Must Visit Places in Himachal Pradesh

Dec 14, 2022 13 Minutes
Must Visit Places in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a picture-perfect state in northern India with some breathtaking scenery and amazing views. The calm villages, quaint hills, snow-covered mountains, and lush valleys symbolize the peace of the area. It is a well-known tourist destination where one surprise quickly follows another.

Himachal is called “the land of snow”. In fact, Himachal’s literal English translation is the snow land. Hence, if you enjoy a cold environment, peace, tranquility, a little adventure, and a lot of fun, make Himachal Pradesh which lies in the western Himalayas your next vacation destination. With valleys that stretch out slowly, rivers that are alluring and occasionally dangerous, and mountain lakes that are respected as holy sites, the ancient Himalayas hug the area. You will be engrossed in nature and its never-ending beauty.

Whether you are heading for a summer holiday, family vacation, honeymoon, or snowfall experience, or want to do something adventurous such as trekking, rafting, paragliding, etc., Himachal Pradesh has it all. There are many beautiful places differing from each other here in Himachal. So, if you are traveling here for the first time, there are some must not miss places. Hence, we have listed some of the most popular and must-visit places in Himachal Pradesh for you. You can frame your itinerary keeping these places in mind.

Best Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

1. Kasol

Kasol is a definite must-visit place in Himachal Pradesh for photographers. This photogenic hamlet lies along the banks of the river Parvati and is often called the 'Little Israel of India'.

The amazing views of snow-capped mountains from different angles, the sun rising and set amidst the bright white snow, the lush green meadows and valleys, and the roaring waterfalls all form an encompassed beauty that is rare to find in any other place on earth.

Kasol is not only popular among backpackers, and photographers, but also among trekkers. The boundless beauty adds to the aroma of Himachal Pradesh tourism.

Almost all the tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh, do make it a point to visit Kasol during their trip. The place is aesthetically pleasing, the stay is cost-effective and nature is beautifully blended between a flowing river and snow-capped mountains. While in Kasol, you can visit nearby places like Chalal, Malana, and Tosh.

2. Shimla

Mt Jokanden Peak 21,300 Ft , right above the Kinner Kailash Range in Simla

We know you do not need an extra mention about Shimla, yet we are jotting this down. Guess why? Well, we are jotting down simply because we cannot resist describing Shimla. We know our words can never encapsulate the actual beauty, yet this urge was really irresistible!

Do you know what the other name for Shimla is? Shimla is also called the 'Queen of Hills'. Nobody knows how the rough slopes of the hills frame soothing views to the eyes of the tourists! Indeed, the blessing of Mother Nature!

Shimla is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, so here, you can see the mountains and valleys blending with each other. The green and white blends in a kaleidoscope in Shimla, making the area look astonishingly beautiful.

We do recommend you visit Shimla during the chilly winters. The beauty enhances manifold when the city gets a white carpet of snow all over. This is a sight worth remembering!

There are many hills in India that are considered the “Queen of hills”. One of the most famous among those is Darjeeling. Take a look at our 9-day trip to Sikkim and Darjeelingand discover why it is called the queen of hills.

3. Kasauli

The beauty of Kasauli is very soft-spoken. You will find very few tourists, low businesses, and a small population in this city. Kasauli is situated at a height of 1,900 meters above sea level and the unadulterated environment sprinkles peace to the entire place.

The peaceful air of Kasauli is perfect for spending some quality 'me' time or some quality time with your family and friends. Amidst the least pollution and disturbances, Kasauli welcomes tourists with bright open arms.

The places that you can visit in Kasauli are Monkey Point, Christ Church, Nahri Temple, Baptist Church, Kasauli Club, and Kasauli Brewery.

4. Dharamshala

Welcome to one of the ever-busy places in Himachal Pradesh, the Dharamshala. The place echoes the loudest in terms of business and commerce. But what do you think appeals to the tourists?

