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Travelers are usually entangled in many paradoxes: they want to travel to many places but do not want to spend a lot of time on the road or flight, want the journey to be adventurous but also comfortable with utmost safety, travel far yet have everything in one place... These paradoxes can be confusing and discouraging. All this is made worse by lack of time!

Therefore, in order to address the horrible issue, Himalayan Trekkers has come up with Nepal Bhutan Tibet India packages. These multi-countries packages have been specially designed to GIVE MORE, in less.

Friendly neighbors neatly situated around the Himalayas allow relatively easy access from one to another. They are a sanctuary to many iconic destinations and experiences which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. These packages incorporate many elements which top the bucket list of many around the world. Moreover, we collaborate with the locals in each country, so you get the finest services and do not miss a single thing.

Find more information through the packages.  Any part of the itinerary can be customized to your preference.


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Regardless of any kind of adventure tour or treks, whether it be a tailor-made multi-country tour, luxury vacation, or even an adventure day trips — we ensure that it will be exactly the way you imagined. With our tailor-made itinerary or your customized trip, we guarantee a service that you will never forget. Please feel free to email us any time at

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