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Not everyone views a Long Journey in the same way. Some may deem spending more than 20 hours on a flight to be a long journey, some may think spending a week in the mountains would be characterized as a long journey, while others believe spending a month exploring a certain destination to the fullest to be a fulfilling long journey. Everybody's opinion may vary on the length and requirement of a long journey. Similarly, the judgment and thoughts associated with a lengthy vacation also vary. Some may think it to be arduous and frightening. But, for many, it is the perfect way to escape to their dream destinations on a journey filled with adventure, healing, learning, motivation, challenges, and everything they want to achieve.

So, our Long Journey packages are for the powerful and adventurous wanderer and the real explorer in you!

The best part, our long journey packages will not tie you down to a fixed schedule and rigorous plan which compels you to visit every place in a limited time. You can travel freely with relatively fewer limitations. Still, we will make sure that you have the time of your life through amazing destinations, activities and time spent the way you want to.

The following things need to be considered before going on board for a life-changing long journey:

  • Appropriate Age.
  • Enough budget that will last you for the entirety of the travel.
  • Desirable destinations full of interesting and adventurous activities to experience.
  • Enough time/leisure for the journey.
  • Occupation status and personality.
  • Motivated and prepared.

We can help you meet most of the requirements with ease. We will accompany you at every step and make sure you have the best experience. Check out packages below for guidelines. We can help you plan!

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