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Unique Holidays

Nepal, a beautiful nation rich in nature and culture with many attractions has many more things to grant for travelers. Among them enjoying the nature by having jungle safari, doing yoga and meditation in peaceful environment, watching various kind of birds and animals, learning about various herbs and plants could be the unique tour that you will experience in your life. You will also get chance to meet ever smiling  Nepali people in this mountainous nation and can hear your breathing sound while trekking to various mountainous destination. Beside all those attractions, we are also creating awareness for preservation and conservation of floras and faunas while travelling to destination among travelers and local people. We are motivating locals and our guest for eco-friendly tours and trips and strictly working against destruction of natural resources and animal poking. We are concern about the major problem of this globe like global warming, deforestation and pollution and contributing from our side to deduct it.

We (AMN) treks & expedition will make you comfortable and responsible to explore Nepal and help you to know about each and every corner attraction with its preservation. So, there is the saying that:

Heaven is Myth,

Nepal is real.

So, explore Nepal with us for high level of satisfaction and share your experience with friends about this beautiful and adventurous nation and also help us to conserve this beautiful nation for future generation.

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