How Many Days Do You Need to Visit Everest Base Camp?

Jun 10, 2022 7 Minutes
How Many Days Do You Need to Visit Everest Base Camp?

Your love for mountains has blossomed into a fulfilling energetic trip. And thus, today you are planning for a trip to the Everest Base Camp. We are just as excited as you, to give shape to your dreams. Take the pencil in your hand, and fill the canvas of your dreams with colors of happiness and adventure.

At Himalayan Trekkers, we not only show you the best Trekking path but hold your hand throughout the path. We plan our journey accordingly. We assure high levels of safety and enjoyment at a very low cost.

Standard Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

This section of the blog is for expert trekkers with ample time in hand. Although you have to spend a fortnight of your vacation on this trip, each second will be worth it. There are two routes that we do generally advise the tourists- one that takes approximately 14 days while the other one takes 12 days.

A. Standard Everest Base Camp Trek- 14 days

This trek is for experienced as well as inexperienced travelers. It starts from Lukla and goes all the way up to the Everest Base Camp and then again back to Lukla. It takes almost 9 days to reach Everest Base Camp, and then 5 days to come back to Lukla.

This trip is well suited for individuals who are having higher chances of altitude sickness. This trek allows two acclimatisation sites, one in Namche Bazar and another in Dingboche. You will spend a couple of days in the process of acclimatisation, which is highly beneficial for the trekkers.

B. Standard Everest Base Camp Trek- 12 days

Here goes up the path that is almost the same as the previous trek but takes two days less time. It follows the exact same path from Lukla to the Everest Base Camp and then again comes back to Lukla. The two days of acclimatization are cut off in this trek.

This trek is preferred by the tourists more than the previous one, due to less cost and time involved. However, people who are not confirmed about their health, or history of altitude sickness is not elicited, this trek can be dangerous. So, choose your trekking options wisely.

Everest Classic Trek Route Itinerary

From the name itself, you may have understood, that this section comprises the unplanned, undesigned trek routes. Most of the time, these trek plans have no fixed trails. These are the most traditional trek routes that were once used by the kings and the warriors. They take a longer time undoubtedly, but you will certainly experience a classy trekking experience.

A. Classic Trek from Phaplu to Everest Base Camp- 18 days

The time may be longer than you did expect, but the fun that comes along is greater than you can ever imagine. This trek is mainly targeted for those tourists, who do not want to fly to Lukla and start one of the Standard Trek from there.

You will start trekking from Phaplu and walk till Phakding and then join the Standard Trek Route from there. You need four days to trek up from Phaplu to Phakding. You will reach the Everest Base Camp on the 13th day of the total 18 days of trek.

The trekking trail is less crowded, and you get a panoramic view of flora and fauna along both the sides of the trail. Sign in to the Classic Trek to gain unlimited fun and excitement in this vacation.

B. Classic Trek from Jiri to the Everest Base Camp- 21 days

If you are having three weeks’ time in hand, then without having a second thought, join The Himalayan Trekkers, in our Classic Trek from Jiri to the Everest Base Camp. We do advise you to choose this trek only if you have prior trekking experience and a thoroughly done medical check-up.

Do you know that famous personalities like Tenzing Norgay, and Sir Edmund Hillary followed this trail during their historical trek? The added advantage of starting the trek from Jiri, is to witness the green scenic beauty sprinkled with colourful flowers.

C. Classic Trek from Arun Valley to the Everest Base Camp- 22 days

This trek is not for everyone, as you need a higher level of physical fitness along with ample time, money, and expertise in hand. You will be starting from the Arun Valley and reaching the Everest Base Camp by the 17th day.

You will get to enjoy glimpses of the beauty of Arun Valley along with experiencing some real-life adventures, in crossing the three passes that come along the way. You will need 22 days to complete this trek considering that you trek for 6 to 7 hours each day.

Everest Helicopter Trek Route Itinerary

This section of the blog you were waiting for for a long time, and so this was much needed. For most people, health issues, or time constraints come up in the way of planning a vacation. To ease all the problems, there are options of opting for a helicopter for your trekking vacation. There are a plethora of options described below, from which you can choose the one that is perfect for you!

A. Helicopter Assisted Trekking from Namche Bazar to the Everest Base Camp- 5 days

Most amateur tourists opt for this trekking trail. You will get to experience the beauty of the trail, while you save time and energy. Does that sound cool? Moreover, you will get to see a very close look at the native people, mostly the people belonging to the Sherpa community.

This includes a two-day trek from Phakding to Namche Bazar and then an effortless helicopter ride to the Everest Base Camp on the 4th day of your trip. While returning, you will be heading directly towards Kathmandu without keeping a halt at Lukla.

B. Helicopter Assisted Trekking from Lukla to Namche Bazar and Helicopter tour to the Everest Base Camp- 7 days

Every year, we see a large number of tourists signing up for this trekking trail to spend a week of their vacation. The trekking trail involves a two days trek from Lukla to Namche Bazar and then a rest day in between, before you start for the Heli ride from Namche Bazar to the Everest Base Camp.

In this trek, you will get a day break in between, which is certainly the reason to rate this trek A graded. You will get exposed to the local culture, the people and the traditions on the day of rest. Also, you will get to gear up some energy after trekking for 2 long days.

C. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour- 1 day

A comfortable escape to the lap of the Himalayas within one day is the main motto of this trip. This takes the shortest possible time as the entire distance is traversed through a helicopter ride. It starts from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp and follows the same path while coming down. It is an expensive option, but you will be saving time if you choose this.

There are a variety of options from which you can choose your trekking trail. But before you opt for a trip, we would advise you to introspect a few arenas. They are-
● Your current health conditions
● History of asthma, or any other respiratory disease or altitude sickness
● Time in hand, that you can spend on the trek
● Budget

You can contact the Himalayan Trekkers to plan your trek in the upcoming vacation. We provide expert assistance to all the travelers not only during the tenure of the trek but also before and after the trek. Wear your jackets, and take the stick in your hand, because now is the time for you to rule the lap of the Himalayas!

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