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Everyone may have various views about Long journey. Someone may say that having a flight of more than 24 hrs is long journey where other may reply that trekking on the highland of Nepal for 15 days could be the one. So, no one can mention the absolute answer for this term. In our (AMN) point of view; the process of traveling done without fixed planning to seek new ideas, knowledge, for recreation and leisure by spending some amount of budget to various destination is long journey. Such journey is done with or without purpose which don’t mention the fixed time frame.

While travelling for long journey, one must be focused on following things which are the motivational factors for such trip. Some of them are as fallows;

  • Age of the traveler.
  • Separated budget (enough) for trip / journey.
  • Desirable destination with full of interesting and adventurous activities to experience.
  • Enough time / leisure for journey.
  • Occupation status and personality.
  • New and undiscovered destination for trip. And many more.

With all these we (AMN) will help to plan your journey within south Asian nation and will assist you with best tour operator for easiness on the journey.

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