How to Obtain Island Peak Climbing Permits ?

Jun 19, 2022 6 Minutes
How to Obtain Island Peak Climbing Permits ?

Every mountain admirer aspires to climb the Island Peak. But there are many hidden facts that you need to know before you finally start packing your bags. We have included some must-known facts that you need to know before you finally plan your trip.

Every year there are numerous people who want to climb the Island Peak. Are you one of them? Then this blog is definitely for you. Here, we are going to discuss the documents needed, the procedure for obtaining the Island Peak permit, the cost of getting the permit, the suggested itineraries, and other useful information. We will frame a very short blog, only with the necessary information. Are you ready to go through this information-stuffed blog?

According to the Nepal Mountaineering Association, the Island Peak is considered a Group B trekking peak, that is comparatively easy to conquer. It is one of the most sought peaks for trekking by newbies as well as novice trekkers. If you want to join the gang of trekkers, then the Island Peak should be your first stepping stone. You will be filled with colors of extravagance and excitement on this trek.

Permits that you need to Trek the Island Peak

The trekkers need to obtain the following three permits to trek to the Island Peak.

  • Nepal Mountaineering Association Permit Fee
  • Sagarmatha National Park Entry Fee
  • Local Area Permit Fee/ Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality

The Documents Required for Island Peak Climbing Permits

There is always a set of documents that you need to get eligibility for trekking. This section throws light on the documents required so that you can accumulate them and be prepared beforehand. Let us have a look at the necessary documents from the trekkers’ side to apply for the Island Peak Permit.

  • A couple of passport-sized photographs & digital copies
  • The original copy of your passport, along with a photocopy
  • Duly filled application form
  • Paper of your travel insurance which obviously includes helicopter evacuation
  • Nepali Currency to pay for the permit
  • The confirmation of the return flight
  • A confirmed travel plan

Besides these documents, please be ensured that your climbing planer is updated with the below-given things.

  • Your travel planner should be a member of NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) like us, Himalayan Trekkers
  • They/We Himalayan Trekkers must have a professional climbing guide (license holder).
  • They/We Himalayan Trekkers must have valid insurance for their guides and crew members.

After confirming the above-given things, you can confirm the trip and proceed with further procedures. And upon your arrival in Nepal, your travel agency will collect your original passports and other copies to obtain the permit on your behalf at NMA.

Price of The Island Peak Trekking Permit

As a traveler, you should know the price of each permit before you proceed to book your tickets. This will help you estimate your budget, and plan a wonderful trip ahead. To note an approximate value, the cost of applying for a climbing permit range from USD 70 to USD 250 per person. And the cost of a trekking permit, issued by the Nepal Mountaineering Association, costs USD 20.

1. Price of Trekking Permit issued by National Mountaineering Association (NMA)

The NMA issues the Trekking Permit to the interested trekkers. The price varies based on the season and other climatic conditions. Following are the prices, for each person based on the month of the year.

Season The months Price of Permit
Winter December, January, February USD 70 per person
Spring March, April, May USD 250 per person
Summer June, July, August USD 70 per person
Autumn September, October, November USD 125 per person

Spring is the most favorable climate for trekking to the Island Peak, and hence the price is highest during this season. After spring, autumn is the personal favorite of trekkers. The pleasant climate, the clear skies, and the favorable geographical conditions bless these months with a higher number of tourists.

2. Price of the Garbage Deposit

In addition to the cost of the Trekking Permit, you have to pay an additional fee of USD 500 to the Nepal Mountaineering Association. The entire amount is refundable, once you return from your trip. This cost is levied initially, so that the tourists do not litter the trails, and dispose of their garbage in the proper place.

3. Price of the Local Area Permit

Since the trail will be crossing different municipal areas, you have to pay a minimum permit cost of USD 20 per person. This local area permit is also known as the Khumbu Rural Municipality Entrance permit.

You can apply for this permit only once you reach the Sagarmatha Region, in Lukla. This permit is not applicable in Kathmandu or any other place except in the Sagarmatha region.

The Three Suggested Itineraries for Trekking to the Island Peak

To reach the Island Peak, there are different trekking routes. From our experience over the last few decades, we have chosen the best three trekking trails for you. Choosing a suitable trail is not only difficult but also important. So, take your time and choose the trail wisely.

1. 14 days Island Peak Climbing

This is one of the straightest routes, that is focused mainly on reaching the Island Peak. You will be climbing all the way from Lukla to Chhukung, and then to the Island Peak. You will be returning through the same route. You need 14 days to complete this total journey.

2. 4 days Expedition to Island Peak from Chhukung

This is a short trek that starts from Chhukung and ends at the Island Peak. The trekkers usually get help from a helicopter to reach Chhukung from Lukla. This is a very short trek and is appropriate for people who have little time in hand.

3. 19 days trek spanning Island Peak Trek and EBC visit

Our last choice of trekking trail is quite time-consuming, but every minute is worth it. This trek gives you the opportunity to trek high altitudes, like the Everest Base Camp (EBC), while you get the excitement of climbing the Island Peak. Sounds interesting, right?

Contact Himalayan Trekkers, today for other mind-blowing suggestions of trekking trails for you.

We know you are already excited to visit the Island Peak, but there may be some questions that are bubbling in your mind now. Feel free to share your doubts and confusions with us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Himalayan Trekkers are not only a trekking agency but a family of mountain lovers. We have been climbing and trekking in the mountains for the last few decades. And this bag of experience makes us different from other agencies. Shake hands with us, as we plan your next trip.

How to Obtain Island Peak Climbing Permits ?

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