So, first, why don’t we look at some romantic places in Nepal where you can celebrate your togetherness without any disturbance?

  • Kathmandu

A hearty meal and a few drinks at Thamel is a terrific way to end the romantic first day of your Nepal honeymoon. Kathmandu is amongst the best place for a honeymoon where a diverse culture, tradition, and customs bloom to the fullest. Keep the brilliance of your colorful wedding by going on a honeymoon journey in Kathmandu that is bustling with glamorous nightclubs and casinos. The capital and the biggest of the country is a fantastic option for those history hunters, ancient arts, and architectures admirers, and different culture discoverers. Couples like to visit old temples such as Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Dakshin Kali Temple, Kopan Monasteries, etc. to be blessed for a lifetime of love and commitment while vacationing in Kathmandu. It's so extraordinary and exceptional that you won't be able to stop yourself from being blown away.

  • Pokhara

Pokhara is the pit stop for the native newlyweds. This is unsurprising given the beautiful serene lakes, numerous spectacular Himalayas scenery encircling the hills, vibrant nightlife, grand hotels, and infinite action-packed itineraries available. It is one of the best places to unwind with your companion. Go boating or watch the sunrise, take lovely photos with the Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Dhaulagiri peaks in the background, and explore the mysterious caves. And if you're looking for an adventure, try paragliding or bungee jumping. Therefore, a vacation to Pokhara will undoubtedly turn into a fantastic moment in the lives of a newly married loving couple.

  • Bandipur

Bandipur is known for its peacefulness and romantic vibe. It is a little hill station halfway between Kathmandu and Pokhara on the Prithivi Highway with a pristine village where old customs and cultures are being revived. The town’s most well-known feature is its Newari culture. It is considered one of the cleanest cities in Nepal. The spectacular panoramic vistas of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Langtang mountains as well as the Marsyangdi Valley are another key draw to this hill station. There is plenty to see and do in this small town for all types of vacationers including newly married couples.

  • Nagarkot

Visit Nagarkot for a picture-perfect honeymoon set against the backdrop of some of the world's highest peaks such as Everest, Annapurna ranges, Langtang ranges, Manaslu ranges, and Ganesh Himal ranges. Nagarkot, just a few hours drive from Kathmandu, is another popular honeymoon destination in Nepal due to its convenient location and natural beauty that will undoubtedly surprise you. Whether you're wandering around or relaxing in your hotel room, the stunning view never fails to make you grin. The sight of the sun's first rays falling on the Himalayas will amaze anyone. It is far from the noise and bustle of tourists helping in some exclusive closeness and bonding. The stunning green hills and woodlands add to the romance.

  • Godavari

With its pure air and vegetation, Godavari Botanical Garden provides the ideal balance of tranquility, remoteness, and serenity for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in the lap of nature. It is especially excellent for people who can't commit for a long amount of time but want to de-stress from the stressful wedding ceremony celebrations and embark on a new conjugal adventure due to its proximity to the capital city. It is a perfect place for a romantic couple to spend some time alone in the middle of nature. Spend your quality of time here locking your fingers taking a stroll around, and enjoying a mini picnic.

  • Mustang

Want to travel to something different than usual? Then you should go and feel the mystical aura, and cool breeze and see its majestic sceneries, pristine beauty, snow-capped mountains of Mustang Valley in the northwest portion of Nepal, near the border between Nepal and Tibet. It is a wild and remote place that fits perfectly on the travel diary of the adventure-loving couple. The Valley has two parts: Upper and Lower valley, which are related yet different but both have a magical history. It is, without a doubt, an excellent location with gorgeous charm for pampering the inner adventurer and it is like strolling heaven with your soulmate. You still don't believe us? Take a look around on your own.

Adventurous Activities to do during your Honeymoon Trip in Nepal

Getting married is such a joyous and memorable time in one’s life. And, honeymoon adds once-in-a-lifetime memory that is both worthy of such a special occasion and speaks to your passions. So, if sipping cocktails by a pool is your notion of a perfect honeymoon, go for it. However, if you're the type of couple who, in addition to chilled champagne and rose-petal-strewn beds, craves a little excitement and adventure, participate in a variety of activities ranging from skydiving to paragliding, all of which are sure to make the honeymoon in Nepal special and memorable.

  • Helicopter Ride to Everest

Everest is not only made for adventure and adventurers or trekking and trekkers but also for romance and for romantics. While honeymooning in Nepal, a helicopter ride to Everest is recommended if a couple is comfortable with their budget and wants to examine an adventure unusual than others. The feeling of excitement, thrill, and togetherness from this trip makes it more romantic. Posing for the pictures side by side at the face of the highest mountain in the world, Everest, and other peaks will be surely the coolest thing to brag about and remember for the longest. Also, sipping a glass of champagne and eating a hearty breakfast with the love of your life when you are surrounded by the snow-clad mountains in Everest View Hotel; how amazing and romantic it sounds, but it is more romantic when experienced.

  • Paragliding in Sarangkot

Adding paragliding to your Nepal honeymoon journey will be a piece of cake for the adventure junkie couple. Take part in this massive quest in one of the beautiful places in the country named Sarangkot and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the valley dotted with blue lakes, surrounded by the lush green hills and mountains. Capture both of your moments while flying with your pilots and relish the moment. While Sarangkot is the most famous place for this wonderful sport, there are other places where you can try paragliding proximity to the capital like Godavari and Phulchowki. Enjoy the amusement, the scenery and live the best time of your life.