The well-adjusted climate of Dharamshala is an undeniable reason for the popularity of the place among local people as well as tourists. There are numerous waterfalls in the area, along with trekking trails which add to the footfalls in the city.

Moreover, the town is flourishing with cultural as well as architectural preserves. There are cafes and restaurants lined in this city, each serving a different reign of food. The food is undoubtedly tasty and obviously cost-effective.

To enjoy a beautiful presentation of deodar and pine forests on one side and snow-capped mountains on the other side, spend a day in Dharamshala. We bet you will fall in love with the place at the first sight!

5. Spiti Valley

Ki Monastery - One of the Biggest with Stunning Architect of Spiti Valley Himachal

Close your eyes for a second and imagine a small desolate village amidst the high mountain peaks! The peaks are all covered with snow, and you are having a warm cup of coffee. Just a second, did this picture look similar to the one in your wish list experiences? Do you know exactly how we came to know about your wishlist experiences? Because we have visited the Spiti Valley.

The Spiti Valley is situated at an altitude of 3810 meters. Although the village is cut off from the problems of the entire world, more and more people are making their way to this valley. The most common group of people who visit the Spiti Valley are adventure seekers and spiritual travelers.

There are many Buddhist monasteries scattered all over the place and spiritual travelers often come here with a desire to visit these monasteries. Moreover, in Spiti Valley, you can indulge in various adventurous and enthusiastic activities like Trekking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and wildlife spotting.

The Spiti Valley is surrounded by villages like Dhankar, Tabo, Kibber, Kaza, Langza, and Komic which you can visit during your trip to the Spiti Valley.

6. Manali

Rohtang Pass - Highway between Leh and Manali

It is almost impossible to find someone who has visited Himachal Pradesh but not Manali. The place is famous not only in India but all over the world. It is situated at a whooping altitude of 2,050 meters.

The picturesque sceneries, lush green forests, and snow-covered lands are all the elements of beauty in Manali. Thousands of tourists travel to Manali every year to experience this beautiful vibe. Wait that was not all! The panoramic meadows and the rushing waterfalls engage magnetic attraction to tourists.

People of all ages find Manali equally pleasing and beautiful. Nature lovers, adventure seekers, and spiritual heads all show equal interest in visiting Manali. This is because of the diversified attractions of the place, which is sufficient to quench the hunger of tourists of all age groups and across interests.

And if you have a few extra days left after your trip to Manali and want something different, then you can add on a vacation to Leh Ladakh as Manali is one of the easiest ways to travel to Ladakh.

7. Chitkul

A Small Local Village in Chitkul Himachal Pradesh

Chitkul is a small and quiet village in the Kinnaur district along the India-China border. It is perhaps the last inhabited village along the border and there is not much to see or do here. Are you wondering then why are we suggesting you must visit Chitkul? Hold your patience, we will answer all your questions.

Chitkul is the 'Abode of Peace in this world of war and conflicts. The sleepy hills, the blooming flowers that line the meadows, and the chirping of birds remind you once in a while, that we travel in search of peace.

The tranquil and undisturbed nature still exists in quiet villages like Chitkul and you will be amazed to see the quality of life that the local people live in! The scenic landscape all over the village will be the greatest feast for your eyes on your Himachal Pradesh trip.

The local people of Chitkul are very cooperative and once you start interacting with them, they show no less than a friendly and accepting attitude. The houses are made of wooden or slate roofs, and that adds to the beauty of the place.

8. Dalhousie

Unlike the rest of Himachal Pradesh which puts up a blanket of beauty during winter months, Dalhousie is an all-year-round destination. But, the place is breathtakingly beautiful during winters, when the entire area is covered with white sheets of snow.

Cascading waterfalls, flowing lakes, and lush oak trees are the chief attractions of Dalhousie. Above all natural beauty elements, Dalhousie is the home to adventure in Himachal Pradesh. There is room for multiple adventurous activities like trekking, river rafting, camping, and canoeing. To participate in these adventurous activities with the aid of an expert, contact Himalayan Trekkers at once. We ensure the safety of our tourists in all conditions.

