Reasons to visit Nepal after Earthquake

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Reasons to visit Nepal after Earthquake

Nepal may have been suffered a lot by the massive earthquake but now that is not the condition of Nepal. On 25thApril 2015, Nepal was hit by massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake with following aftershocks with its epicenter at Barpak. The historical Dharahara collapsed and Durbar square has been affected. There were catastrophic effects in and around Kathmandu with palaces that were historical and renowned touristic destinations being cleaned out. However, after a month there has been huge change in Nepal and if you ask is it safe to have holidays in Nepal then the answer will be yes it is 100% safe to visit Nepal. Then the question might follow, why is it safe to visit Nepal despite of earthquake? Then you can see the below facts why it is safe to spend your holiday in Nepal.

  1. 10 out of 75 districts are affected

10 out of 75 districts are affected in Nepal by the current earthquake with the earthquake having its effect on the central and western parts of districts only. There has been almost no damage in the Far west, mid west and Eastern part of Nepal. So Nepal has lot more to see that would be adventurous, exciting, stunning that makes your stay in Nepal worthy

  1. One of the Best places in South Asia

Nepal is a heavenly paradise that would attract many people around the world. The beautiful places, amazing landscapes, highest mountains, culture and hospitality of Nepal people and lots of exciting as well as adventurous activities can attract anyone to visit Nepal. Nepal is undeniably one of the best places in South Asia for an exhilarating and thrilling travel with varied culture, landscape, bio diversity, stunning natural beauty, magnificent Himalayan Range, the spicy as well as delicious cuisine and the culture as well as hospitality of Nepalese people.

  1. Jungle safari and wildlife 

Nepal is very rich interms of wildlife and biodiversity with its gorgeous wildlife activities and national parks. In fact only 1 out of 10 national parks are affected by the massive earthquake with remaining 9 are completely safe to visit as they are unaffected. Therefore, visiting Nepal to explore its national parks and wildlife would always be adventurous and memorable.

  1. Highways and subways unaffected

Forest of Terai, East-West-Highway, east of Butwal

The major concern of people to visit Nepal is its highways and sub highways which connects major cities and towns in Nepal which is completely unaffected by earthquake. So there would not be any problem travelling around Nepal due to highways.

  1. Only 3 out of 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites have around 40% damages

Nepal is home to 8 UNESCO World Heritages Sites out which only 3 have damages around 40% however remaining 5 sites are completely safe to explore where one can ensure the speculates of Nepal renowned globally.

  1. 0% damage in International and Domestic airports


The airports of Nepal either International or Domestic have not suffered any damages by the earthquake with flights working making travel to Nepal from other countries and domestic travel around Nepal is safe.

  1. Only 2 out of 35 trekking trails are affected


Nepal is mountainous country as it has highest peak in the world with the diverse landscapes is definitely a trekkers paradise. Only 2 out of 35 trekking trails are affected by the massive earthquake which means trekking in Nepal is really risk free and safe.

  1. Hospitals and clinics are safe and they are in operation


Hospitals and clinics as well as other medical services are safe and they are in operation and running as before. Also, there has been no sign of viral diseases or epidemics in Nepal. So, it is safe to visit Nepal and spend your holidays in Nepal.

  1. Communication is perfect all over the Nepal


Communication is not a big issue to travel in Nepal however it is perfect all over the Nepal as cell phone as well as internet is functioning smoothly all over the Nepal.

  1. 90% hotels are safe and they are in operation.

There are numerous hotels in Nepal and those which are at the tourist destination are absolutely fine and are in operation. A large numbers of hotels which are located in the major sites are unaffected by the earthquake and visitors can easily find the places to accommodate in hotels, guest houses or in Motels which are risk free and safe.

Hence, it is true that Nepal was hit by the massive earthquake that had huge effect but now the most importantly the country needs your help, concern and support to recover from it and rise up from it. So the best way to help Nepal and Nepalese is to continue your visit in Nepal and do not cancel your trip due to the scary atmosphere created by the earthquake. Your visit in Nepal will be the huge help and support for the people who totally depend upon the tourist and Tourism of Nepal. It is obvious that some of the renowned popular destinations have suffered damages from the earthquake however, you can have your small contribution to rebuild this paradise and is the perfect time you can help and support and the best way to help is visit Nepal.


If you are thinking of cancel your holidays plan in Nepal because you cannot travel to Sindhupalchock now, or due to the fallen of Dharahara is not the perfect reason to abandon your visit in Nepal. Nepal has lot to offer, you can visit the magnificent as well as safe place and unaffected districts in Nepal, likely you may go for the adventurous jungle safari trip in Chitwan, visit historical birthplace of Lord Buddha, enjoy panoramic mountain view from Bandipur, enjoy a stunning trip to city of Lake: Pokhara or you can trek to the Annapurna region.

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