  • Bungee Jumping in Bhote Koshi

Dash a bold attitude during your Nepal honeymoon trip with a bungee jumping experience in one of the highest bungee sites in Asia. Imagine jumping from a bridge 160 meters over a tropical gorge with the Bhote Koshi River, one of Nepal's most terrific rivers, rushing below. You can wish to go solo bungee experience or you can try tandem swing holding each other in the longest suspension bridge. The bridge was custom designed by the well-known bungee consultants from New Zealand that not only provides a thrilling experience but also ensures your safety.  The idea of bungee jumping may not seem romantic at all to some but it’s more than romantic to the adventure hunting couple.

  • Sky Diving in the Everest

Are you a pair of risk-takers, loving things that are a bit risky? Then how about adding skydiving as part of your honeymoon. If you are ready to take the plunge then, why not go for the Everest Sky diving and carve a memory of a lifetime. This journey to the top of the world let to see where the rest of the adventure lies that is enchanting, empowering, and enlightening. Everest skydiving in Nepal is the world's most exclusive adventure, and many people dream of doing it. The adrenaline rush, the eye-feasting views with Everest as a backdrop, and the entire experience will be a lifetime remember and achievement for you once you free-fall.

  • Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park

Jungle safari is simply known as exploring the jungles and may not be on the list of dreamiest and romantic honeymoon activities to do but it certainly deserves to be on the list of the adventure to do as a couple. What better way to begin the rest of your life together than by spending a night together counting some of the world's most gorgeous stars? Honeymooners can enjoy candle-lit dinners in their tent or beneath the stars, enjoy the nature hikes and jeep drives, and learn more about each other and the park’s diverse species and landscapes. Also, make sure to visit Jalbire waterfall and Chiraichalai Hill, which are both located a few kilometers from the park and are famous for their sunrise views.

  • Tiger excursion in Bardia National Park

Spice up your honeymoon in Nepal with a thrilling tiger excursion in Bardia National Park in the Bardia district. It will be the most unique and different experience when you come face to face with the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers and observe them in their natural habitat. You could also take a nature walk with plenty of photo possibilities as well as plenty of opportunities to spot jungle creatures. Hundreds of different species of birds make their home or stop at Bardia on their migration route, making it a birdwatcher's paradise. During your Tiger tracking honeymoon experience, take advantage of Babai Resort's elegance and go for a swim in the region's only pool. In the evenings at the resort, sip your drink while observing the wild creatures from your vantage point. This spot is simply excellent for you two.

Other Honeymoon options in Nepal

On their honeymoon trip days, some couples seek thrills in whatever they do together and some prefer chilled romance. Whatever is the interests, it's worth looking for destinations and activities that might fulfill that particular urge. Here’s are some of the alternative honeymoon options in Nepal that a couple would want to try or go.

  • Trekking

Every adventurer's bucket list includes a trek in Nepal. After all, it is home to the eight world's tallest mountain summits. There may be a couple who are trying to find solace in the Himalayas and try trekking. Nepal is the only country that can provide it. Some of the most beautiful trekking trails in the Himalayas of Nepal are Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, Poon Hill, and Langtang. You will be completely awestruck by the breathtaking splendor of the Himalayan ranges as you begin your amazing trek.

  • Luxury Trekking to Everest

Everest Luxury Trek can’t go wrong during your honeymoon trip in Nepal. But, what makes it luxurious? The answer is very simple; not only because of the spectacular views and Sherpa culture but also the high-quality lodging available. Along with stunning vistas of various 8000m peaks visible throughout the region, the pure feeling of comfort and services of the boutique chain hotels like the Yeti Mountain Home and the Everest Summit Lodges would make your honeymoon not easy to forget.

  • Sunrise Viewing

Sunrise is something about the natural world that instantly relaxes you. This is exactly what you hope to get out of your honeymoon. Why sunrise in Nepal during honeymoon? People might wonder. Because watching the golden orange sun rays hitting the white snow-clad Himalayas peaks and lighting the sky slowly with your lover could be considered as the perfection of romanticism. There are dozens of wonderful places to witness sunrise along with great mountain vistas such as Nagarkot, Daman, Poonhill, Antu Danda, amongst many but, Sarangkot is the most favorite pick of many people. However, you can choose any of these destinations of interest with your companion.

  • Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Nepal is a deeply spiritual place where you can develop your inner peace on a yoga and meditation retreat. So, if you and your partner are on the spiritual side, you have the option to be in Nepal for seeking spirituality during your Nepal honeymoon vacation. Despite the fact that there are hundreds, Pokhara is Nepal's leading yoga destination, with over a dozen yoga retreats, some of which also provide massages, reiki, and water/honey therapy, while Kathmandu's Kopan Monastery is well-known for meditation. Consider how lovely your Nepal Honeymoon will be if you and your soulmate participate in a yoga retreat together.

  • White River Rafting

White River Rafting is another adventure that deserves to in your honeymoon list. You can encounter the rapid of various grades according to your destinations and traveling time. Bhote Koshi, Lower Seti, Trishuli, Kali Gandaki, Sun Koshi, Karnali, and Marshyangdi are some of the popular rivers to go for white river rafting.

  • Gokyo Lake Visiting

The scenery and setting of Gokyo Lake in the Dudh Koshi Valley would be perfect for honeymooners in Nepal. These six lakes make up the world's highest freshwater lake system, and they're one of the greatest Nepal honeymoon spots to visit with your partner. The lake provides spectacular views of Mt. Everest. It also allows you to camp near the lake.

The Final Line

One of the most common questions newlyweds have is what to do and where to go on their honeymoon. Because your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you must consider how to make it unforgettable. And, Nepal is a dream come true for newlyweds looking for a romantic getaway away from the rush and bustle of modern life. The romantic, as well as the adventure setting of Nepal, is unrivaled anyplace else on the planet. Our above-compiled list can be a guide to the activities and places you and your partner would enjoy the most on your honeymoon.

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