Thrilling Trek of Mount Kailash

Thrilling Trek of Mount Kailash

TripGrade: Strenuous
Strenuous Trekking Grade is both moderate and difficult. Even in this grade, treks reach around 5000-5500 meters. You will have to walk generally for 6-7 hours each day. Strenuous treks require good physical condition and acclimatization. If some problems seem to appear, you have to walk down and take some hot drinks or soup ( + rest). You may be affected rapidly if you have high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease or complicated medical conditions. Advise is required from your doctor before starting these kinds of treks.

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20 Days

Max Altitude:

Nara Lagna Pass- 5,600m

Group Size


Trial Access:

Flight and comfortable drive.

Best Season:

Sept - Dec & Feb - May

An adventure multi-country (Nepal & Tibet) Himalayan paradise will always raise its position on top while accumulating to the Thrilling trek of Mount Kailash (Kora) and below a week acclimatize trekking experience of far west Simikot to Hilsa can be a lifetime experience.

Simikot is the main gateway and most popular in terms of acclimatizing before starting the trek to Kailash Kora. Humla and surrounding places until Hilsa provides you the ample opportunity to indulge in the culture and traditions of the local people and the Indo-Aryan ethnic group who are believed to have come from Persia. The local people residing here follow different tribes such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Tibetans (Bhotias) and mixed of Khas.

We can trek towards Hilsa to conclude our journey by learning the culture of locals, crossing the Karnali River, visiting old monasteries, watching blue sheep with other wildlife and vegetations and conclude our Nepal trekking part and starting up for the trip to Kailash through Tibetan Territory/Border by verifying all the necessary immigration formalities. Coming straight out of the pages of mythology, Mount Kailash houses unscratched beauty. Be it the scenic beauty or the thrill of tailing this mighty Himalayan range, Mount Kailash will be etched into a panorama of your mind for eternity. Being located in the pious land of Tibet, this mountain range is of divine importance for Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains. It is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva in Hinduism. Mount Kailash is also believed to be the “navel of the universe” in the holy texts of Buddhism.

The journey to Mount Kailash with a team of Himalayan trekkers will begin at Simikot. We will take all the responsibility of showing you the best in the nation. Towards the west through Humla, there is a Nepal-Tibet border. The teammates of Himalayan trekkers with allowing you to enjoy the unfiltered beauty of Himalayas. In this trail to reach the Tibetan side, the gracious Humla Karnali River will serve as our guide. The beauty along the way is thrilling and you can feel your blood boiling with the exhilaration at every turn. I am sure that your journey with Himalayan trekkers will be fun and exciting at every point.

So, explore and enjoy the trek and tour with Himalayan trekkers who will take you to each and every corner of the Himalayas.

Why this thrilling trek of Mount Kailash?

  • Holy Mountain – Mt. Kailash.
  • Crystal clear Manasarovar Lake
  • A pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists.
  • A mix of Buddhism and Bon Po culture.
  • High passes over 5000 m.
  • Experience great natural, cultural and religious significance.
  • Kailash Kora or Parikrama; a religious walk across a panorama of extraordinary scenery.

Starting Price

USD 5799 per person

Group Discount : Available

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Arrival on: Kathmandu

Departure from: Kathmandu

Day 1

Arrival in city of temples; Kathmandu.

Meals included: BB

Arrive at Kathmandu after a scenic flight over the mountains. Meet the representative of Himalayan trekkers and transfer to Hotel.

Accommodation: Hotel Estimated Walking Distance: 30 min private drive.

Day 2

Full day Kathmandu sightseeing and trek preparation.

Meals included: BB

After breakfast, you will have guided sightseeing to some of the UNESCO listed world heritage sites; Kathmandu durbar square, Swoyambhunath stupa, Patan durbar square.

In the evening, prepare for the trip. Overnight. 

Accommodation: Hotel

Day 3

Fly to Nepalgunj in the afternoon. Explore the market area in the evening.

