Best Things To Do in Tibet

May 6, 2022 7 Minutes
Best Things To Do in Tibet

Welcome to Tibet, the dream destination for travellers! We know you are already very excited to pack your bags and set for your Tibet trip, but do you know what are the must do things in Tibet? We will focus on this very important angle of your Tibet Tourism. So, without skipping a single line follow through the rest of the paragraphs.

Tibet is the land of scenic beauty, century old traditions and highs and lows of mountains. Are you ready to explore more of this historic land?

1 . The Potala Palace: The Most Prominent Sightseeing Area of Tibet

If you are seeking the symbol of Tibet, then the Potala Palace is the one. It is the most prominent tourism site in Tibet. The majestic white and red building is a symbol of beauty and love, wrapped with each other.

The Potala Palace was built by the 14th Dalai Lama back in 1959, and since then the place has seen footfalls of thousands of tourists every year. On the 22nd day of the 9th month of the Tibetan calendar, the Buddha's Descending Festival is celebrated with glam and glaze in this palace. Before the celebration, the walls of the Potala Palace are painted to give the palace an entire new look.

Inside the palace, it looks more like a museum with antique pieces on each corner. There are over 1,000 rooms in the Potala Palace with precious sculptures, jewelleries, murals, and statues. Peep into each corner, and a new page from history awaits you.

During the Buddha's Descending Festival, the most famous sight is that of a group of men climbing against the walls of the palace. Tourists gather in the area more during the festival to see this unique view.

A piece of good news to add cherry to the cake of your tourism, there is no entry fees levied on the Potala Palace during the months of December to February. For other seasons, you need to book your tickets at least a week before. Consult us to grab your tickets now!

2. Barkhor Street and Jokhang Temple: A majestic beauty of pilgrims

Built around the statue of Sakyamuni, the Jokhang Temple has been on the bucket list of most tourists flying to Tibet. To gather the mighty blessings of Sakyamuni, people visit this place at least once in their lifetime. Are you the next person to visit here?

The faiths of Buddhism are very fresh here, and you will get to enjoy each and every ritual. We often see tourists going in circles around the temple, as they pray for themselves and their families from the Great God Sakyamuni.

After a short visit to Jokhang Temple, most people take a stroll through the famous Barkhor Street. There are shops selling local goods lining along the street, and you will not be able to resist yourself from spending bucks in this shop.

Most importantly, while most of the sites in Tibet have a high value entry fee, entry to the Jokhang Temple is absolutely free of cost. We welcome you to this temple anytime throughout the year for a soulful experience.

3. Mount Everest: The Tallest Peak of the World

Worry not, we will not tell you to climb Mount Everest, if you are not interested. But, does that mean you will not enjoy a glimpse of the mighty peak, even after visiting Tibet?

As a tourist, you are permitted to visit the Everest Base Camp (EBC) even without a climbing permit. EBC is at a surprising height of 5,150 metres. So, if you are having a history of asthma, Tuberculosis and hypertension, you should visit only after a thorough check up from your doctor.

You can book a lodging area in the EBC, to enjoy the earthly views of sunrise and sunset. On days of thunderstorms, you may not get a lovely view, but the storm and the wind will certainly compensate for that.

To reach the EBC, you have to hire a four-wheeler from Lhasa and ride to the base camp. On the way, you can visit Yamdrok Lake and a beautiful monastery. We assure you that this trip will be a memorable one.

4. Exploring with the local Nomadic Family

Have you heard about the place called Galai Village? It is a four-hour-long drive from Lhasa. It is more of farmland, where the local people earn their livings from cattle and farming. Regular tourist agencies often skip visiting this place, because of its non-fancy surroundings. But we know you cannot afford to miss visiting this place!

You can have a stroll through the roads of the village, interact with the villagers, even cook food with them and have a grand feast of local dishes. You can sleep in a tent and count the galaxy of stars at midnight. Sounds interesting, right?

5. Norbulingka: A World Heritage Site for a Reason

Norbulingka is a must-visit place for families. So, if you are traveling to Tibet with your family, then do not forget to add this beautiful world heritage site to your itinerary.

This used to serve the purpose of a summer home to the great Dalai Lama. This was built around late 1700, and each stone of the building carries the aroma of Tibetan History.

The 374 room palace echoes beauty by itself. Moreover, there are a range of unique trees, plants and animals. There are more than 30,000 ancient Tibetan relics which adds to the soothing sight of the place. The beauty of the place which cannot definitely be expressed in words. Contact us now, to grab your tickets to visit Norbulingka.

6. Samye Monastery

Since the time you stepped into Tibet, you may have seen numerous monasteries and you are already done with visiting them. But do you know which is the first monastery built in Tibet? Well, you guessed it right. The Samye Monastery was the very first monastery to be built in Tibet. It was built as early as the 8th Century.

Apart from the age, the Samye Monastery is famous because it was built in the shape of a mandala. The centre of the mandala is the main temple and surrounding the central portion, there are four Lingshi Temples, which together depict the Buddhist universe.

The buildings are painted in a combination of red, ochre and white colours and covered with golden roofs. The rooms are attractive with colourful art designs and metal statues. To enjoy a picturesque beautiful art design, do visit the Samye Monastery in Tibet.

7. Lake Yamdrok: A Freshwater Lake

When you are done visiting the monasteries, you should make it a point to visit Lake Yamdrok. It is situated at an altitude of 4,800 meters. It is one of the biggest freshwater lakes in Tibet and the water of the lake is very sacred.

Lake Yamdrok is an almost 3 hour journey by car from Lhasa village. You can keep half a day of your trip aside to visit Lake Yamdrok. There are a few monasteries beside Lake Yamdrok, which you can visit if you have some time in hand.

The significance of the Lake Yamdrok is that the Tibetans often find the re-incarnated soul of the Great Dalai Lama in the freshwater of the lake Yamdrok. The holy water of the lake along with the scenic beauty of the area makes it a must visit place in Tibet.

Apart from the spiritual significance, the Yamdrok Lake is the largest habitat of waterbirds in Tibet, with regular and unique species of birds like gulls and swans.

8. Walk through the Glacial Lakes: Only for Winter Travelers

Hollywood has often given you the charm of walking on the top of a glacier. Do you want to bring that imagery to reality? You do not need any superpower to do so, only book your tickets to Tibet in the winter season, between the months of December and February.

In January and February, the blue ice lake is the most fascinating view of Tibet. However, from October to December (before the setting of winter) and from March to May (after the winter season), you may get to see ice blocks on the lake. For the rest of the months, that is from June to September, there is heavy rain in Tibet and the views are not grand compared to the rest of the months.

To get the best view of blue ice, you should visit the Rawok District, which is more than 500 kilometres from Lhasa. The Laigu Glacier in the Rawok District offers the best view and experience of blue glaciers.

So, here we bring an end to our list of must-do things in Tibet. We have provided a brief review of each of these places, but we assure you, the beauty of each of these places, is far more admirable than the jotted down words. For further help with your Tibet trip, you can contact us. We are always happy to help travelers.

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