Why Everest Base Camp Trek ?

Jan 10, 2021 4 Minutes
Why Everest Base Camp Trek ?

Anybody would say the majestic, one and only Mount Everest… but what's more?

The base camp of the highest peak in the world offers a unique journey that might be the perfect answer to your quest for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of travel, adventure, escape, hospitality, and lots more.

So here just a few of the wonderful reasons you should visit the Everest Base Camp!

Spiritual Reasons

Everest’s vicinity is historically and culturally one of the most prominent places for Buddhist pilgrimage. You can find numerous Gumbas, Chortens, Monasteries, and countless colorful religious flags decorating the way.

Among which the ancient Tengboche monastery, also known as Dawa  Choling Gompa, divine presence in this Khumbu region attracts countless wanderers from all over the world. The sacred sites located are believed to hold great spiritual significance.

If you happen to arrive at the right time, there is no better exhibition of Sherpa culture and Buddhism than the Everest Base Camp during special festivals like the Mani Rimdu festival. Moreover, not just Buddhism, you can also delve into other religions like Hinduism, Islam, etc. on your way.

Extend your trip to a day or two in Kathmandu and you would be truly blessed to be able to experience a cultural bonanza to the fullest. Not only would you be able to visit popular sites like Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Bouddha, and so on, but also interact with the culture in close proximity by walking through the ancient streets, conversing with local guides, and enjoying delicacies prepared locally.

Religious or spiritual, this journey will certainly heal your soul. The warm hospitality of the Sherpa Villages will welcome your soul with open arms and wide smiles everywhere.

Nature Unlike Any Other

On your journey, you will be able to witness natural beauty and diversity like no other! The start of the journey will be in hilly low lands; you will be surrounded by lush green hills and farther mountains, neither too cold nor too hot. As you move higher, you will get closer to the snow-capped mountains; traversing upon the sometimes steep, pleasantly rugged path, you will reach the land of the mountains with flora and fauna rarely present in any other places.

Traversing through the Sagarmatha National Park, one of the sites listed in UNESCO World Heritage, one can encounter the essence of mother nature’s creations. You would be lucky to witness Musk Deer, Snow leopard, Red Panda, to name a few. Flora and Fauna—that’s not all; glistening glaciers, serene ponds, and rivers, unique rocks and minerals, beautifully cascading waterfalls-- explore nature to the fullest!

Disconnect to Reconnect

For anybody wanting to escape the disillusioned and disconnected world of modern-day rush and busyness, a typical vacation would not suffice. Everest Base Camp is sure to keep you occupied enough so you don’t have to constantly check emails or watch grim news. 

At first, it might seem strange to not constantly hear your notification bell ring, but the reward is inner peace and clarity while enjoying nature’s finest wonder. Not just physical, it can be a mental journey where you find yourself.


Traveling to Everest Base Camp might not be a typical holiday destination for many, but it is undoubtedly worth it. Its peculiarity comes from the distinctive geographical terrain. Although not always, you can expect steep, rugged, narrow, and sometimes vicious conditions might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

We as your partners confirm the utmost safety for you; however, the thrill remains alive with Mount Everest. Top it off with other adventurous activities such as climbing, rafting, wildlife observation, bungee, and you will have a full adventure package. An adventurous spirit is a guiding force for many who visit the Himalayan Region.


As one of the most popular destinations for travelers all over the world, Everest Base Camp offers proper lodging, food, market, and even hot water showers for most parts. So, you need not be scared because this trip calls for people who appreciate nature, adventure, spirituality, hospitality, and more in their own way.

Whether you want a luxury or a humble camping experience, you can find it all if you plan appropriately. You can add to the trek by driving to Saleri and extending the trek for a few extra days or take a direct scenic flight to Lukla from Kathmandu.

You can choose from various options with their own perks: from getting there to staying. So, it would not be a stretch to claim that Everest Base Camp has something for everyone.  Explore our site for an Everest Base Camp Package that suits you best!

Is it safe to visit Everest Base Camp?

Many might be taking a step back from this distinctly marvelous due to this very question at the back of their head— is it safe?

Accidents occurring in the base camp are relevantly rarer than those while actually climbing the peak. That being said, it comes with certain risks mainly due to difficult and distant locations and high altitudes. Well, fear not, because every step of your travel is arranged, coordinated, and executed in a way that ensures your utmost safety.

Our trips are planned with expert Sherpa guides and other local coordinators such that you can be properly acclimatized to prevent any altitude sickness and preventive measures for all risks are strictly followed.

We make sure that you receive all the required information regarding insurance, gear, proper clothing, etc. (Explore our site for more information!) Moreover, our collaboration with the locals all along the way with our expertise earned through experience ensures not only the best possible travel experience but also the best possible safe environment.

To walk the paths of the mighty Himalayas is a challenge worth taking. All you have to do is find the right package for you and follow it accordingly.

Travel to the Everest Base Camp, and find your own unique answer to “Why Everest?” for yourself.

Why Everest Base Camp Trek ?

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Why Everest Base Camp Trek ?

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