Meals included: BB

Today we take our early flight from TIA to Nepalgunj. It is about an hour's flight to Nepalgunj, situated in the far western part of Nepal. It is a city which is near to the border of Nepal and India is also the door to Simikot, Humla. It is a Terai belt of Nepal and can experience the varied cultures of Nepal. We explore the local villages, market, and zoo in Nepalgunj. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Accommodation: Hotel Estimated Walking Distance: an hour flight

Day 4

Fly to Simikot (2,750m) and trek to Masigaun (2,270m).

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Early morning after breakfast at the hotel, you will get transferred to the airport in Nepalgunj for the adventurous flight to Simikot. After meeting our trekking crew and gathering some basic safety guidance from them, you will finally embark on your trek and we will be on the way towards Masigaun where we will camp for the night. The fire, sharing a meal from the pot and the beautiful night sky embroidered with stars will prove to be one of the finest experiences for the trekkers.

Accommodation: Tea house/ tented camp Estimated Walking Distance: 20 min flight and 4-5 hrs trek

Day 5

Trek to Kermi (2,680m).

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Our trek crew will take you to Kermit via Dharmapuri and Khanglagaon. However, it is not a cakewalk for below amateur trekkers. The steep climbs you will have to make to get past the blocked sections of the gorge will be an exhilarating experience. But we promise to make the trek an enthralling experience for you. Later that day, we will cross the Humla Karnali River and reach a step closer.


Accommodation: Local tea house/ tented camp. Estimated Walking Distance: 6-7 hrs

Day 6

Trek to Yangar (2,850m).

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

As you will be making your way towards Yangar village, you will get the chance to properly witness and appreciate the Saipal Himal range. The magnificent views will be locked in your memories and will keep you reminded that how underrated this range is among the Himalayas. The day will be mostly about making your way through ridges and rising in altitude.

Accommodation: Tea house/ homestays/ tented camp. Estimated Walking Distance: 5-6 hrs

Day 7

Trek to Torea (3,400m).

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

While tailing the river towards Muchu, you will see witness immense lush greenery. Vast orchard fields and pasture grids will be regular sights. Past Muchu things will get a bit real. You have to make a ridge climb followed by a steep descent into a gorge. Reaching Torea will put you through a fun bit of struggle as the trekkers have to make their way via Tumkot Khola and Bhumchi Khola and the steep valleys and ridges that came after or with it.

Accommodation: Tea house/ tented camp. Estimated Walking Distance: 5-6 hrs

Day 8

Free day to explore Sipsip (4,300m).

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

On leaving Torea, the trail towards Yari was a gradual rise. You will spend most of the day with civilization. As you are getting a bonus free day, we suggest you explore Sipsip. Buy some local goods and know more about an unknown culture. To your surprise, this route also acted as the traditional trade route. You can also take a short break on the meadow which apparently is a favorite grazing ground for several animals.

Accommodation: Tea house / local lodges / tented camp. Estimated Walking Distance: 4-5 hrs

Day 9

Ascent to Nara Lagna Pass (5,600m) and descent to Hilsa (3,700m).

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Remember Saipal? On your journey through Nara Lagna Pass, you will get a better view of Saipal as well as varieties of the landscape. As you will reach the banks of Humla Karnali after descending from the Tibetan plateau, you will have to follow the river with the group to finally reach Hilsa. This village has beautiful stone houses and the day will end by setting our camp here.

(Note: If in case we arrive at the right time then we can cross the border and drive to Purang, otherwise we have to rest until morning).

Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house/ local lodges/ tented camp. Estimated Walking Distance: 7-8 hrs

Day 10

Drive to Purang (3,900m) and onto Lake Manasarovar.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

At the Nepal-Tibet border at Hilsa we then cross along the suspension bridge after immigration formalities in the Nepal side, the trekkers have to show their verified documents for the ride to Purang. After some lunch here, our driver will be eagerly waiting to greet and take us to Manasarovar where we will have a shore-side camp.

