Muslim Tour And Halal Meals In Nepal

Feb 21, 2020 2 Minutes
Muslim Tour And Halal Meals In Nepal

Muslim Tour in Nepal is a Muslim-friendly tour package, which allows Muslim travelers to enjoy a tour that allowing them to perform religious duties and not violating things that are prohibited in their beliefs. Muslim-friendly tour not only offers plenty of Halal Services (such as Halal food and beverage, sex-segregated swimming pool, etc.) but also comfortable places for Muslims to perform their daily prayers.

Several aspects that must be considered in preparing a tour plan for Muslim Traveler are:

1. Food and drink are things. They do not consume pork, dogs, frogs, bats, and horses. Not only the type of food but also how to prepare it such as cutting, cooking and so on. So, make sure to bring them to a halal restaurant or vegetarian restaurant.

2. Time for worship (prayer). Every Muslim must worship 5 times a day. When they traveling this 5 times worship can be combined (called Jama ') and / or shorten (called Qasar). So, arrange an itinerary that allows them to pray quietly. The first is the morning (called the Fajr Prayer), usually, they do it in a hotel. The second is the Prayer of Zuhur and Asr, usually held between 12.00 noon to 18:00 pm according to local time. The third is the Maghrib and Isha prayer, usually held between 18:00 and 22:00. So, try to arrange an itinerary that allows them to find a mosque around your destination. Or prayers can also be done in the restaurant or other places that are quite clean. As well as toilets for them to clean their faces before praying.

3. Muslim tourists are not allowed to worship outside their religion. An example they don't do puja in the temple. So, if they visit religious places, they will only enjoy the beauty, respecting followers of recognized religions, could make a donation to the temple, but not agreeing to worship.

4. In choosing a hotel or accommodation. as much as possible try to find a place or inn that does not have a dog as a pet. Muslims are very friendly and not anti-dogs; they must love all animals. It's just that if their clothes are licked or exposed to fluids from dogs or pigs, the clothes cannot be used for prayer. Then this will complicate them.


For Muslim travelers being able to visit the mosque in the country visited is something extraordinary, so make sure to visit at least 1 mosque in the itinerary. Atau mengunjungi 1 situs related to Muslim experience, if possible. For trekking as in my experience, prayer can usually be held in the teahouse, because there is still enough time to pray after arriving in a teahouse in the afternoon.


Halal Food in Nepal can search in Google,

1.  Anatolia Halal Food Restaurant

2.  Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant

3.   Al-Madina Halal Food

4.  Lazeez Halal Food (Pokhara) and others.


Mosque in Nepal can search in Google,

1. Jamie Masjid Kathmandu

2. Kashmeeree Masjid

3. Masjid e-Bilal Pokhara and few others.

Muslim Tour And Halal Meals In Nepal

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