Jungle Safari Tours

Nepal is most renowned globally as a mountainous country but many of us skip over the high concentration of diversity in landscapes, flora, and fauna. Almost 83% of Nepal is mountains and hills, however, the remaining 17% is rich plain land with a tropical climate. 

The plain land of Terai serves as the best habitat for various types of endangered species and vegetation with a wide range of flora and fauna making Nepal one of the best destinations for Jungle Safari.

Jungle Safari in Nepal lets you witness some of the rarest animals such as the one-horned Rhino, the royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, Leopard, and Black Bear, 5 species of deers, wild buffalo, and reptiles such as the Marsh Mugger Crocodile, the Gharial Crocodile, and Asiatic Python. Among the 900 plus bird species found in Nepal almost 70 % of them have made their home.

Among the 9 National parks, 3 Conservation Areas and 4 Wildlife reserves majority of them are in the Terai Plains of Nepal. The protected areas have served as the ideal place for the habitat of natural wilderness.

Jungle Safari does not have to only include a jeep ride to observe the varied flora and fauna but there are many activities that you can undertake in the forest. Hiking through the forest with our experienced nature tour guides/naturalists, do a canoeing trip through the rivers that run through these dense forests, and also try Elephant Riding.

Participating in the Jungle Safari Tour Packages in Nepal also allows you to witness the culture and lifestyle of people who live in the forest.

The Jungle camps around the forest are used as the base. Every day you go into the forest for some activities as part of your package. You can also add some to your list if you have any special interests; you can improvise. Find all the information you need through the packages. Contact us for any queries or requests.

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