Accommodation: Tea house/ local lodges/ tented camp. Estimated Walking Distance: 3-4 hrs drive.

Day 11

Drive to trail head at Darchen (4,600m) and trek to Chukka gompa (4,750m)

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

The day started with a northwest journey from Darchen to Lha Chu Valley. Here, the major checkpoints that you have to cross were high pole clad with prayer flags, Shersong, Tarboche and finally Chukka Gompa.

Accommodation: Local lodge/ tented camp. Estimated Walking Distance: An hour drive and 5-6 hrs trek

Day 12

Ascent to Damding Donkhang (4,900m).

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Your walk around Mt. Kailash continues with a descent into a deep gorge which will definitely be tuff and at camp during the night, the weather will be unforgiving and you can feel the chill through your bones. However, the starry night sky uncorrupted by city lights will make it all worth and the feeling for joy will lead you to more pleasure.

Accommodation: Local tea house/ tented camp. Estimated Walking Distance: 5-6 hrs

Day 13

Trek to Dikpa Karnak (5,300m) via Dirapuk Monastery.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

On the way to Diraphuk Monastery, the trekkers will get to see some breathtaking sites. You will love to spend some more time at the monastery absorbing its rich cultural history of Tibetan Buddhism. To reach Dikpa Karnak, we will cross La Chu by taking the bridge like everyone else.

The spectacular north face of Kailash Mountain will keep you motivated throughout the day. Well, the experience will be truly exhilarating. If the time, weather and physical condition allow then we will roam around the places.

Accommodation: Tented camp/ local lodges Estimated Walking Distance: 5-6 hrs

Day 14

Trek to Zutul Puk Gompa (4,800m) via Dolma La pass (5530m).

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

The trail to the 5530m high Dolma La Pass will demand most of your attention in this trek. This rocky trail is abundant with loose pebbles, boulders, and rocks. So, you will have to carefully measure your steps in order to avoid being smashed. The checkpoints that follow the summit descent are Gourikund Lake and Lhamchhukir.

Thankfully, the hard part will be over and you will get the chance to enjoy a relaxing walk while being serenaded by the east face of the mountain through the trails are still rough and adventurous due to high altitudes and rocky trail.

After a delicious dinner, sleep will quickly come to you at the camp in Zutul Puk Gompa.

Accommodation: Tented camp/ local lodges. Estimated Walking Distance: 7-8 hrs

Day 15

Trek to Darchen and drive to Chukka Gompa (4,750m)

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

After breakfast, we will have to make our way back to Darchen via Horqua with an interesting down way and having the views of the Manasarovar Lake territories and landscapes as well as the Mani wall. Once we arrive in Horque we can call our vehicle to drive for Darchen and Chukka Gompa or complete the circuit at Darchen. Overnight.

(Note: As per your time and interest as well as the weather conditions, you can again drive to Manasarovar Lake, spend the night in Darchen or continue as per itinerary).

Accommodation: Tea house/ lodges/ guest house Estimated Walking Distance: 3-4 hrs trek and 3 hrs drive.

Day 16

Scenic drive to Saga.

Meals included: BB

Today, we have to accomplish a long drive to Saga traversing through the sacred historic Chiu Monastery. We continue driving past Hor Quo and across the Mayum La pass (5,200m). While passing through, we will have glimpses of small towns like Zhongba and Paryang.

This journey covers 270 km to Paryang and adjoins Saga, 255 km away from Paryang. From Saga instead of going towards Lhasa, we drive along a different route to Kathmandu. Overnight in Saga.

Accommodation: Hotel Estimated Walking Distance: 7-8 hrs drive.

Day 17

Drive continues; Saga to Kayrong.

Meals included: BB

At our return, we will have a scenic drive to a town called kayrong for overnight stay.

