Is Nepal safe for Muslim Travelers ?

Mar 21, 2022 8 Minutes
Is Nepal safe for Muslim Travelers ?

Religious consonance is extremely important to keep peace and sustainability, especially in a secular state like Nepal where multi-religious groups speaking 125 different dialects reside. Failure to keep harmony among religions leads to creating a conflict among people or society. But it is not applicable in the case of Nepal.

Nepal is known for its religious tolerance. It allows every religion to be practiced in a fervor and peaceful way.

Nepal, the adobe of high Himalayas, mystic cultures, and majestic natural attributes has been attracting many foreign tourists as well as Muslim tourists from all around the world for trekking, mountain climbing, and other adventurous activities. With all thrilling and charming traveling plans, the big question comes to the mind of every tourist, especially Muslims is that:

“Is Nepal safe for Muslim travelers”? And the answer always stands up with a big Yes.

Nepal is one of the safest places to travel for Muslims from all around the world. It is also considered as one of the safest countries to travel to even if you are a solo traveler or solo female traveler. Nepalese people have a heart of gold. They are thrilled to welcome tourists and provide them warm hospitality.

There is a proverb in Nepal “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means guest is equivalent to god. Hence, Nepalese go through great lengths to make you feel at home and provide you unforgettable hospitality.

What are the basic things to know before visiting Nepal?

Social acceptance
Muslims get social acceptance in Nepal and its surrounding areas. Islam is the third largest religion in Nepal and the Muslim community covers 4.2% of the total population. They get all equal rights provided by the government of Nepal like food, shelter, jobs, and other social facilities.

Social recognition
The Muslim community is also recognized as the Nepali community. They have all the rights and are free to be known as Muslims in Hindu-occupied areas without any fear. All of the religions here have a social brotherhood with each other.

The element of cooperation is quite important to build a peaceful relationship between religious groups. By this element, they get respect and religious tolerance. The element of cooperation also is observed by their actions by respecting each other's rituals and festivals as well as beliefs of other religious matters in their community.

Halal food/restaurant
If Nepal serves Halal food in restaurants is the question that arises in many Muslim travelers while planning to travel to Nepal.
And the Answer is

Yes, Halal food is easily available in the restaurants of Nepal but only in the cities and places where the Muslim community resides. In the cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, and others, good and hygienic Halal restaurants are profoundly found, but in remote areas and while trekking, the availability is from minimum to none.

Some of the most-preferred Halal restaurants by our Muslim clients

  • Anatolia Halal Restaurant
  • Al Madina Halal Foods
  • Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant
  • Haji’s Foodies Hub
  • Pokhara Grande
  • Lazeez Halal Food
  • Thamel Doner Kebab
  • Taza
  • Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen

Places for Muslims to Pray in Nepal

Muslim Community is feeling free to act upon their Islamic rituals like Ramzan, Eid, and other festivals. The masjids are safe and sound for Muslims to offer five times a day. Nepali people celebrate Ramzan, iftar, and Eid with joy and happiness. The government of Nepal provides proper place and security to all masjids in the country.
Some of the revered mosques in Nepal are:-

  • Jame Mosque, Kathmandu
  • Kashmiri Mosque, Kathmandu
  • Masjid-e-Bilal, Pokhara
  • Madatiya Mosque, Madatiya
  • Jama Mosque, Gorkha

Safest place to live

All areas are safe to live like hotels, lodges, hostels, and homestays. In mountains, the guesthouses are mostly family-run so that tourists feel the sense of home and comfort to stay here. And enjoy their stay without any worries.

Is Nepal safe for Solo female Muslim travelers?

Safety is the first and basic right of everyone. There is the freedom to travel for both men and women but still, women are hesitant to travel alone concerning their safety. Being a woman, there are a lot of concerns to think about before getting into action.

There is fear of harassment and other crimes. We suggest female travelers take the precautions that they usually take like taking care at night and keeping to the main streets. Usually, everything is closed by 10 PM here even in the cities except for a few places like Thamel, Durbarmarg, Basantapur, Pokhara Lakeside, etc.

