Is Nepal Safe to Travel?

Sep 23, 2021 8 Minutes
Is Nepal Safe to Travel?

With spectacular gifts of nature such as high mountains, beautiful waterfalls, rapid rivers, majestic glacier lakes, and tropical habitats for varied flora and wildlife, Nepal is a country resembling peace and warmth for everyone around the globe. The togetherness found here with the diversity in ethnic groups and religions portrays the true feelings of brotherhood shared by Nepalese people.

Is Nepal safe to travel to? 

Home to the great Himalayas, Nepal has attracted many foreign tourists from different parts of the world for trekking, mountain climbing, and other adventurous holidays. With all the thrilling traveling plans, the big question “Is Nepal safe for foreign travelers?” always pops up in the traveler's head. 

And the answer to that question will again be a big YES. 

Nepal is one of the safest countries to travel even if you don't have a group. The inbuilt kindness in Nepalese people has contributed to providing ‘unforgettable hospitality’ to tourists.

Famous for being the location of the highest peak in the world and its cultural diversity, Nepal has ranked 73rd on the Global Peace Index of 2021 out of 161 countries. The civil war between Maoists and the government of Nepal ended with peace offerings on November 21, 2006. After that, the 240 years old reign of monarchy officially ended in May of 2008 in Nepal with a Jana Andolan movement. Nepal was announced as a Federal Democratic Republic State on May 28, 2008. Since then, there’s been a low rate of violent crimes in Nepal.

Nepal is also the 3rd safest country in South Asia as per crime rates. It is the home to 125 different ethnic groups that live together in this small piece of gem with joy and harmony. That being said, Nepal has yet not faced any sorts of disputes due to discrimination based on caste, color, religion, gender, ethnicity, etc. As a matter of fact, Nepal is the only country in South Asia that does not interdict same-sex relationships.

Likewise, if you are roaming around city areas like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan, etc. then you don’t have to carry a huge amount of cash with you. Most places accept credit cards like American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. There is easy access to public transportation such as taxis, buses, or digital vehicle hire platforms like Pathao and Tootle even at night times. Hotels, inns, homestays, or even Couchsurfing are safe and can be easily found in the city as well as in rural areas.

Is trekking in Nepal safe? 

Trekking in the mountains and rural regions is also safe but requires few precautions to follow. The mountain weather is unpredictable and there are also chances of natural uncertainties. 

Before indulging yourself in the adventurous journey, taking trekking insurance with medical evacuation will be a wise option.  It will be helpful to deal with any future uncertainties. High altitudes can cause acute altitude sickness, bad footing, and twisted ankles due to slips, so you need to be prepared for such health issues with proper medicines, cures, and even mountain rescue if needed. 

Likewise, we also suggest you carry around the photocopies of your passports and documents in case of emergency. 

Trekking around high mountainous ranges such as Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Range, and Langtang Trek Region, it is always a good idea to travel with an experienced guide who knows the area. They will help you reach your destination as well as avoid the chances to get stranded.

Is Nepal safe to travel alone? 

Nepal is very safe for solo travelers. However, as per the policies of the Tourism Act of Nepal, it is mandatory for some restricted and preserved areas to trek accompanying an authorized guide through a government authorized travel agency. 

Even without the policy of the Tourism Act, we do not suggest trekkers trek alone in Nepal as the high Himalayas located in the elevated altitude comes with a package of certain risk factors. Trekking with an experienced, professional, and destination expert local guide will provide you a layer of safety as well as is very helpful to communicate with the locals, get in-depth information about the destination, keep track of your health, and best of them all our guides are known to take best decisions in any cases of emergencies or unfortunates.

Similarly, some protected areas like Upper Mustang, Humla Railing Gumpa, Limi Valley, Nar Phu Valley, Upper and Lower Dolpo, Api Saipal, Olangchunggola in Kanchenjunga Region, Manaslu Circuit, Tsum Valley only allow group permits of at least two making it quite not possible to trek alone however if you pre-inform us, Himalayan Trekkers will try our best to put together a group of trekkers interested to trek in the same region whom you can join. 

Apart from trekking, it is possible and very safe to travel alone in Nepal.

Is Nepal safe for solo female travelers?  

It is a little sad that even during this modern era where modernization has reached its peak, females still have to worry about certain things

Traveling to anywhere in the world as a solo female traveler, it is normal to arise questions about your safety. But luckily enough, Nepal is a safe country for solo female travelers. Any sorts of activities like tours, treks, climbing, and others are safe for female travelers, in fact, Himalayan Trekkers have organized several tours and treks for solo female travelers. 

Likewise in Nepali culture, women are taken as an embodiment of the divine herself, hence women are respected here. The hotels, lodges, hostels, homestays, all are safe making it stress-free to travel even for female backpackers. In the mountains, the guesthouses are mostly family-run and the male of the family are usually guides/porters, hence, they are run by the females of the family, which without any doubt is safe and more comfortable for the female travelers.  

Likewise, we assure that our guides are professional and respectful but if you still feel a sense of discomfort, we also provide female tour/trekking guides. Nepalese are very friendly people so they might casually come and talk to you but most of the time it is nothing to worry about as they just want to make sure that you’re fine and sometimes they like to practice their English with westerners. But we suggest you beware as they are talking because sometimes they might have an intention of begging.

Nepal has the lowest rate of sexual harassment, fraud, abuse, kidnapping, etc. crime rate. 

But it does not mean that it doesn’t happen at all. So, we highly suggest not only to female travelers but everyone to do your research and properly look into the company or guide that you are choosing. Similarly, walking alone at night in some places might also not be a good idea. We also advise all the solo female trekkers to purchase all the sanitary materials like pads, tampons, wet tissues, etc. in the city before trekking as they are still not found easily in many rural areas.

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Is it safe to travel to Nepal post-pandemic? 

Nepal thankfully didn’t reach the apex of Covid-19 infection in comparison to the highly spread neighboring countries. Many factors including its diverse geography supported in minimization of Covid spread in Nepal. The populated cities however were infected but the small towns and countrysides remained safe. 

Nepal is a small country with comparatively less population and full of hills and mountains which resulted in the least infection. The hilly and mountain regions are geographically challenged and isolated ensuing less movement of people, hence, the pandemic was controlled. Another factor that supported was that Nepal is a landlocked country with only one international airport, therefore fall in the movement of tourists.

Similarly, Nepal is finally open after a long lockdown which the Government of Nepal took action at the right time and the locals followed to minimize the risk it bears. The border between Nepal and China was also sealed immediately after the first news of Covid-19 was spread. 

The border between Nepal and India was also closed but had to be open in between due to cultural, matrimonial, working, trading, and business relationship between Nepal and India. Which, unfortunately, arose the Covid-19 spread again. But now, things are under control with minimized cases and people getting vaccinated so the movements of tourists are seen as well.  

Although the cases of Corona Virus in Nepal had dropped down, our borders were not open and the international travelers were not allowed here due to the widespread in our neighboring country. But finally, with everything on hand, we are pleased to notify you that Nepal is open and safe for foreign travelers.

Nepal is an absolutely magnificent destination with beautiful landscapes and people. It is indeed one of the safest countries to travel in the world with the lowest crime rates, religious nature, and kind inhabitants.

Here in Nepal, people follow the motto of “Atithi Devo Bhava” which literally translates to “Guests are god”, hence, people believe in treating their guests identical to how they would treat God. With that being said, Nepal is very safe to travel to.

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