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Visa for India

All foreign nationals requires a valid passport and a Visa to enter the country. The nearest Indian embassy in your country can avail more information on Visa. The length of the Visa depends on your nationality and price varies between countries.

Himalayan Trekkers can also help you assist to get Visa for India on request. The following link can help get you process your visa online.


Accommodation & Food

Five stars service and four stars service are standard maintained, so just need to choose as per your comfort and satisfaction. The hotels will be clean and they serve you well. You can get the varied accommodation from relaxed homestays to ethnic houses to magnificent Heritage Mansions and Maharaja Palaces choice is yours. There are also some of the best resorts if you will prefer to stay.

One of the most popular country for its amazing flavored. Generally in the northern part of India, you can get the meat dishes made up of lamb, mutton, and chicken. Similarly, you can get vegetarian foods in the southern regions. Normally they prefer to eat spicy food but as you request they can reduce the spiciness. Almost all the hotels and restaurants serve the best western dishes like Indian, continental, Chinese, Nepalese, Mediterranean and Mexican.


When to visit?

The appropriate time to travel India is upon your wish and where you prefer to visit and what you wish to do because being one of the largest boundaries, India offers varied physical and geographical segments. November to March (winter season) the southern parts are the best to visit because the temperature is gentle and discovering the National Parks is the appropriate choice. Likewise, the temperatures in winter will be unpleasant, but you can enjoy bird watching because the nomadic species can find it at this period. April to June (summer season) the temperature of the south is calm and this is a perfect period for holiday on the beach or also for the cultural trips. Equally, in northern part summer weather is faultless to see the panoramic Himalayan Range. 


ATM & Currency Exchange

Three-letter currency code for Indian rupee is denoted as INR. You can use US Dollars, Euros, and Pounds in India in most of the popular cities. But it will be much easier for you, if you exchange your native currency to the local currency with will make you lot easy to exchange any service that you required. As you can get numerous of money exchanges in the towns, airports, malls as well as in Hotels.

YES, you can easily use your credit card in most of the city areas as India is well developed and large in size. Traveling to ruler areas, we suggest that you carry Indian currency as per your needs and desire.

You can find many International networks ATM in small cities and big metropolises where you can use those services for issuing the required transactions.


What's in Family Trip?

India is a popular destination for the family travelers because it's incredible on its own for the varied landscape where you can enjoy with your family in Beach, National Parks, Wildlife adventures, children's park, Fun Park and many more, Yes India is big. For youngsters who love to have adventurous activities, they can adore in many outdoor actions like trekking, camel safari, and many more interesting activities.


Before starting a trip

Traveling to a foreign location is not as easy as it may sound as if you are not well prepared. For the best experience, Himalayan Trekkers have some guidelines in order to have a smooth and comfortable trip for your upcoming days. Please go through them carefully before planning your adventure trip with us:

  1. Do register at your embassy before starting your adventure.
  2. Check-in with your doctor for health issues.
  3. A travel insurance coverage up to an altitude of 6000m is a must.
  4. You accept our TERMs and Conditions
  5. Collect all the information about climate, weather & best traveling seasons.
  6. Please go through information about Safety Guidelines.
  7. Have information about the scheduled trip itinerary including your meals and accommodation.
  8. Go through the luggage policy and gears required for your trip.
  9. Gather enough information about the country.


Electrical Appliances & Internet

Mostly, 230 -240 Volts electricity is supply in India with three round or flat pin plugs for charging purposes. Most travelers need an adaptor to charge their gadgets. If you love traveling and plan to explore a lot in the coming days then it will be best to buy a combination of plug adapter to charge your daily needs easily.

There are lots of cybercafes and free networks are available in the hotel's rooms and cafeteria around the major cities for your updates. You can use Wi-Fi in many places like hotels rooms, restaurants and shopping malls. As you are traveling and walking around then you can also use a 4G network with simple effort, by issuing the local SIM cards.


Medical Attention and Travel Insurance

Yes, you need to have some medical precautions of Malaria prophylactics and other vaccines like Polio, Typhoid, and Hepatitis, before you travel to India which will be as ''prevention is better than cure''.

As India is basically for tours, the travel insurance is not mandatory but its best to have it wherever you travel in your leisure.


Safety & Security

Yes, India is a very safe place to visit and to explore for the first time. People are very friendly and supportive of the great Hospitality and culture of the people which is very unique. More than that our representative will be with you for the guidelines and information which you need on your way. You should be unaware while walking alone at the late-night, especially in the remote lands and don’t leave your luggage unattended at the station or airport.



Especially in the summer seasons, we direct you to carry light clothes like light shorts, trousers and cotton tops as per your comfort. If you are planning to explore the National parks or the Jungle areas then we recommend carrying some long-sleeved clothes. Similarly, in cold time temperatures falls down severely, so we advise you to carry warm clothes as its cold outside. You should keep in mind that while visiting the religious spots you need to wear a formal and long dress, carrying long skirts and pants will be familiar.


Tips & Gratitudes

If you are satisfied with the service, you tip ''Sounds fare right''. Tipping is not mandatory and as a service charge is already included in your bill in most of the restaurants and hotels so it will be your chose. However, if it is not included then the standard tipping is normally 10% of the bill which you can tip if you are satisfied with the service that you have been served.


Photo Restriction

Normally, capturing the pictures of scenery does not require any permission but capturing the photos of people without permission me not be that friendly, especially of women's. It's always better to take permission and ask our guides before capturing the photos of religious places or rituals or people. It is strongly prohibited to capture the photos of the soldiers, airports, and trains.

Also, we have an article about 25 things to know before traveling to India in order to make your life easier in our blog section. You might want to check it out.

Temple rules 

While visiting the spiritual sites you need to dress properly with proper covering your body parts. Shoes and leather items need to be kept outside the entrance before entering the monasteries and temples. Our guide will instruct you proper about these circumstances and spaces. Also, most of the relegious places have photo restriction.

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