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Trekking in Nepal

The Ganesh Himal Region covers four districts of Nepal – Gorkha, Rashuwa, Dhading, and Nuwakot. At the very close proximity of the Kathmandu valley – at about 70 Km – lies the Ganesh Himal mountain ranges. The commencing point for all the trekking trails of the Ganesh Himal region can be assessed by a short ride via Pasang Lhamu and Prithvi Narayan Highway.

The mountain range is named after the Hindu deity of good fortune, elephant-headed Lord Ganesh. In fact, the south face of Ganesh IV also somewhat resembles an elephant trunk. Among the four peaks in this sub-range, the Ganesh Himal I (also known as Yangra) is the highest at an altitude of 7,422 m and the other three of more than 7000 m high.

Some fourteen plus peaks are above 6000 m. The family of Ganesh Himal Peaks is the most attractive amongst the entire Himalayas.

The Ganesh Himal region is gaining popularity nowadays and no longer secretive as it used to be. Thus - Travel and Tourism have also become one of the major sources of income whereas agriculture and animal husbandry is the primary occupation of the population.

Wildflowers flourish, waterfalls embellish the lush hill scenery in a land blessed with wide-ranging geographical, cultural and biological diversity. Some sensational viewpoints featuring the sublime Himalaya of the mountain ranges offer immensely beautiful panoramic views. 

Most rewarding and noticeable places of interest of the region are the Ganga Jamuna twin waterfalls, Kalo Seta & Ganesh Kunda Lake and very famed Hindu temple Tripura Sundari.

Very hospitable people inhabit this region and visitors are warmly welcomed in a tradition passed from centuries. Gurung, Magars, Brahmins, and Cheetris are some of the inhabitants of the region. The trekking trails are filled with thick and dense pine, bamboo, & fir trees.

Along the trails, the surrounding green lush landscape with agriculture vegetation in the terraced terrain with the panoramic views of the ranges of Ganesh Himal and its siblings – makes a mesmerizing view.

If you happen to explore the region in spring, the greenery with blue sky and crystalline sparking of mountain ranges of Ganesh Himal is a natural stress reliever. 

The region also holds some historical significance. From the top Hills of Gorkha – the unification of Nepal, led by Prithvi Narayan Shah, set out to unite Nepal in the late 1700s. Some major rivers flowing through this region are Trishuli, budhi- gandaki, & bhote-koshi.

Overall, the Ganesh Himal Region offers travelers an unforgettable trek adventure experience.

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