Himalayan Outdoor Festivals

Apr 25, 2020 2 Minutes
Himalayan Outdoor Festivals

Himalayan Outdoor festivals include thrilling as well as culturally significant celebrations that are practiced in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Amongst the thousands of festivals celebrated in Nepal, some of these outdoor festivals are a huge deal and are celebrated with enthusiasm, briefing the Himalayan lifestyle and live music.

The rich culture and numerous ethnic groups in Nepal result in diverse lifestyles people and the culture that they follow. The festivals in the Himalayan region of Nepal represent the cultural aspect of that very aspect and the best way to know about the tradition, rituals, and cultural values of a region within a brief time. 

Mani Rimdu, Dumji and Gyalpo Losar

Among the popular Himalayan festivals, one is Mani Rimdu. You can experience this festival in several monasteries like Tengboche, Thame, and Chiwong in the Everest region. This 19-day long festival that takes place in either October or November and provides travelers with a close insight of Himalayan life and Buddhist culture followed there.

Apart from Mani Rimdu, Dumji is another festival celebrated to honor the birth date of Guru Rimpoche in the Khumbu region during the months of May or June. 

Gyalpo Losar is celebrated with a bundle of euphoria and vibrancy during February or March in the Everest region by the Sherpa community. Various religious activities depicting the war/ clash of God and Devil along with the victory of good over bad is shown and celebrated during this festival. 

Tiji Upper Mustang and Yartung Manang

Another popular festival celebrated at the hidden Kingdom of Upper Mustang i.e. Lo Manthang is 3 days long and falls in May is the Tiji Festival. This festival is celebrated to remember and honor the victory of good over evil.

Along with the breathtaking panoramas of the Upper Mustang, you get to observe the Tibetan influenced lifestyle and culture of locals. 

Another festival celebrated in Mustang as well as the Manang region of Nepal is Yartung celebrated in Summer. During this festival, you get to relish the remarkable horsemanship and riding skills of people. This festival encompasses everything from songs, food, alcohols, ornamented gumbas, endless entertainment thus leaving your soul ebullient than ever. 

Tamu Lhosar

Tamu Lhosar is Celebrated in December or January in the Annapurna region, Tamu Lhosar is an important festival of Gurung settlements. People in the foothills of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri gather up, organize programs, eat, drink, dress up in traditional attire, and have fun during this festival. 

Adventure Sports/Festival

Apart from all these, there are many other festivals as well that are celebrated in the Everest region.

Himalayan Outdoor Festival also encompasses a 3-day long annual adventure festival and includes mountain biking, running, climbing, etc. This festival brings many people who are scattered in different corners of the Himalayan region in the same shade or roof. This festival is eclectic incorporating adventure sports, nature safari, cross-culture, and above all one-ness of people. 

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