Mystic Dolpo trek via Jumla GHT Route - 24 Days

Mystic Dolpo trek via Jumla GHT Route

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Trip Duration

24 Days

Max Altitude

Numa La Pass (5360 m) m



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Mystic Dolpo trek via Jumla GHT Route Overview

Nepal has lots of places which are mystic and hidden and Dolpo is one of them. Dolpo is derived from the Tibetan word “Ba Yul” which means a mystic land with beautiful scenery. Dolpo lays North of Dhaulagiri and South of the Tibetan border. The unique culture, Bonpo religion, and lifestyle in addition to the magnificent landscape and Mountain View are the major attractions in Dolpo. This land is also famous for many types of medicinal plants among which Yarchagumba (Coerdiopsis Sinensis) is very famous.  This herb from the wild mushroom family is believed to increase the efficiency and strength of the human body. Mystic Dolpo Trek is comparatively new than other trekking regions because it was forbidden for foreigners till the year 1991. Even now it is a controlled area where you need special permits and high entry fees to enter this mystic land, Dolpo. The trekking area stretches along the Thulo Bheri River. This 24 days trek takes you inside the Shey-Phoksundo National Park. The pristine nature and well-preserved nature of this area make it suitable for different flora and fauna including the blue sheep and the elusive snow leopard. During the trek, you can see the magnificent view of the Dhaulagiri, Kanjirowa and other Himalayan peaks.

Dolpo is a mystic land as it is a less explored part of Nepal. This region is famous for the high-valued Yarchagumba (a herb). Additionally, other medicinal herbs are also found in this region. Dolpo island for Snow leopard and Himalayan Caravan. There is still a “silk route” also, known as “salt route”, as traditionally people used to bring down the Himalayan salt and trade it with other goods. There is also a practice of polyandry system in this region. Jumla has a similar landscape, culture, tradition as of Dolpo. The people in both of this region follows Tibetian culture. In this combined trekking program, you will get to see a completely different and unique lifestyle of people in remote areas of Nepal. This will be a completely new experience for you.

Why Mystic Dolpo trek via Jumla GHT route? 

  • An unexplored trekking destination in the far west
  • Unspoiled trans-Himalayan culture, Buddhist monuments, unique human civilization at high altitude
  • Rainshadow landscapes with eye-catching mountain views and wild flora and fauna
  • Shey-Phoksundo National Park
  • Well-preserved eco-system of plants and wildlife
  • Phoksumdo Gompa-dedicated to the ancient Bonpo religion
  • Shooting place of Caravan, the famous film nominated for Oscar Award directed by Eric Valli
  • The homeland of the Spotted Leopard, Blue Sheep, wolves
  • Best one who wants to face the full challenge of the Himalayan wilderness.


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Itinerary Details

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu
30 mins
Max Altitude: 1,350 m

Arrive at Kathmandu after a scenic flight over the mountains. Meet the representative of Himalayan trekkers and transfer to Hotel.

Accommodation: 3 star hotel in KTM
Day 2: Kathmandu sightseeing & trek preparation
5-6 hrs
Max Altitude: 1,350 m

You will spend this day exploring some of the World Heritage sites in Kathmandu valley for some time and prepare for the trek in the afternoon.

Overnight at Hotel.

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: 3 star hotel in KTM
Day 3: Fly to Nepalgunj
50 mins
Max Altitude: 150 m

We will take an early flight to Nepalgunj, which is in the far west part of Nepal. Nepalgunj is situated to the border of a neighboring country India.

This one hour flight gives you a magnificent view of the Himalayan range of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna range, Mt. Manaslu, as well as Langtang.

Free to explore on your own and overnight.

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: 3 star hotel
Day 4: Scenic flight to Juphal, Dolpo & trek to Dunai
30 mins flight & 3-4 hrs trek
Max Altitude: 2,475 m

Today too we will enjoy a short scenic flight to Jupahal, Dolpo where we will meet our trekking team members of Himalayan Trekkers. From there we will start our journey to Dunai for night halt.

The trail passes along with Bheri river where we will encounter terrific farmlands, small woods, and few scattered settlements. Dunai is an administrative destination of Dolpo.