It is completely normal for Nepali people to see women wearing Burqa, Hijab, Headscarf, Shawls, and Dupatta because there is an influence of Muslim culture in Nepal. They will definitely not violate your rights and you can travel without any concerns.

Luckily enough, in Nepali culture, women are taken as an embodiment of divinity and are respected. That’s why Nepal is considered one of the safest countries for solo women to travel from all over the world.

About Crime Rates in Nepal

Nepal has the lowest crime rate in sexual harassment, abuse, fraud, and kidnapping. Very few crimes are reported against foreigners regardless of gender. The foreign travelers and their safety is prioritized here.

Safety walking alone during daylight 81.01 Very High
Safety walking alone during night 50.03 Moderate
Contributors: 214
Last update: January 2022

These data are based on perceptions of visitors. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen at all that’s why we advise all travelers to follow certain precautions for the sake of their safety.

Is there a conflict between Hindu and Muslim Communities?

There never has been any conflicts between Hindu and Muslim communities or any other religious communities in Nepal. The Government of Nepal declared Nepal as a secular state and has provided rights to all the religious communities equally. The government of Nepal has constituted a special committee to keep peace in the country.

Religious protection
There are many examples in the past where Nepali Hindu rulers have accepted Muslims as their own citizens and granted them high official values.

Muslims in Nepal have never been discriminated against just because of their religious belief. Although Muslims and Hindus have different cultures and religious beliefs, they are always participating in each other’s festivals and rituals. All this situation shows that Muslims have proper religious protection in Nepal.

Freedom to celebrate Muslim festivals
The Muslim community is given great respect, honor, right to freedom, and equal rights by the Government. They are free to celebrate their festivals like Eids, Shabrat, Eid-Milad-un-Nabi, etc according to their religious beliefs. In Nepal, we do not care about religions, caste, and creed and celebrate each other's festivals together with joy.

• Separate Muslim madrassa for boys and girls
Madrassas education is also valued in the Muslim community of Nepal. The government of Nepal provides them space to build separate Madrassas for boys and girls where they can read their holy book properly and also facilitate them with Hifz activities.

• Equal rights to get School education
Quality Schooling is also provided by the Nepali government to the Muslim community where more than 2000 students attend the school from primary to Grade 10, studying all the subjects in Nepal’s education curriculum like science, English, mathematics, and social studies. But they also study Urdu and Arabic as mandatory subjects according to their culture.

Why Us ( Our Guide) for your Muslim Tours?

Himalayan Trekkers are one of the pioneer travel agencies to bring Halal-friendly tours for Muslim Travelers in Nepal. We have been operating Islamic/Muslim-oriented trips in Nepal and making effort to promote Halal tourism in Nepal, complete with all criteria and expectations for decades.

We have assisted our Muslim travelers in different parts of Nepal from the countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia and UAE, Kuwait, and other countries in the Middle East, Iran, and Indonesia. We also have served our services to the Muslim Royal Family from Malaysia and Other VIP Muslim Travelers from different parts of the world.

Our concern is your safety and a memorable trip without any obstacles. And, we do provide a High-Quality Holiday Experience that is totally suited to Muslim Traveler's demands and is in accordance with Muslim values. We only assign experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly guides who are aware of the Muslim religion, culture, and traditions including Halal foods, Namaj Time Table, and direction so that our Islamic/Muslim guests feel protected and understood. After all, our main goal is to create a high-quality tour that will entice them to return.

Nepal is a country where you can enjoy the eye-catching view of high mountains with beautiful valleys and waterfalls, rapid flow of rivers, majestic glacier lakes. It is a country with a safe and peaceful environment for family travelers, solo travelers as well as groups. Nepal is always presenting itself as a secure country where all religions have brotherhood relations.

Although, Nepal is a Hindu dominating country they always have an open heart towards all religions.

Is Nepal safe for Muslim Travelers ?

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