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Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh experiences three seasons, summer, monsoon, and winter in a year. And the temperature varies with the elevation as Himachal Pradesh’s elevation ranges from 465 meters to 7000 meters above sea level. If you enjoy the outdoors and adventures, the hills and mountains of Himachal Pradesh are open throughout the year promising wonderful views and intoxicatingly clean air.

The type of experience you are looking for will determine the optimum time to visit Himachal Pradesh. But, basically, the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh is during the summer from April to June when you can enjoy visits to valleys and monasteries, enjoy trekking, water sports, and other adventure activities. However, if you want to experience snowfall and so some snow activities, winter is best. And, during the monsoon, rain, fog, and landslides bring some difficulties. But each season has something unique planned for travelers. Let’s look at the details about what to expect during these three seasons in Himachal Pradesh.

Summer in Himachal Pradesh

Out of all the seasons, summer is considered the best time to travel to Himachal Pradesh because its numerous towns and hill stations provide a haven from the scorching heat that the rest of the nation experiences. Even though the sun is shining brightly all day, it scarcely bothers anyone and the evenings are generally cooler.

The temperature can reach 35 degrees Celsius in several locations, including Chamba, Mandi, and Dharamshala while Shimla, Dalhousie, and Kinnaur experience pleasant weather, with temperatures not exceeding 27 degrees Celsius. Along with pleasant sightseeing and exploration, adventure sports like trekking, paragliding, camping, hot air ballooning, and a variety of water sports are available during summer. The honeymooners can also enjoy this wonderful time of their lives.

Monsoon in Himachal Pradesh

Though the monsoon rain makes Himachal breathtakingly gorgeous, there is also the risk of landslides. The rainy season lasts from July to September in Himachal when the entire landscape turns green and fresh. It is also a great time for bird watching and an undisturbed vacation as the tourist crowd is the least during this time of year.

So if you want to travel here in the monsoon you can visit during the early rainy days. Along with nature and its grandeur just to yourself, you might also get off-season discounts. For monsoon, many suggest traveling to Lahaul and Spiti valleys in Himachal Pradesh because while Dharamshala receives significant rainfall, Lahaul and Spiti remain dry as these are the rain shadow area.

Winter in Himachal Pradesh

Winter is the best time to travel to Himachal Pradesh if you want to enjoy snowfall and participate in winter activities. Areas like Manali, Narkanda, Kufri, Dalhousie, and Shimla have good snowfall and you can engage in adventure sports like heli-skiing, ice-skiing, walking over frozen lakes, etc. on the 3,000-meter-high white snowfields.

The winter in Himachal starts in October and lasts till March and the greatest times to see snow showers are December and January. And when visiting Himachal Pradesh in the winter, it is crucial that you pack thick clothing and thermals because the temperature might fluctuate between 0 and 15 degrees.

Therefore, you will be better off knowing the optimum time to visit Himachal Pradesh so you are ready with the appropriate clothing and perhaps even the necessary equipment. Take a look at thetips for packing for the India tour and make your travel easy.

At the end,

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful place that deserves appreciation from people of all ages. The state has something or the other to offer to every type of person. It is one of the few states in India that offers an equal proportion of spiritual significance and adventurous experiences at the same time. We know we need not speak about the blessings of Mother Nature here, you already know it by now!

You can contact Himalayan Trekkers to book tickets for you and your family. We offer an extravagant trip experience to the mountains at a minimum cost. Our services are unparalleled, and we ensure the safety of our travelers throughout the tenure of our trip. We have very few slots left for the upcoming Himachal Pradesh trip, contact us to get your vacation confirmed!

Also, we all know that when visiting a new place with different values and cultures, it is best to learn something related to those to be aware. As India is a diverse nation in every sector, why don’t we first look at things to know before traveling to India here?

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