Shamanism Tours

Unlock and explore the secrets of the 'Spirit World'!

Himalayan Trekkers has devoted a lot of time, effort, and resources in order to identify, incorporate and organize many ancient Nepalese Shamanism elements and experiences in these packages. You get to observe and even participate in some rituals practiced by the local Shamans in Nepal.

Shamans in Nepal are usually associated with Tibetan culture or pure Hinduism who interact and communicate with the otherworld- the spirit world. They often rattle, shake, chant, and drum to heal, extract, or be tranced. Nepalese Shamans are primarily healers who maintain balance and natural order to create harmony among the worlds. Their practices may also be ceremonial. They are believed to have the ability to perform divine miracles.

You can be a part of those ancient practices and experience divine power through these Shamanism Tour Packages. Find out more information below. The itinerary designed in the packages are only guidelines. So, you can customize to fit your preference. You can extend your tour to other exciting destinations; check out other packages too.

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