Short Trip for Majestic & Crystal-Clear View of Mt. Everest!!!

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Publised at Feb 7, 2020

Want to observe Mt. Everest, the highest summit in the world, with other amazingly higher peaks Lhotse, Makalu and more in a short period of time and at a reasonable price?

Introducing Pattale Danda Package!...

This takes you to the viewpoint of the majestic Himalayas in the shortest possible time, that too at very close proximity to the mountains.


Imagine yourself, holding a warm cup of tea, on a hill-top, waiting for one of the most mesmerizing sun-rises human eyes can witness. The sky spreads wide, bearing warm tones: red, orange and yellow. Just a few minutes of anticipation and the first sun rays are bestowed on the lands. The Everest peak shines with a golden sparkle! Finally, the entire Himalayan range is visible, standing proudly, painted in golden delight. Below it, the hills stretch over the horizon with lush greenery. Valley inhabited by the Himalayan descendants forms the downward end of this panoramic art by mother nature.


In order to make this imagination come true, all you need to do is book this package and construct a plan with us (Himalayan Trekkers) that fits your needs. Furthermore, you can even extend your trip to other popular places such as Pikey Peak, Kathmandu and more.


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Don't forget to see the pictures for breath-taking views in packages.

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