Why Kashmir is Called Heaven on Earth?

Jul 12, 2022 8 Minutes
Why Kashmir is Called Heaven on Earth?

Kashmir, the northernmost part of India, is more popularly known as 'Heaven on Earth'. The beauty, the charm, and the panoramic view have blessed the area with undeniable beauty. People visit Kashmir at least once in their life, to experience the beauty with one's own eyes.

Before Kashmir became a valley, it used to be a lake known as Karewa Lake. The legends state that Kasyapa, an ascetic retrieved the land of Kashmir from the lake. The land was named Kasyapamar by him and is later known as Kashmir. The word Kashmir is derived from the Sanskrit word “Kasamira” meaning the land desiccated from water. However, in the Kashmiri language, Kashmir is known as ‘Kasheer’.

The divine land of Kashmir is placed on the lap of the Himalayas, blessed with evergreen forests, high hills, lush green valleys, sky-piercing peaks, and spectacular lakes. It is like a canvas of beautiful art painted using all the shades of vibrancy in a palette. In winter it is a snowy paradise covered by a white blanket of frost. Whereas in summer, the snow melts allowing mesmerizing floras to come into bloom changing the colors of the atmosphere to lively and glistening. Then comes autumn with its golden hues making the spot for its burnt orange, amber, and scarlet ambit.

Are you in a dilemma about whether to visit Kashmir on your next vacation or not? Then this blog is for you. We have gathered bits and pieces of information from experts and combined them in this blog.

Caution: After reading till the end, you may not be able to resist planning to travel to Kashmir.

1. A Romantic Snowfall

If you ask a tourist to jot down one of his best experiences in Kashmir, he is certainly going to speak about snowfall. Kashmir is one such place in India, where Snowfall is abundant throughout the winters.

There is soft and smooth snow falling on the sleepy mountain peaks, and forming a white carpet of snow over the grassy meadows. The scenery sounds astounding, right? This winter wonderland is straight out of a fairy tale. You will experience swoon-worthy moments seeing the snowflakes falling on the blooming floras, treetops, hillocks, and stunning valleys.

2. Eye Catching Calm Lakes

The beauty of a lake cannot be overlooked. Kashmir has numerous calm and cool lakes that are highly appreciated by tourists. Dal Lake and Nagin Lake are the most popular of them.

There are residential boating facilities available for these lakes and it is indeed a source of sightseeing in this 'Heaven on Earth'. Imagine floating along the small waves of the lake, as the trees and bushes pass by along the sides. To capture beautiful memories of a lifetime, do keep a day or two aside in your trip itinerary to experience the real scenic beauty of Kashmir. We bet these memories will last a lifetime.

3. Panoramic Tulip Gardens

If only a single view can take away your breath, then that is the Tulip Gardens in Kashmir. With the onset of spring, in this 'Snowy abode’, there are large fields of tulips that spread for acres at a stretch.

The variety of flowers blooming in the garden, adds a splash of color and life to this beautiful valley. Moreover, if you are a social media influencer, then Tulip Gardens of Kashmir is certainly a paradise for you. The Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in Kashmir is the largest in Asia.

4. Affectionate Local People

Kashmir has always been our topmost priority because the people of Kashmir are always one step ahead to welcome tourists and wrap them with their love. You need not trust us, just visit any house in Kashmir, and in no time, they will be family to you!

To understand the depth of culture of any geographical region, the best and easiest way is to communicate with the local people. They are your best guide in experiencing local dishes and local costumes. To enhance the quality of your trip beyond sightseeing, we advise all the tourists to speak and spend time with the local people.

5. Landscapes extending up to the Horizon

Imagine, you standing at the center of a meadow, and green-colored valleys extend till the horizon; there are sprinkles of blue ponds in between the extended green fields. Once, you may see a snow-capped mountain right in front, its pristine beauty will hypnotize you.

