Festivals in Nepal

“Nepal is a country with more temples than houses, more god and goddess than people and more festivals than days in a Year” as said by Sir Kirk Patrick. He was the first recorded westerner to visit Nepal.  Nepal has more than 125 different ethnic groups mainly or Indian and Tibetan origin. All theses ethnic groups have a distinct lifestyle and a different tradition resulting in colorful vibrant festivals celebrated in pretext of socio-cultural heritages. The rich heritages of Hinduism and Buddhism have resulted in the numerous festivals and occasions to celebrate. The festivals in Nepal are one of the major reasons behind the strong unity and the tolerance
among the people here.

Though the Nepalese have diverse beliefs and ethnic backgrounds, all unite in the celebration of the year’s major festivals. Some festivals are celebrated throughout the nation whereas some festivals such as Bisket Jatra, Rato Machchhendranath and Mani Rimdu are celebrated by particular ethnic communities but still observed and participated by the whole country. Let’s have a look at some of the major festivals of Nepal. You can plan your holidays based on the festival schedule to make your trip in Nepal a much exciting one. The celebration and festivals are based on lunar calendar so the dates change every year for the festivals.

List of festivals in 2013

  1. 14th Jan – Maghe Sankranti
  2. 10th Mar– Maha Shiva Ratri
  3. 12th Feb– Gyalbo Lhosar
  4. 26th and27th Mar- Holi (Fagu Purnima) – Festival of colour
  5. 10th Apr-Ghode Jatra
  6. 14th Apr New Year day (Nepalese) – 2070
  7. 19th Apr – Ram Nawami
  8. 06th, 07th and 08th May-Tiji Festival in Lo Manthang-Mustang
  9. 25th May-BuddhaJayanti, the day of birth of Lord Buddha.
  10. 25th May- Saga Dawa Festival at Tarboche, foot of Mt. Kailash
  11. 11th Aug-Nag Panchami
  12. 21st and 22nd Aug- Janai Purnima and Gai Jatra:
  13. 28th August -Shree Krishnna Janmastami
  14. 9th Sep – Teej – festival for women:
  15. 18th Sep – Indra Jatra:
  16. 05th to 18th Oct-Dasain:
  17. 5th Oct- Ghatasthapana:
  18. 11th Oct- Phulpati:
  19. 12th Oct – Durga Puja (Maha Astami) – Mass animal sacrificing day:
  20. 13th Oct – Mahanavami:
  21. 14th Oct-Vijaya Dasami (Tika):
  22. 8th Oct- Kojagrat Purnima:
  23. 3rd to 5th Nov- Tihar/Deepawali (festival of lights):
  24. 3rd Nov-Laxmi Puja:
  25. 4th Nov – Gai Puja (Gobardhan Puja):
  26. 05th Nov – Bhai Tika:
  27. 9th Nov – Chath Parva
  28. 13-10th Nov- Mani Rimdu in Tengboche, Mani Rimdu in Chiwong Monastery – Everest region
  29. 7th Dec – Bibah Panchami at Janakpur:

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