Things to Do in Nepal

Mar 3, 2020 4 Minutes
Things to Do in Nepal

As Nepal is a paradise for every kind of travelers, it has many interesting things and activities to grant. If you are traveling for the first time in the land of the Mountains, then include those activities which will surely impress you and make you happy traveling to this small yet wonderful and amazing country.

The must-do activities while you are exploring this beautiful nation are;

1. Visit Ancient Durbar squares with the local market.

  • Kathmandu durbar square
  • Bhaktapur durbar square
  • Patan durbar square

2. Taste delicious Nepali meal: Dal Bhat with other interesting cuisines and foodstuffs.

(Please do go for street food exploration in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, kritipur for authentic Nepali taste)

  • Mo: Mo
  • Yomari
  • Samay Baji
  • Sel Roti
  • Chatamari (Nepali pizza)
  • Dhindo

(note: You can join a cooking class where you will learn about the Himalayan spices and can prepare Nepali foods & cuisine yourself)

3. Explore UNESCO listed heritage sites of Kathmandu valley.

  • Swyombhunath stupa (monkey temple)
  • Pashupatinath temple area
  • Boudhanath stupa (small Tibet)
  • Changu-Narayan temple
  • {the above-mentioned durbar square also come under UNESCO heritage sites}

4. Experience mountain flight or Heli tour to witness majestic mountains.


5. Enjoy trekking / Hiking / small walk.

  • Everest Base camp with other amazing trekking in Sagarmatha National park (UNESCO listed site).
  • Annapurna base camp, Annapurna circuit trek with others.
  • Langtang valley trek, Gosainkunda Lake trek with others.
  • Many interesting treks and hike.

(Please do visit the official website of Himalayan Trekkers for other trekking and hiking trips).

6. Be part of amazing adventure sports;

  • White-water rafting/ Kayaking
  • Paragliding
  • Zip-lining
  • Ultra-flight
  • Canyoning
  • Mountain biking
  • Boating and many others

7. Explore holy land Lumbini; birthplace of Lord Buddha (UNESCO listed heritage site).


8. Spend quality time in the city of Pokhara- “city of adventure and lake paradise”.

Destinations to explore in amazing Pokhara;

  • World peace pagoda
  • Davis fall
  • Lakeside
  • Mountain museum
  • Tibetan refugee camp
  • Phewa lake with (Island temple)
  • Begnas lake
  • Sarangkot
  • Mahendra cave
  • Bat cave and other interesting destinations

(You can easily take part in many adventure sports in this city).

9. Be in nature, visit Chitwan National Park (UNESCO listed heritage site) and Bardiya National Park.


10. Take part and create a different sack of memories experiencing amazing and interesting festivals.

According to sir Krick Patrick; “Nepal has got more temples than houses, more god & goddess than people and more festivals than days in the year”.

It suggests that Nepal has many festivals celebrated in a different corner. Some popular are;

  • Dashain
  • Tihar (Festival of lights)
  • Chhath
  • Lhosar
  • Shree Panchami (Basanta Panchami)
  • Maha Shivaratri
  • Fagu Poornima / Holi (festival of color)
  • Ghode Jatra
  • Nepali new year
  • Bisket Jatra
  • Indra Jatra
  • Buddha Jayanti
  • Rato Machhendranath Jatra
  • Seto Machhendranath Jatra
  • Naag Panchami
  • Janai Poornima
  • Gai Jatra
  • Krishna Janmashtami
  • Teej (Festival of Nepali women) etc.

Other festivals like the Tiji festival, Ram Navami, Rishi Panchami, Kartik Poornima, Maghe Sankranti, Chhechu, Udhaauli & Uvahaauli, Ganesh Chauthi, and other have their own importance and celebrated in different places of Nepal.

As Nepal is a secular country, festivals like Christmas, New Year, Eid is also celebrated.

11. Experience community/village homestay accommodation.

It is very popular in recent times to travel around Nepal. Using local accommodation and knowing their lifestyle by enjoying their food is the greatest idea to travel where travelers will have lots of memories to share.

Some popular and growing homestay;

  • Ghale Gaon community homestay
  • Barpak homestay
  • Mustang community homestay- Lubra Bon
  • Sirubari village homestay
  • Panauti community homestay
  • Bardiya community homestay
  • Nuwakot community homestay
  • Kathmandu homestay
  • Illam community homestay
  • Kopan Gyanmala community homestay
  • Palpa community homestay
  • Balthali village homestay
  • Sabina’s homestay
  • Patan community homestay
  • Patlekhet village/community homestay
  • Nagarkot community homestay
  • Tharu community homestay
  • Mai Pokhari community homestay
  • Hemjakot community homestay and many others.

(You can find many homestays in Kathmandu and Pokhara. All names are difficult to keep in the list).

12. Go for yoga and meditation in the Himalayas.

We (Himalayan Trekkers) suggest you capture every moment while you explore this small yet beautiful country and interact with locals. The pictures and video clips that were taken by you will be the greatest assets that will make you remember about this nation and always smiling Nepali people.

If you are looking for any kind of activity to take part in or desiring to know more about those activities and destinations, then you can visit the official website of Himalayan Trekkers.

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