Travel Guide To Incredible India

Jan 23, 2020 5 Minutes
Travel Guide To Incredible India

India is a vibrant land of astonishing contrasts, a place where both the traditional and modern worlds are cohesively integrated. The world's seventh-largest nation by area and the second-largest in terms of population, India is a country with a rich and diverse heritage, traditions, religions, languages and cultural values.

Major Tourist Attractions of India 

  • Taj Mahal (one of the wonders of the world )
  • Qutb Minar (second highest brick minaret in the world )
  • Mysore Palace
  • Brihadeeswara Temple in Tanjavur
  • The holy city of Varanasi
  • The golden temple of Amritsar
  • The golden city Jaisalmer
  • The Gateway of India
  • Mumbai - The Capital City Of India
  • The beaches of Goa
  • Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh - A little Switzerland of India,
  • Coorg in Karnataka - Scotland of India,
  • Ooty in Tamilnadu - Queen of Nilgiris
  • Udaipur in Rajasthan - The city of lakes,
  • Mussorie - the queen of Hill stations and the list goes on and on

If you are planning a visit to India or just looking for a place to travel to, this article might come in handy!

Why Travel To India in First Place?

The range of experiences available for travelers and simply, the beauty of India are simply boundless. It, thus, would be impossible to handpick and make a list of all the incredible things India has to offer. The list would be endless! However, here are a few suggestions.

The ancient arts and architecture of India dunked in rich history cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Mughal, Rajput, Tibetan, and even English influences are reflected fabulously in abundant palaces, temples, stupas, streets, markets, and more in India.

Similarly, many holy and spiritual sites with great religious significance can be located within India. Moreover, they belong to diverse religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Jainism, Sikhism, and so on.

Likewise, one cannot miss the biodiversity and natural beauty while in India. Mountains glistening with snow, National park with varied flora and fauna, golden beaches, fast-flowing rapids, lush tea-gardens… India has it all!

Transportation in India:

You will predominantly be using trains to get between places. They are a great and inexpensive way to travel around India, but it is not always easy to find trains to the destination duly. Some trains do not have train tracks while some are hard to book because they get sold out pretty quickly.

So, buses can be another lucrative option for travelers. Sometimes local buses are only available at the destination and cannot be booked. You will use public transport, foot or tuk-tuks (auto-rickshaws) to travel within cities. You should account for an average of INR 800 per person per day as transport expenses.

You can always take flights whenever distances are too long. Having a car and driver throughout your trip to India is a comfortable and flexible way to explore the country. A go-with-the-flow attitude will help keep your sanity intact.

Accommodation and Tourism Services

Whether you are an avid backpacker or a luxurious vacationist, you can travel to your heart’s content in India.

A number of off-the-wall hostels have been emerging to compensate for the rising trend in back-packing. They are safe, clean, fun, budget-friendly and a wonderful place to meet travelers.

If you are looking for a little more comfort and plan to spend a little more, there are various hotels and lodges to choose from.

You can even make your trip a little more interesting through rafting, safari, paragliding, trekking, climbing, clubs, cultural showcases, and many other tourism services available.

With flawless connectivity both within and outside India, a variety of cuisines, a plethora of restaurants, banking facilities, high-speed internet, and good-hearted people whom you can always seek, India is definitely a place that is worth your visit.

You can choose between various types of accommodation and services to fit your preference at the price you want to pay.

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Food in India

Indian cuisine is filled with flavors. Every region has its own distinct recipes each with its traditional preparation techniques and presentation styles. Spices lie at the heart of Indian cooking, with the crackle of cumin seeds in hot oil a familiar sound in most kitchens. 

The country is also renowned for its enticing range of street food, with vendors selling everything from spicy samosas and kebabs to refreshing kulfi (ice cream) and lassi (yogurt drink).

Not just that, perfectly seasoned Hyderabadi Biryani with refreshing Raita, sugar-glazed Bengoli Misthii (sweets) bursting with sweetness,  rich and creamy Punjabi Butter Chicken, South Indian Idlis and filter coffee, aromatic Masala Chai (Flavored Tea) in every street corner and of course the immensely flavorful Curries are just a few of the dishes you should not miss while you travel. These are the Incredible Flavors of Incredible India

Souvenirs and Gifts

There are a lot of souvenirs available that represent the essence of India. Few are listed below;

1. Beautiful pieces of intricate art, Madhubani Paintings are an ideal way to adorn home with Indian patterns, artwork, and colors.

2. Made with intensive labor and brilliant handwork, silk saris are both a unique piece of Indian culture and a luxurious souvenir to take back.

3. Various tea blends, brewed to perfection with herbs and spices like cardamom and cloves represent the essence of India in a fine range of unique flavors.

4. A unique blend of spices and flavors, a jar of Achar (pickle) is an Indian souvenir that leaves pleasant memories for your palate. It is often eaten with Roti/Chapati (Flatbread) and curries. Even a small piece of achar can provide tons of flavors blended to perfection.

5. Approved and well-received by the entire world, Indian spices are of extremely high quality and rich in flavor. So, a spice box for the ones back home would definitely please all their senses.

6. Found in different designs, shapes, and sizes, traditional oil lamps are unique gifting and keepsake options from India.

7. The fragrant and homemade candles from Nainital are a huge part of its tourism industry and have remained a choice for souvenirs for a long time now. After all, a candle to remind you of the fragrance and the cool breeze of Nainital is a great souvenir to carry back home.

With its ability to inspire, exasperate, thrill, and confound all at once, be prepared for unexpected surprises when traversing the chaotic canvas that is India.

Visit Incredible India for an incredibly wholesome experience!

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