Accommodation: Hotel Estimated Walking Distance: 4-5 hrs drive.

Day 18

Drive to the order and further ahead to Kathmandu: 153km.

Meals included: BB

We drive to the border checkpoint to go through the customs formalities. After reaching Friendship Bridge, we will be leaving our Tibet-side vehicles and will walk for around 15 minutes towards Nepal. From Keyrong,

Overnight in Kathmandu.

Accommodation: Hotel Estimated Walking Distance: 7-8 hrs drive.

Day 19

Free/spare day

Meals included: BB

You can explore the remaining UNESCO listed heritage sites, go for a hike or engage in the shopping of souvenirs for friends and family members, as it is a spare day for you.

In the evening, farewell dinner with the team of Himalayan trekkers.  

Accommodation: Hotel

Day 20

Departure from the land of Mt. Everest and city of thousand temples.

Finally, your Kailash trek concludes successfully. Today we exchange your feelings and experience about the trip while we move to the airport for the final departure.

Hope to see you again and have a safe journey back to your home!!

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Himalayan Trekkers promises to manage the best, most comfortable and preferable accommodation.

Generally, in cities like Kathmandu and Nepalgunj, we arrange basic three-star facilities. If available, you can opt for a more budget-friendly option or upgrade to a more luxurious hotel by paying a little extra. 

Although all the places might not have all the modern facilities, we will make sure to arrange safe and comfortable accommodation. In general, hygienic and safe tea houses/local lodges/ home-stays with all the basic facilities are arranged. But you can, if possible, personalize according to your preference. 

If your itinerary includes camping or you choose to experience camping during your travel, a proper camping-site will be pre-decided. If required, we also provide the basic equipment which is refundable. Please check the Gear-List and Requirement List for more information.


Breakfast is usually included with your B&B Accommodation within the cost that is evident.
For other meals in the city, you would have to pay separately. Often in the cities, you can choose from many different cuisines and varied food services. We can always help you find the right place to fit your taste.

In more remote areas, usually, there are not many options. But you can always find hygienic and well-prepared food. Moreover, almost all the meals during the trek are included in the cost. We can help you make changes according to your preference and budget, but only if choices are available!
On top of that, Himalayan Trekkers also organizes Welcome and Farewell Dinners as a symbol of warm greetings.

Please go through the detailed itinerary for more information. We are always there to help you travel to your heart’s content.


Whats Included

  • Permits and Visa Applications for Tibet.
  • Mount Kailash special permit.
  • All flights as mentioned in the itinerary above.
  • Accommodation in Nepal and Tibet.
  • Hotel with breakfast.
  • English speaking guide per as the itinerary.
  • Entrance fees.
  • Guide Fees.

Whats Not Included

  • Drinks, Tips, Insurance and any extra cost occurring from the Unfavorable Circumstances such as weather, road blockade, flight cancellation Etc
  • All personal nature expenses such as tips, donations, bar bills, etc.
  • Meals.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Nepal visa fee.


Gears required for the trek vary upon destination and season. Trekking shoes, down jacket, sleeping bag, hiking poles are the essential ones. Besides these – the following list is suggested:


  • Sun hat or scarf
  • Sun glasses
  • Sunscream
  • Lip Balm.


  • Thin & Warm Socks - 2 pairs
  • Sandals
  • Trekking Shoes on the trek
  • Comfortable Shoes in cities


  • Warm gloves
  • T-shirts
  • Light jackets and pullovers
  • Wind – stopper jacket
  • Undergarments
  • Hiking shorts
  • Cotton/woolen pants or trousers


  • Earplug
  • Electronics gadgets of your choice
  • Spare Battery
  • Notebook, pen, guidebook and map
  • Tour/Trekking Bag
  • Hiking Poles
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Down jacket
  • Toiletries (toilet paper, toothbrush/paste, nail cutter, anti-bacterial hand wash


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