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea house/ tented camp
Day 5: Trek to Sahatara
5-6 hrs
Max Altitude: 2,730 m

With good breakfast, we will continue today's walk to reach Saha Tara for a night halt.

The trail continues along with the Bheri river where we will observe several gorges, bridges, settlements, pine woods, and beautiful village. in that beautiful and charming village, we will be setting our camp for overnight. 

The trekking team of Himalayan Trekkers will prepare good, tasty and hygienic food in dinner.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 6: Trek to Lahine
6-7 hrs
Max Altitude: 3,370 m

After enjoying the delicious breakfast with tea, we will move ahead to Lahine for overnight stay.

On today's portion of the trek, we will come across beautiful woods, some hanging bridges over the Tarap Chu river and reach Sandul Gompa to enjoy our lunch.

After lunch, we will continue our trek passing several farmlands, villages and beautiful forests which leads the trail to Lahine. Overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 7: Trek to Nawarpani
5-6 hrs
Max Altitude: 3,475 m

Today's walk will be a bit difficult then that of previous days as the trail ascends with a steep climb along the valley of a narrow gorge.

There will be many ups and a few down till we arrive at the amazingly beautiful village, Nawarpani. Once being in that village, we will explore the village to observe locals activities where the trekking team members will be busy in preparing foods and setting tented camp for night halt.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 8: Trek to Dho Tarap
5-6 hrs
Max Altitude: 4,080 m

With tasty breakfast and tea, we all with our trekking staff will ascend to Kamattarka from where we will enjoy the scenic view of mountains, valleys, woods with green hills, rivers by taking a few minutes rest.

By crossing several kinds of wood, farmlands, gorges we will be at Dho Tarap for overnight. Dho Tarap is a small village of Tibetan people which is beautifully surrounded bt irregular rocks. We will enjoy a short visit to the village and return to enjoy our dinner in our tented camp. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 9: Acclimatization & exploration around Dho Tarap
Max Altitude: 4,080 m

It is the first acclimatization day which is for trekkers to get well oriented with the environment and to take proper rest. We can utilize this free day by strolling around the Dho Tarap village, visiting monasteries and also making a small hike around.


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 10: Trek to Numa La Base Camp
4-5 hrs
Max Altitude: 4,440 m

By enjoying breakfast with wonderful sunlight, we will leave Dho village and march towards Numa La base camp (4440 m) for overnight.

We will ascend uphill to Upper Tarap valley which has beautiful grassland. After crossing this village, the trail leads to Tokyu village, a village with a Buddhist monastery. Spending a few minutes to explore monasteries and observing monks' activities, we then catch up on the rough trail to Numa La base camp for night halt. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 11: Trek to Daniyaghar via Numa La Pass
7-8 hrs
Max Altitude: 5,360 m

After spending a night in Numa La base camp, we will move ahead to Danighar (4,510 m) via Numa La pass (highest point of the trek) for night halt after enjoying our breakfast.

There will many ups in today's trail which might be more difficult than that of previous days, so we will begin our trek a bit earlier and slower in pace. After reaching the top of Numa La Pass, we will get amazing views of many snowcapped mountains including Mt. Dhaulagiri.

By spending a few minutes for enjoying views and taking some pictures for memories, we hike down Danighar for night halt.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 12: Trek to Yak Kharka via Baga La Pass
6-7 hrs
Max Altitude: 5,170 m

As of the previous day, we will be crossing another pass called Baga La Pass (5170 m) and hike down to destination called Yak Kharka for night halt.

With steep climb along the trail, we will be at the top of Baga La pass from where we will get a mesmerizing view of Mt. Kanjirowa with other snowcapped mountains. By spending some time to take pictures for memories, we will trek down to Yak Kharka.

Overnight by enjoying dinner prepared by a team of Himalayan Trekkers.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 13: Trek to Shey-Phoksundo
4-5 hrs
Max Altitude: 3,600 m

Leaving Yak Kharka after delicious breakfast, we today will move towards Shey-Phoksundo lake for overnight.