The orchards of apples, fields of saffron, and coniferous hills lure all the visitors to spend time in this serene atmosphere. Every corner of Kashmir is delicately created by Mother Nature herself. Once you witness this mesmerizing pristine land, you will feel like staying there forever.

6. Charming and Colourful Autumn

Visit Kashmir once in the autumn months, and you will start falling in love with the place. The dry leaves, the cool wind, and the quiet surroundings are perhaps the best element of beauty in Kashmir during this season.

The wind blows more energetically during these months adding a tint of life to meadows. Kashmir portrays a makeover of warm pallets during the fall offering golden sun, amber and scarlet hues of the trees, and that burnt orange glow that seems like the sprinkling of golden dust all over the landscape.

7. The Sky Touching Gondola Ride

Mesmerizing View Seen in Gulmarg

The Gulmarg Gondola of Kashmir has taken the proverb, "The Sky's the Limit", directly to the heart. It is the second-highest and largest gondola ride/cable car project in the world and is one of the chief attractions of Kashmir.

If you are traveling with your better half or your family then the gondola ride is a must! During the winter, the gondola takes you to the top of the mountain best for skiing. This is one of the best things to do in Kashmir for adventure lovers. The majestic view of the mountains that you can see from the cable car is truly astounding.

8. Finger Licking Local Food

When it comes to Kashmiri food, it fills your heart more than your tummy! The Rogan Josh is the native dish of Kashmir and has later spread all over the world. It is one of the finest cuisines in Southern Asia and is highly appreciated by people all over the world. Kashmiri food is a beautifully blended version of local spices and rice soaked in ghee. No wonder, food works like magic when it comes to impressing tourists.

Wazwan is a rich gala food feast of Kashmir that emulsifies your taste buds. Ghoshtaba, Mutton Yakhni, Dum Aloo, Kashmiri Muji Gaad, Paneer Chaman, Sheermal, and Modur Pulao, are some of the delicious foods of Kashmiri cuisine. Likewise, Kavah/Kahwah is an herbal tea brewed with saffron and many other spices, it is considered an important and must-try beverage of Kashmiri cuisine.

What makes Kashmiri cuisine different from any other cuisines of the world is that it is formed by an ultimate blend of three distinct methods of cooking prepared by the Kashmiri Pundits, Mughals, and locals of Kashmir.

9. Adventures Ignite the Excitement in People

To make the trip to 'heaven on earth' more remarkable, there are many adventures that have been igniting the spirit of tourists as well as keeping up the charm of the place. For a thrilling experience in Kashmir, one can trek amidst the great Himalayas, camp in the mountains, Experience River rafting, paragliding, camel safari, jeep safari, gondola rides, snowboarding/skiing, horse riding adventures, and exploring Kashmir through mountain biking.

From trekking the rough hills to skiing the thrilling slopes, from moving up on the hot air balloon ride to snow games, the place itself is the stage for adventures. To enhance the adrenaline rush in your body, gear up for an adventurous trip to 'The Heaven on Earth'.

10. The Houseboats

The houseboats are wooden boats that are hand engraved and decorated in the traditional architecture of Kashmir. The houseboats culture is very popular and significant in Kashmir and it is also one of the major attractions for tourists.

The Shikhara ride or houseboat ride in the famous Dal Lake is the most popular one as it offers to relish and admire the wonderful creations of nature in a tranquil environment. Overnight stay facilities are also available on these boats, so we highly suggest you to book your boat and set out for a day to appreciate the real beauty of Kashmir.

To Summarize,

Kashmir is called ‘heaven on earth because of its enchanting beauty that is too good to be true. As the famous quote states, “With the sound of gushing water, the aroma of pine trees, the vibrancy of saffron, rise of azaan and an unfathomable calling, Kashmir surprises everyone.” Once you step into this wonderland, you will find it quite difficult to believe that you aren’t seeing a mere picture but that what stands in front of you and around you is a real place. Make these features of Kashmir your reasons to travel to get the best experience.

Why Kashmir is Called Heaven on Earth?

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