How to Obtain a Mera Peak Climbing Permit?

Oct 1, 2022 7 Minutes
How to Obtain a Mera Peak Climbing Permit?

Mera Peak is the highest trekking peak in Nepal at a 6476-meter elevation. Despite this label, it is also one of the easiest peaks for climbing because of its straightforward standard path, which only needs the most basic mountaineering skills. It is in fact one of the best peak treks for novice climbers too.

The Mera Peak lies in the Hinku Valley of the Everest Region. And the top of the peak offers you an incredible view of Cho Oyu (8188m), Mount Everest (8848m), Lhotse (8414m), Mt. Makalu (8,643 m), Mt. Kanchenjunga (8,586 m) and many other peaks.

While this extravagant trekking sounds astonishing, you need a couple of permits to be allowed to trek at Mera Peak. The below discussion clarifies the requirements of permits and the cost of the permits for the Mera Peak Climbing.

The Permits required for the Mera Peak Climbing

The rule of obtaining permits to climb Mera Peak is implemented to protect this region. And, the route you select will determine the Mera Peak permits. Additionally, the price of the Mera Peak climbing permit differs according to what time of year you decide to take this climb. Whichever route you select, you need to mandatorily obtain the following two permits.

1. The NMA Mera Peak Climbing Permit & its Cost

This is the primary permit that you need to get in the very first step of planning your Mera Peak trek. Spring and autumn are the most favorable months for trekking to Mera Peak. So, the permit cost during these seasons is the highest.

SeasonsMonthsApproximate Cost
SpringMar, April, MayUSD 250.00 Per Person
AutumnSeptember, October, NovemberUSD 125.00 Per Person
SummerJune, July, AugustUSD 70.00 Per Person
WinterDecember, January, February USD 70.00 Per Person
NMA Peak Permit Price Chart List

For this Climbing Permit, you have to apply to the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and you can get the trekking permit from the Nepal Tourism Board Office in Kathmandu. To obtain a climbing permit, you need to get yourself registered with the help of a government-registered trekking agency

2. Local Area Permit

Along with the NMA climbing permit, climbers need to obtain a local area permit that would cost around USD 20 (NPR 2000).

Then, as per the routes you choose, you will need to obtain the following permits.

3. The Makalu National Park Permit & its cost

If your start your trek towards the east, straight to Zatrwa La Pass (4,610m) from Lukla, and enter the Hinku Valley, Makalu National Park Entry Permit is required. The approximate remuneration to obtain this trekking permit is USD 15 for people from SAARC countries, whereas USD 30 for people hailing from other countries.

4. Sagarmatha National Park Permit

This permit is required if you choose to take the EBC route or combine Mera Peak with the Everest Base Camp trek. It is because this route traverse via the Sagarmatha National Park after a place named Monjo. It would cost you Nepali Rupees 3000 (~30 USD) for this permit.

Required Documents to obtain the Mera Peak Climbing Permits

Climbers need to carry all the necessary documents to obtain the permits to climb Mera Peak. Otherwise, you will not be able to obtain them. The documents or official papers you will need are as the following:

  • A copy of your Passport each for the permit
  • 2 PP (passport) sized photos for each permit
  • Permit Application Form
  • The required amount of Nepali currency
  • Travel Insurance

Some Handy Tips for Trekkers who will be going to climb the Mera Peak

  • The place and the trekking trails are definitely new for most of you. So, as an expert isn't it, our duty to help you with the best of our knowledge? In this section, we have listed a few must-know tips that will undoubtedly help you during your trekking vacation!
  • The Permits for the Mera Peak trek are transferable but the permit cost is non-refundable. Once you get permission from the respected authorities, you will not be granted a refund, whatever the circumstances may be.
  • The permit allows only one-time entry for the designated person to enter the areas mentioned in the permit.
  • You need to be very careful with your backpack as you will be carrying the permit papers with you. Anytime during your trek, you may be asked to show your permit papers and you have to compulsorily show them. Otherwise, you have to return from that point in the trek.
  • The Makalu Barun National Park is protected under the National Park and Wildlife Conservation Act 2029. There are certain rules and regulations that you need to abide by while you are inside the park. Breaching these rules may land you in trouble.

The three best Itineraries for the Mera Peak Climb

The Mera Peak trek is quite challenging. If you are not having previous experience in hand, then you need to know some of the trek itineraries and choose the one that suits you.

1. 14 days trek to Mera Peak

This is the shortest path to Mera Peak. You need almost 14 days in hand to follow this off-beat path through the Hinku Valley till you reach Mera Peak. On the way, you will pass through the Zatrwa La Pass, separating the Khumbu and Hinku Valleys.

This trip is recommended for newbie trekkers, as you will not need expert climbing skills. Moreover, you will get a day or two for acclimatization before you soar up through the rough peak. If you are a novice trekker, then this itinerary is perfect for you!

2. 18 Days Trek to Mera Peak

This takes longer than the previous trek. It is one of the highest altitude trekking peaks in Mera Peak and the slopes are quite steep for you to cut through. Considering the elevation, we can label this trek as a challenging one, but you do not need trained skills to climb through this trail.

This trip is recommended for both novice and experienced trekkers! Very few people opt for this trek, and so the crowd is not much even during the peak months. There are enough days allotted for acclimatization in this itinerary, as your trekking trail will allow you the same in places like Paiya, Panggom, and Ramailo Danda.

3. 21 days trek to Mera Peak via Amphu Lapcha Pass

Here comes the most adventurous trekking trail as you will be enjoying experiences of both trekking and climbing. This is the most aesthetic trekking experience as you will be witnessing snow-capped glaciers and lakes.

We do recommend this trek for trained personnel because there are places where you need to glide through the snow. On the way to Mera Peak, you will be going through the challenging yet beautiful Amphu Lapcha Pass. Are you all set to hit this trail?

Now you have gathered enough knowledge about the permit of Mera Peak, its cost, and some well-known itineraries, hope you have designed your plan in your mind. If you are still having any questions, feel free to contact us. We, at Himalayan Trekkers, walk an extra mile to help you clear all your doubts and confusions.

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