The trail for today's walk has several ups and downs which passes across wild woods of pine, juniper, and other vegetations. on the way, we will be witnessing the highest waterfall in Nepal where we will enjoy a few minutes and move towards Shey-Phoksundo. We will come across a small village called Ringmo; a village of Bon ethnic people.  

Shey-Phoksundo lake is the 2nd deepest lake in the world with amazingly beautiful landscapes and mountains surrounded by all directions with crystal clear water. 


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 14: Acclimatization & exploration around Shey Phoksundo
Max Altitude: 3,600 m

This is a second acclimatization day where we will be enjoying and exploring the Shey-Phoksundo lake area. We can also enjoy exploring Bon village, Ringmo and visit their monastery.

In the evening we can take a good sunset picture with a lake and mountains on the backdrop.


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 15: Trek to Pungmo Village
4-5 hrs
Max Altitude: 3,500 m

We will say goodbye to Shey-Phoksundo and follow the trail to Pungmo village for night Halt.

With a few minute's walks, we will get a good photo shooting point from where we can capture a good image of the lake, hills with woods and mountains.

Following the trail, we will cross military camp which is the gateway to Pungmo village.


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 16: Trek to Lasa
5-6 hrs
Max Altitude: 4,100 m

Following the trail after breakfast, we will ascend to Khyaru and pass across a trail in between of woods where we can encounter wild fox, blue sheep, and many murmuring birds.

Then we will reach Lasa by crossing several streams, bridges, and settlements for night halt.

We will enjoy our dinner prepared by a team of Himalayan Trekkers and take good rest in tented camp.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 17: Trek to Kagmara Phedi via Kagmara La Pass
6-7 hrs
Max Altitude: 5,115 m

With tasty tea and breakfast, we will move ahead to Kagmara La Pass (5115 m) and hike down to Kagmara Phedi for night halt.

On the top of Kagmara La pass, we can observe lots of prayer flag which attracts every trekker to capture a good picture with as mountains will be on the backdrop. Following the trail alongside of riverbank, we will be at Kagmara Phedi for night halt.  

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 18: Trek to Hurikot
5-6 hrs
Max Altitude: 2,835 m

With heavy breakfast, we will follow the trail to Hurikot alongside the riverbank.

On the way, we will see several farmlands, woods, villages and cross several bridges and also the viewpoint of Kagmarabefore reaching Hurikot.

Our trekking staff of Himalayan Trekkers will set up the camp and prepare food for the night stay.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 19: Trek to Nyauli Ghat
5-6 hrs
Max Altitude: 3,670 m

After enjoying the sunrise and delicious breakfast at the same time, we will descend to Kaigaon which is the first phase of today's trek.

Now ascending from Kaigaon, we will cross several villages like Sim, Majhgaon, Balasa, Chaurikot and few others. continuing the steep climb till Kagmara Lekh by enjoying a view of valley, village, and river, we will arrive Nyauli ghat for night halt.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 20: Trek to Chopta
5 hrs
Max Altitude: 3,900 m

Today also we will be climbing steep trail for a few hours till Maure La Pass (3,900 m) where we will cross a small bridge over the stream.

Then trail gradually descends with many farming lands, dense alpine woods which will be crossed by us and reach Chopta for night halt.

Good rest in tented camp after enjoying delicious dinner.  

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 21: Trek to Gothi Chaur
5-6 hrs
Max Altitude: 3,650 m

After grabbing a warm breakfast, we will move towards Gothi chaur for overnight. On the way to Gothi Chaur, we will cross several bridges, villages, and farmlands. We will stop at Manigaon for lunch where we can observe different ethnic people living happily in the same village. 

Continuing our walk to Gothi Chaur, we will be walking alongside the riverbank where we will come across several villages, dense alpine woods, and many streams.

Night halt in Gothi Chaur.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tented camp
Day 22: Trek to Jumla
4-5 hrs
Max Altitude: 2,500 m

Today is the final day of the trek so we can start a bit slower too. With good breakfast and tea, we will march to Jumla via several villages like Dochal, Garjyangkot, and others.

