17 Reasons you should go trekking in Nepal in 2017

Apr 9, 2019 5 Minutes
17 Reasons you should go trekking in Nepal in 2017

If you are someone tired of the regular commercial hotel and beach holidays, a trekking trip to Nepal is for you. Trekking in Nepal is not just an activity, it is a true test of your endurance and your ability to change.

Here we present 17 reasons you should be trekking in Nepal in the year 2017.

Its location: If holidays always have been big cities and luxury hotels for you, you can change this by trekking in the Nepalese Himalayas this year. The Himalayas are situated on the Nepalese border with Tibet on the Northern side. An 850 km long series of snow-capped mountains serve as the best place for trekking in the world, a worthy mention is the Everest base camp trekking.”

Full of cultural shocks: If you are someone living in a developed country with a not-so-social life, a trip to Nepal will definitely give you a cultural shock on how friendly and social the people are here. Especially the way marriages, family, and parenting are concerned it is pretty much the opposite of the western practices you are used to.

10 UNESCO world heritage sites in a country smaller than the smallest states in your country: Nepal which features 10 UNESCO world heritage sites is surprisingly very small. Its Capital city Kathmandu and the surrounding are home to 7 world heritage sites within a radius of 20 Km. Meaning that you will complete the world record of visiting 7 world heritage sites in a day or two if you wish!

People: When it comes to friendliness, Nepalese people always lead the chart. You can ask anyone who has been to Nepal or has read or heard stories to just met a Nepali person, they will tell you how friendly they are. While trekking in the remote villages of Nepal you will be surprised how these simple and hardworking people could be so generous and happy at all times with no sign of stress as Mark and Miranda explain in the journey about Nepal.

The cost: The cost of traveling to and back from Nepal could be less than your monthly household expenses! Yeah with an exchange rate against USD being close to 100 Nepali rupees, it is a destination you can afford.

Adventure of all kinds: Have you imagined jumping from a 1700m high cliff into a lake or bungee jumping from a 160m suspension bridge or doing a short mountain flight across the Himalayan peak, its all possible in Nepal.

Something for everyone. If you are an extremely fit person able to do 3 weeks of endurance testing trekking in the mountains then go for a trekking in the Manaslu, killer mountain as it is commonly known. If you have kids and want a more relaxing trip that helps your kids understand the differences between the life they live and life in developing countries do an easy and relaxing Annapurna Ghorepani trek of 10 days. There is a lot to choose from in Nepal in terms of trekking difficulty.

The people in Nepal need your help: Yes! After the earthquake, the economy has slowed down and tourism saw a slight downfall. Things are getting better now and it is safe one more time to go to Nepal as CNN Your visit or a recommendation to go to Nepal will help its people rise again from the rubble of the devastation.

Encounter the endangered species: Nepal is home to more than 900 species of birds, 10% of the world's flowering plants, 600 families of butterflies, and the home of the one-horned rhino and the Bengal tiger. Its national parks and conversation areas concentrate in the southern plains of the country and you can combine these trips to the national parks as an add-on to your trekking at the last quarter of your trip.

Religion: Not many people in the west practice any sort of religion these days, but Nepal practices a whopping 10 different religions among its people. It is a place where myths meet reality and the divine meets the human. Gods created this country as their playground and the people are truly devoted to their gods. It is a place where Hinduism blends with Buddhism and forms Vajrayana, the tantric sect,  It is a country where Muslims make jewelry for the Hindus and the Hindus make Mosques for the Muslims. Never in history have these people fought in the name of religion. Trekking in Nepal helps you find your true spiritual solace.

Food: Trust me! food in Nepal is unique. The cuisine in Nepal is a blend of all of the Asian food you have ever tried. Nepalese food is the melting pot of the Chinese, Tibetan, Indian, and local Newari cuisines. Have someone told you about the Momo’s, the best dumpling in the world, or Dal Bhat the staple food of the Nepalese, and something you will have quite a few times when you are trekking in Nepal? It’s time to experience it yourself.

Something different for 2017: It’s a destination that is nothing like someplace you have ever visited before. A trek not only challenges you but offers you a scenic view of the mountains as well as fulfills your soul with tranquility as you got closer to the base camp of some of the highest mountains on earth.

Not been camping since high school, Go to Nepal: Many of us have not been camping after we left high school. The wilderness, the adventure, and the thrill of camping and the bonfire are only part of the memory. Maybe it's time to relive those times. Nepal still offers a great variety of camping trekking options be it in the lush forest by the river or in the trans-Himalayan rain-shadow areas.

Tired of the western lifestyle and living a monotonous life, Nepal is the place to be: Yeah! You will never need to rush once you come out of the airport in Kathmandu. Time literally slows down there and everyone is relaxed. You will hear lots of honking of horns but that’s part of life, just adds music to the relaxed life of people.

It is the perfect honeymoon!: Trekking in the lush green forest with mountains in the background and stars that you don’t see from the high-rise buildings of your city, it is all there for you while trekking in Nepal. It’s time to surprise your spouse with something they have only imagined and there couldn’t be a better time than 2017 to do that.

Boss doesn’t allow holidays, don’t worry Nepal is for all seasons: If you have a grumpy boss like everyone else and you have always canceled trekking in the Himalayas for that reason, you can do trek in Nepal throughout the year! Yes, with four distinct seasons each having a different weather condition and aroma, you can visit Nepal anytime any season in 2017.

Because it's there! : The best reason to visit Nepal in 2017 is that it's there, the living museum and a paradise on earth!!!!!!

17 Reasons you should go trekking in Nepal in 2017

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