Enjoying our lunch in Garjyangkot village, we will continue our walk to Jumla where will come across beautiful terrace farmlands, meadows and bridges over the stream.

Overnight at Jumla. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Tea house
Day 23: Scenic flight to Nepalgunj & connecting flight to Kathmandu
2 hrs
Max Altitude: 1,350 m

Today we will have a scenic flight from Jumla - Nepalgunj, and Nepalgunj - Kathmandu.

Since we have a different flight schedule so we need to stay some time at Nepalgunj airport for the connecting flight to Kathmandu.

We will reach Kathmandu in the afternoon. Free time of your own. In your free time, you can visit a good spa and massage center to realize your pain.

 In the evening, farewell dinner with the team of Himalayan Trekkers.


Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: 3 star hotel in KTM
Day 24: Departure from Kathmandu
30 mins

After breakfast, check-out from the hotel to catch your scheduled flight to the Airport with an assessment of the Himalayan Trekkers representative.

Looking for your words on us and waiting for you for the next leisure/vacation. Have a safe journey.

Airport Drop off in a Private Vehicle.

Meals: Breakfast

What is included / not included


  • All Arrival/Departure transfer as per itinerary
  • Accommodation with daily breakfast in Kathmandu as per itinerary
  • Guided Sightseeing with all applicable entrance fees as per itinerary in Kathmandu
  • Accommodation with breakfast in Pokhara as per itinerary
  • All Homestay /tea /Guesthouse/ tented, Accommodation during the Trek
  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunches & Dinner with Tea/Coffee) During the Trek
  • All Private transfer as per itinerary
  • Domestic (Juphal - Nepalgunj - Kathmandu) Airfare and taxes as per itinerary
  • An Experienced GOVT licensed Trekking Guide & required No. of Sherpa Porters & Crew
  • All wages, allowances, insurance, medical and equipment for supporting crewmembers.
  • She Phoksundo National Park Fees
  • Lower Dolpo Special permits
  • TIMS fees & Local Province (Municipality/Village) Fees
  • Trekking & Camping / Kitchen Equipment as per itinerary/necessary
  • A comprehensive medical kit
  • Welcome/Farewell Dinner
  • All GOVT local taxes and official expenses


  • Nepal Entry Visa Fees (USD 25/40/100 – 15/30/100 Days Cash On arrivals)
  • International Airfare to/from Kathmandu & Departure Taxes
  • Excess baggage (cargo) charges
  • Any charges incurred due to the changing itinerary (Early arrival from the trek, late departure, cancellation of the trek in the middle etc)
  • Meals (Lunches & Dinner) in the city
  • Portable Altitudes Chamber (PAC) for your safety measures
  • Personal expenses such as phone calls, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, bottle or boiled water, hot shower, etc.
  • Tipping/ gratitude
  • Any extra cost arising from bad weather, unfavorable circumstances (road blockage, landslide, flight delay etc)
  • Rescue and evacuations
  • Personal Trekking/Climbing Equipment
  • Your Travel Insurance
  • Anything not mentioned in the includes section


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In general, we arrange a 3* Standard Category Accommodations with all facilities in cities. If available, you can opt for a more budget-friendly option or upgrade to a more luxurious hotel by paying a little extra.

Although all places during your trek do not have all modern facilities (especially at higher altitudes), we ensure that it is arranged safely and comfortably. Mostly hygienic and safe tea houses / local lodges/homestays are arranged & please feel free to personalize according to your preference.

If your travel schedule includes camping or if you choose to experience it, a correct campsite will be determined in advance and everything will be taken care of. If required, we also provide equipment such as a tent, cookware, etc. Check the equipment lists and equipment lists for more information.


Breakfast is usually included with your accommodation within the costs. Meals in the city must be paid separately. Often in the cities, you can choose from many different cuisines and varied food services. We can always help you find the right place.

Remote areas don't have that many options, but hygienic and well-prepared food is always served. Moreover, most meals are included in the costs during your trek. We can help you make changes according to your preference and budget, but only if choices are available! Moreover, Himalayan Trekkers also organize Welcome of Farewell Dinners as a symbol of warm greetings.

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